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Did Megan Mark interrupt the royal protocol when she embraced Beyonce to the Prime of the "Lion King"?

This was the hug, seen all over the world. At the London Premiere of The King of the Lions the Duchess meets the Queen – or the Queen of Behiva. And the fans were definitely buzzing over how beautiful Megan Marcel and Beyonce looked like when they were chatting at the event.

There is only one question: when the two women leaned
for this epic embrace
was there a break in the royal protocol?

  Beyons and Megan Mark
Beyons and Megan Marks | Nicklas Halein-WPA Pool / Getty Images

There were rules for touching royal faces

A meeting with a member of the royal family is not exactly like
meeting with US politicians or other VIPs. It is not necessarily a solid handshake
your best bet – in fact, tag
experts advise
to touch the royal family members, especially

British historian Kate Williams
explained the concept in an interview with the BBC. "Since the Middle Ages,
monarchs were divinely appointed to rule from God, so they are kind of like
gods, so they insisted on being treated as gods, "she said.

Times have changed and no one is
already thinks so, but the rules
of the old days
still apply to some extent. From the official monarchy
The Code of Conduct sets out that anyone who meets the Queen should "watch
traditional forms, "which means that the reverberation would be right

Beyonce is not the first,

It is worth noting that Megan Markl is significantly down the rankings compared to Queen Elizabeth. Nobody is expected to worship or reverberate her, even if she has to respect her to sort her title. Michelle Obama was criticized for embracing the queen when she saw her in 2009 (this was not the first time Queen Elizabeth had violated the protocol with Mrs Obama). LeBron James is also hot for draping his hand around Kate Middleton in 2014.

The rules of touching the royal royal are relaxed over the years

  The Premiere of the King Lion

The bigger breakthrough in the record during the event was the pictures themselves. "The new royal commentator Justin Sylvester explained that being seen with Beyonce on the red carpet just wanted trouble. "If they take a photo with Beyonce, everyone will say," She's so Hollywood, that's not what Royals do, "he said.

Megan Mark faced his reaction and refused to move. Walking on the red carpet of the film premiere, it only strengthens the fire of the critics, proving that the Duchess of Sussex can not let go of her past, but the hug was sweet, and it is obvious that Meghan Markle does not care what everyone thinks.

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