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MONTREAL – Their best guys are back in shape, and secondary scoring has sparked.

] Detroit The Red Wings crashed on Thursday into a road arena that was particularly difficult for them, determined to leave with good memory. Their performance at the Bell Center was stellar, bringing a 4-2 victory.

The Wings last defeated Montreal in overtime, March 21, 2017. The Wings have since lost nine Canadians. The blasts (10-1 in 2017, 7-3 and 8-1 last season) contributed to a striking 48-18 advantage in the Canadians' result in those nine games.

Wings forward Anthony Manta, left, celebrates after scoring a goal against the Canadians during the second period at downtown Bell, Thursday. (Photo by Eric Bolte, USA TODAY Sports)

Darren Helm and Tyler Bertuzi scored in the first period. Anthony Manta showed his one-month mark in the second period by scoring in front of his hometown crowd. Four games into the season, Manta has six goals. Luke Glending scored on an empty net goal at the last minute.

Wings goalkeeper Jonathan Bernie equals Canadian goalie Kerry Price, making 33 saves.

Wings have not won regulation in Montreal since December 4, 2007.


Wings started well, generating offensive zone time and avoiding frightening turnovers. It was the fourth line that ignited the first goal. Justin Abdelkader was in front of Kerry Price. Jacob de la Rose threw his wand at the free-kick and moved on to Helm, who fired from below on the left circle for 1-0. This led to several changes of inertia as the Wings circled around the Montreal area.

Top line reappears

Bertuzzi buzzes around the Montreal net and was rewarded with a goal in the last minute of the first period after Joel Army made it 1-1 by firing a shot from Bernie after Philip Danalo won a Facebook against Valtteri Filppula. Dylan Larkin dropped the puck into the net, and Bertuzzi slipped out and connected with the backhand as he was pinned down by three defenders. Coach Jeff Blaschill stressed that in order for Bertouci, Larkin and Anthony Manta to be in the front line, they must be in the best shape of every match. They were not on Tuesday against Anaheim – neither defensively nor offensively – but they looked back on Thursday. Bertuzzi had another good chance of just outside the crease in the second period.

Special Teams Shows

Max Domi made it 2-2 with a net play in front during Montreal's first game, 4:34 of the second period. Wings' second advantage was excellent thanks to Glendening's hard work, which uses his speed to create two chances to score. Bernie saved two shots from Shea Weber. When the Wings continued to play at 14:24 of the second period, they went to Mantha four times – Price stopped two shots and Manta fired wide on his third attempt. On his fourth day, Dennis Czolowski sent the puck to Manta, who fired once, which won Wings 3-2. Christopher Ann pulled a second straight penalty to put Wings on another play early in the third period.

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Spending any time with the Red Wings in Detroit is a relief for prospects Evgeny Svechnikov, he told the Free Press on October 10, 2019, in Montreal.
Ellen St. James, Detroit Free Press