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Did Scott Disick come from a wealthy family before meeting Courtney Kardashian?

Scott Disick went from a socialist to a pop cultural icon. Although In step with the Kardashians is coming to an end, Disick probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

He has his own clothing brand, Talentless. He was on KUWTK spinoffs before, so he may eventually stay on TV, although his surrogate family will no longer have a show of their own. Disick has always provided the much-needed grip KUWTK, which makes it a favorite.

Disick looks perfect at home with the Kardashian-Jenner family, and in fact they have become his family. But was he born into money like them?

What is the net worth of Scott Disick today?

Scott Disick
Scott Disick Sam Taboun / WireImage

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While Disick’s current net worth of $ 40 million jumped sharply thanks to his relationship with the Kardashians, he has never been very difficult to make money.

Recently, fans discussed Disick’s upbringing at Reddit, and most of them agreed that he definitely had money.

Disick’s grandfather was a real estate attorney. His father continued the family business, and Disik joined at an early age. He was also a model when he was younger, consolidating his place in high society.

Now he seems to be looking at reality TV and fashion, not real estate, but there are probably a few irons on fire and in the housing market.

Scott Disick’s grandfather started the family business

Disick’s grandfather is the one to thank for his comfortable upbringing. According to Heavy, thanks to the family business, Disick’s parents were extremely wealthy.

Unfortunately, Disick lost both his parents close to each other, and that was quite traumatic for him. His mother passed away in 2013, and he lost his father in 2014.

He is an only child, so although he is no longer with Courtney Kardashian, he remains close to the Kardashian-Jenner family. He treats her siblings as if they were his, and the feeling seems mutual.

If it weren’t for his fortune, Scott Disick would never have met Courtney Kardashian

Disick currently costs a whopping $ 40 million, but has never been exactly poor. In fact, he and Courtney would never have met if it weren’t for his wealth. Courtney and Disick met at a party at Joe Francis’ house. Francis is known for the creation of The girls went crazy franchise and at one point, because of his fame and fortune, he and Courtney were involved.

Disick’s wealth led him to run in the same social circles as Francis, and he later met Courtney at a party at Francis’s mansion on the beach. The two were from opposite shores. Disick was from New York and Courtney was from California.

Still, they had a lot in common. Disick’s grandfather was a lawyer, and so was Courtney’s father. Robert Kardashian Sr. made the family rich, as did Disick’s grandfather.

Although they were from opposite ends of the country, they somehow ran with the same crowd. If Disick hadn’t come for money, he would never have met Courtney.

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