The Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford̵

7;s QB with LA Rams for Jared Goff and drafts on January 30, 2021. Here’s a look at Detroit’s new starting QB.


First they did it with a short list, now comes restructuring.

The Detroit The Lions continued the process of freeing up pay-as-you-go space on Friday, announcing it was restructuring Jamie Collins’ baseball contract.

Collins was to make a $ 8.8 million base salary in 2021. He will still receive the money, but most of it will come in the form of a signing bonus, the NFL Network reported.

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NFL teams often turn a base salary into a signing bonus as a restraint mechanism. The signing bonus is distributed for the duration of the player’s contract for the purposes of the restriction, while the basic salary is reported in the upper limit only in the year in which it is won.

Although Collins has two years left on his contract, the Lions are adding empty years to their deal to further reduce their hats, the NFL Network reported.

Were it not for the restructuring, Collins would have counted $ 11.3 million against the Lions’ ceiling this fall, with a $ 7 million salary fully guaranteed.

It was reported on Thursday that the “lions” have informed cornerback Desmond Trufant that he will be released before the start of the league, which will create about 6 million dollars in the hall.

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