Dave Birket, Carlos Monares and Sean Windsor defeated the Detroit Lions after their 30-27 victory over Washington on Sunday, November 1

5, 2020.

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Lions’ D’Andre Swift was asked on Wednesday what he plans to do for an encore after his big game against Washington.

We may have to wait another week – or more – to find out.

Swift did not train on Thursday due to a brain injury, leaving his doubts about the match on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

The rookie, who was running backwards, ran for 81 yards on 16 runs and had another 68 yards, which he received in his first career start last week against Washington.

Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel said Tuesday that he plans to keep Swift as a starter and Adrian Peterson and Kerion Johnson are off the bench.

“It was a process for (Swift),” Bevel said. “He didn’t get as many reps as we hoped he would do at the beginning of the training camp with some of the things he worked with, so we feel like we’ve accelerated him and he’s in good shape. this appeared in the game. He did a great job with the running game. We managed to include him in the pass game. And while watching previous games, I think you can see some of the things that are coming and how we use it. He stepped up. “

Swift is the most explosive season for the Lions this season, although he played behind Peterson in the first quarter of the year.

He is third in the team with 31 catches, leads all running lions on 4.7 yards per run and has six touchdowns (four fast).

Peterson leads the Lions with 371 yards, rushing with 97 runs, but averaging just 3.8 yards per rush.

It is not clear when Swift was injured. He was a full participant in the internship on Wednesday and held a video conference after the internship with reporters.

But the fact that he was on a concussion report is unlikely to release him to play on Sunday.

Players with a concussion protocol must go through five steps to return, including engaging in contactless activities and then soccer practice. Swift must also be cleared by an independent neurologist before he can return.

The Lions (4-5) play two games over the next seven days, Sunday against the Panthers and Thanksgiving against Houston Texas.

Broad receivers Kenny Goladay and Danny Amendola also missed a workout Thursday with hip injuries.

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