Jamal Agneu of the Detroit Lions spoke to reporters after a hike to Bell Island on Friday, June 5, 2020.

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The first round of coronavirus contractions decreases Detroit Lions and they could happen this week.

The NFL and its players’ association agreed on Friday to new training camp rules that include a smaller pre-season roster of 80 players.

Currently, the teams have lists of 90 people, which will be reduced to 53 before the first game.

The NFL gave teams two options to fix their lists, according to a note received from Sports Illustrated.

Option 1: Teams can reduce from 90 to 80 players on or before Tuesday when players have to report the start of the camp.

Option 2: Teams can carry all 90 players on their list, but must divide their team into two working groups. Group 1 must consist of recruits and players from the first year, and at the discretion of the club is allowed to include dropped players and injured players. Group 2 should consist of veterans.

If teams choose Option 2, they can reduce their roster to 80 players at any one time before training on August 17.

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While the Lions and other teams may be tempted to keep their full lists of 90 people for the next few weeks to protect themselves from COVID-19-related absences, both now and in the future, this will require potential rookie participants. to work separately from players who will play alongside this season

For the Lions, this means that Jeff Okuda’s first pick could not train with other members of the Lions’ planned initial second tier, including outgoing Justin Coleman and defenders Tracy Walker, Duron Harmon and Will Harris.

Similarly, running back D’Andre Swift and guards Jonah Jackson and Logan Stenberg will not be able to work with most of the first team’s violations. Swift is expected to share with Keran Johnson this fall, while Jackson and Stenberg will compete for starting guards.

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All Lions players will take their first of two COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, with a second Friday scheduled for Friday.

Players who test negative twice can start exercising on August 1. Until the internships start by August 12, the teams are allowed to take walks in addition to strength and fitness work in early August.

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