President Trump called Danish Prime Minister Meté Fredericksen's statement on the potential sale of Greenland "nasty."
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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Wednesday struck with Ford Motor Company to reach an agreement with California on lower emissions standards, even as his administration seeks to ease federal rules on vehicle pollution.

"Henry Ford would be very disappointed to see his contemporary descendants who want to build a much more expensive car that is far less safe and does not work well because executives don't want to fight California regulators, " Trump tweeted.

Trump's tweets follow a recent report in the New York Times that the White House has been blinded by an agreement between California and four major automakers and that the administration is calling on White House companies to press them.

Last year, the Trump administration proposed freezing standards for miles per liter for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles after the 2020 model year, saying it would keep prices lower for consumers and improve safety. Trump is also pushing for stricter standards in California, which the federal government has historically allowed for special relief.

Trump once again has ties to Detroit, immediately crediting his policies for reviving the auto industry while blasting company employees when they announce auto-cutbacks. Trump made a mistake with General Motors last fall after the company announced layoffs and plant closures in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland.

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