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Diablo 4: abilities of Druids, Barbarians and Wizards

With the recent introduction of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019, the studio revealed three game classes coming into the game. Players can choose between a barbarian, a druid, or a sorceress – probably among other unannounced classes.

At BlizzCon we had to try out each of these characters and record all the skills we were able to find. It's worth noting that these skills are likely to change before Blizzard officially releases Diablo 4 .

The Witch

The Witch is a magical soldier who deals damage from afar.

Small Destruction

Lightning Bolt: Shoots lightning that bounces between targets

Fire Bolt: Shoots a fire bolt that burns enemies

Freeze Bolt: Shoots a freeze bolt

: Shocks enemies in front of you and when it returns to you

Major Destruction

Bolts loaded: Shoot six lightning bolts on the ground

Fireball: Shoot with a fireball that explodes

Ice Shard: Shoot pieces that shoot cause frozen enemies bonus

Burn: Channeling a fire beam [1

9659016] Chain Flash: Unleashes lightning that jumps at targets

Frozen orb: release orb that freezes enemies


Flame shield: Protect yourself and burn nearby enemies [194591] seconds

Blizzard: Cool down enemies in an area

Teleport: Get immunized and move freely through space


Frost Nova: Freeze nearby enemies

Flash Spear, shoot spear between whole

ice blades: call for blades, co They cut targets and cool

Hydra: Summoning Hydra that shoots at enemies


Firewall: Creating a firewall

New: Spend a lot of mana to create a big electric blast

Meteor: Summon a meteor to strike a target area


Deep freeze: Get stuck in ice, become immunized and deal damage to the ice [19659034] Inferno: Create a flame inferno in area

Wire lightning creature and close between enemies, inflicting damage

Druid [19659035] Diablo 4 Druid ” data-upload-width=”3440″ src=”https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/EkY7HeUCOLZtkmJtG2UyPd4bcKQ=/0x0:3440×1440/1200×0/filters:focal(0x0:3440×1440):no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/19340498/Scenic_Frac_Druid_None_2_png_jpgcopy.jpg”/>

Blizzard Entertainment

The Druid is a hybrid magic and melee howl that transforms into and controls beasts.


Ground Spitz: Punch Enemies With Ground

Shred: Shapeshift in Werewolf and Attack

Storm Strike: Electrify your Weapon and Attack

Maul: Shapeshift in Pursuit of Enemies and Casts yourself

Cutting the wind: Send a blade of wind


Pulverize: Turn into a sword and strike

Landslide: Crush enemies between the earth's pillars

Tornado: Create a moving vortex


Cyclone Armor: Create a protective and melee deflection armor

Earth Pipe: Co give shield around you with rocks

Push: Run forward like a knife and stun

Exhaustive roar: Shapeshift into a bear and slow down the enemy's attack speed

Bite biting: Turn into a werewolf and make a life attack 19659054] Anger

Hurricane: Deal damage in the area around you

Boulder: Digs a stone that knocks back enemies [19659059] Comrade

Wolves: Summon two wolves and direct them to fight

Revenge: Summon crows to attack periodically

Vine Crepper: Creeper appears and poisons enemies at random Nitsip


Cataclysm: Create a storm that follows you in 10 seconds

Grizzly Fury: Become a super bear with super bear abilities

Fossil: Stun all enemies and deal damage


  Diablo 4 Barb

Blizzard Entertainment

The Barbarian has four weapons (two one-handed weapons, one cleavage weapon and one blunt weapon) to destroy enemies in the battle of loved ones.

Basic Moves

Bash: Hit the enemy with a chance to stun

Flay: Cut the enemy by bleeding them

Frenzy: Attack quickly, with increased attack speed over time

Lunging Strike: Attack an enemy with a strike

Rage moves

Rend: Cleanse enemies for attack in front of you and make them bleed

Hammer of the Ancients: Drop your hammer in the ground, dealing damage in the area

Double Swing: Swing both weapons at once, enemies caught in the middle take bonus damage

Upheaval: Slide your weapon into the ground and slide it forward to cast a wave of wreckage at your enemies

Whirlwind: Rotate and hit enemies with your blades


Rallying Cry: Shout, give allies Unstoppable, increased speed, reduced damage

Ground Stomp: Stomp, stun nearby enemies

Undying Rage: When you take fatal damage, you have five seconds to kill an enemy and revive yo urself (pasive)

Challenge Shout: Increases your defense and mocks your nearby enemies


Strike: Kick an enemy by pushing them back until they encounter something and deal damage to the area

Warlord: Vic, you and your close allies receive bonus damage based on the number of enemies nearby

Jump: Jump into the air to the area, land with a shockwave of damage

: Charging Forward, Dragging, and Damaging Enemies Hit [19659092] Weapon Mastery

Primal Ax: Throw a Weapon with an Attached Chain, Pull Enemies Back to You


Death Blow: Hit the enemies in front of you, reset the cooler if it kills them


Berserker's Wrath: Go Berserker, deal increased damage

Call of the Ancients: Call for help a small group of barbarians

Iron Maelstrom: Turn a chain weapon over a large area, dealing damage [19659100]
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