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Doctor Sleep to lose $ 20 million +, but Joker and This Chapter Two to win $ 600 million + for Warners Bros. – Deadline

Financial sources tell us today that over the weekend of Warner Bros. Stephen King is upset Dr. Sun is poised to lose about $ 20 million after all ancillary services if he has to win $ 100 million in global cash.

If ticket sales are lower, in the range of $ 80 million, then the loss swells to about $ 30 million +. This comes after Warner Bros. 'huge under-performance of the horror production. of $ 50 million, a studio that often hits home runs away in the horror of its New Line label, not to mention that this is the third dude in the Burbank batch this fall after extensive versions of The Golden Larva (reported $ 50 million loss) and Bratlin Brooklyn (studio exposure is less than 25% on $ 26 million production, which has accumulated only $ 7.5 M WW to date ) .

By comparison, the restart of King & # 39; s Pet Sematary by Paramount made over $ 112M WW in the spring, along with production costs at $ 21 million, I hear Warner's costumes are puzzled and saddened by having a well-reviewed (74% fresh) and good publicity poll film like Doctor Sleep, with B + CinemaScore and 4 stars / 82% fresh in PostTrak, just cut the bed. They will have them tomorrow Monday morning.

  Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

What a horrible show turns into the box office in November: Skydance Media / Fox's Paramount / Terminator last weekend: The Dark Destiny tanked, showing a final loss of $ 130 million. This weekend is Dr. Sleepy. Some even have their doubts about the overall global information about Midway (though Lionsgate should be fine in the state), plus look next weekend, but Sony (19459003] Charlie's Angels ) already has its box office obituary written with a startup in the home of a middle-aged teenager (unless they manage to pull out young women at the last minute and push the photo up to $ 20 million + opening. Good luck).

Oh, Anna and Elsa save us from this autumn BO curse! By the way, if Warners kept Wonder Woman 1984 on the calendar and MGM kept Bond 25, we would not be in this toilet.

Estimate figure that Dr. Sleep will clean up $ 149 million in revenues from global theater rentals, global free and paid television, plus global home entertainment, including streaming to cogeneration, global P&A, participations, residuals and global home entertainment costs of $ 171 million, (and, no, The Joker doesn't cost $ 100 million globally P&A !!)

We already told you why Dr. Sun was in a deep coma: A late breakthrough, an unprecedented campaign (no tee to horror fans at San Diego Comic-C on), its 2 1/2 hours of work that doesn't work for horror fans or exhibitors, the latter cuffed when programming a photo (one audience can only get 4 movies shown per day for Dr. Sun .

Also, this 2013 novel by King does not have the brand equity that He made. Not to mention, Dr. Sun did not awaken the young demons of female and Spanish horror with his billing as a sequel to the 1980 movie The Shining . When it came to those who cited franchising as a reason to attend, women under 25 were last in this category, 18% behind all other demonstrations. Ditto for 13-17 year olds (17%, yes, this is an R rated movie, but they still will).

Not to mention the Spaniards, the next major demonstrator of a horror movie attached Caucasian, 18% to 32%, for the same reasons. Many also cite Ewan McGregor's cold twist, as young psychic Danny also softens the thunderstorms, with PostTrak indicating that he's not the primary reason people go to watch the movie; top influences are genre (40%), subject (39%) and King canon (26%). McGregor was a distant cause at 16%.

All this said, the film industry's social media analyst Corps RelishMix cites a huge reason why Dr. Sun doesn't work: "For those who have watched the movie and who share the frustration with 19659017] Dream similarly deviates from the novel in a way they would not prefer. "Boom, drop microphone

Here's the silver lining in all of this for Warner Bros.: Like Disney, when they stumble, the Warners can afford that last string of fall losses, for the Joker and It Chapter 2nd are ready to deliver north of $ 600M in profits after all ancillary services.

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