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Disney Plus’ “WandaVision” gives Marvel Studios its first real pair

It takes so long for Marvel Studios’ symphonic performance to make you. It’s like a long-lost friend you haven’t seen in a while, unless you’ve gone too far with Disney Plus. Now it is attached again to something new.

But then the high definition and digital sound start to drown out a bit, and for a few seconds it’s as if you’re watching that black-and-white TV you’re amazingly aware that you’re old enough to remember. The first of the many hidden messages in this new series is quite clear in this black and white logo of Marvel Studios: You are not in the movies. And you̵

7;ve never seen a Marvel studio like this before.

“WandaVision” should not be possible, at first glance, an alternate reality of two B-list avengers in love. The couple was together until death separated them in “Avengers: Infinity War” in 2018, when Vision fell on Thanos.

There aren’t too many Avengers collection options. Iron Man? Dead. Thor? There is currently no form. Captain America? Star. And very tired (especially if he’s been watching the news lately). Black Widow? Also dead. And with a background in obscurity. A hawk’s eye? His Disney Plus show isn’t ready yet. The Hulk? Always a co-star. Never leading. But maybe he will appear in the series She-Hulk Disney Plus.

This leaves us with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bethany) to complete our publication – “The Avengers: The Ultimate Game”. Ironically, they are two of the most powerful Avengers around, but geeks the hierarchy dictates that their roles will be of supportive variety in any Avengers film gathering, while large weapons throw shields, hammers, and fists.

A movie? Involving these two? No one really hit the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Fage’s door for that. But a series? With a rush of inspiration from Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walt’s Eisner comic book series “Vision”? Combined with Feige’s mutant power to make what you watch look brand new, even though you’ve already read all the comics? You have now attracted our attention.

If nothing else, WandaVision will make you realize that you underestimated the characters in the Marvel Cinematic (and now streaming) universe.

Wanda and Vision live perfectly. A newlywed couple settling in a neighborhood that is more like “Leave it to the Beaver” than the Avengers Tower. There is a comedic feel that runs parallel to the hidden plot of the show’s superhero, enhanced by an actual studio audience that was used during the filming in black and white.

Bethany shines like an android with a heart. In the past, his flawless robotic line delivery has always convinced you that he is a machine, not a human. Immersion in WandaVision’s comedy allows him more scope for these lines. Who knew watching a robot startled by something was so funny? Well, I guess C3PO let us know it’s possible. Want more influence in Star Wars? This will be a weekly show. Just like the Mandalorian. No binge drinking until it’s over.

TV-sitcom mood also gives way to crazy friends next door. Catherine Hahn’s Agnes is a curious but helpful neighbor who always seems to be there to help Wanda spoon-feed a reality that may not be real, judging by the VCR-like entanglements and rewinds. But is Agnes also trapped in this potential alternate reality? Or possibly connected to the possible devil’s bath of Marvel, which pulls the strings?

Monica Rambo by Theona Paris,, another neighbor who is more than she looks like is adorable and in a limited time the screen makes it clear that she has potential for a superhero. Those who are deeply familiar with Marvel know that Monica Rambo is a big deal in this universe. But will WandaVision be where it takes off?

So what strange MCU world is this? And an even bigger question is: Do Wanda and Vision even know where they really are? Or who are they really?

It’s easy to miss the point of what will eventually become WandaVision. At some point there will be action. And capes clap. And zapping and telekinesis (well, actually Wanda uses this to make dinner right away). But the big surprise is that the series works as well as a comedy, although the jokes are intended to distract you, the viewer, and our titular characters.

In addition to the streaming series, we get something else we’ve never had in an MCU: a real power pair. Yes, Tony Stark had pepper. Steve Rodgers had Peggy. But love has always been set aside to save the day of the film, while here in WandaVision the love of these two superpowers is at the center of the plot.

There’s romance, talk in the bedroom (as much as is allowed as long as the show has the vibes of the series’ 50s, but we’ll skip through different decades), babies on board, and chemistry that’s always been there during Avengers gatherings when he was given a place to breathe, he blossomed into something very watched.

The honeymoon is far from over for Wanda and Vision, as well as for Marvel Studios.

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