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Donald Trump looks inclined to close the border despite potential chaos

Such a dramatic gesture will fulfill many of Trump's fundamental fundamental short-term political goals, and will be dominated by the desire and the desire to please his most lurid supporters who lead so much of his behavior as president. will be exhausted and we will not take more illegal ones. The next step is to close the border! Trump writes on Monday after telling reporters at the weekend: "I'm not playing games."

Trump's remix to combat immigration and readiness to break international norms suggests he is not very interested in the humanitarian and diplomatic consequences from such a radical move that he threatened to undertake this week

. However, the rapid and severe economic impact of border closures ̵

1; on industries such as automotive, retail and fresh production, as well as US exports to o a new trading partner, Mexico – may finally remain the President's hand and offers to bluff again.

On Monday, there were also indications that the administration could use the threat of border closure to attract more action from regional governments stopping migrants' flight when Stephen Miller, Trump's senior adviser, said the president was not quite ready to make a decision to close the border.

"We will see how much progress we can make in the coming days in Central and South America to avoid being swallowed up by priceless asylum applications mainly from Central America," Miller told a deputy chairman of the administration during a conference conversation, according to notes made by a listener and received by CNN
  The trumpet closing the border can have catastrophic results, one employee warns that

Boundary closures can immediately raise fruit and vegetable prices in the United States during the growing season, when Mexico is a particularly important source of food for America, and within a few days the shortage can be unraveling throughout country, including in the Middle and the South Trump's political circles

"We have not seen time in the US when supermarket shelves have been stripped of fresh products for a long time. "Said Lance Jungmayer, president of the North American and South American Fresh Products Association. "We are very used to having all the food we want when we want to eat it and at a reasonable price."

So, while Trump will convey a victory for the immigration of his supporters on the one hand, he may take something even more important than the other – a political equation that can weigh against closing the border

"The impact on The United States as a whole, including the president, will be quite substantial and will happen very quickly, "said Jeff Tale, vice president of programs at the Washington Office for Latin America, a human rights organization, and advocacy.

Closing may not be the most effective way to mitigate the crisis triggered by a tide of asylum applications. This can lead to other problems at the border and bring it to a political end, where it is difficult to escape.

As with many other administrative initiatives – including the recent Justice Ministry decision to support the abolition of Obamacare – there is not much evidence of White House planning

Despite sending more customs and border officers to the US -Mexix border in Monday, and given the appointment of the king to immigration, the administration has yet to explain how the whole or part of the border can be closed or what could mean such a step. and alone, say they can not predict what the president will do to cope with what internal security secretary Kirgian Nielsen says is a "crisis" linked to the jump of migrants running to the border. According to customs and border protection, the final data on the border crossing of irregular migrants in March were set at 100,000 and 40,000 children were detained during the month.

Head of White House headquarters Mick Mulvani told ABC this week. "On Sunday, it will be" dramatic "for the president to step down from his threat to close the border, Trump's political advisor Kelian Conway warned Fox News Sunday that his boss's warning" is certainly not a bluff. "[19659005] Pamela Brown of CNN said on Monday that officials had explained the legal and practical implications of border closure with the president earlier in his administration – including the fact that some people live on one side of the border and send their children to school or work by another

But Trump is deeply disappointed and closed and asked why the law can not be surrounded

Why the closing of the border will be similar to Trump

If he is faithful of its most basic instincts, Trump will trace his threat

Closure of the border would be such a widespread use of the executive power that Trump loves, that would identify and punish the enemy, Mexico. Closing the border will oppose experts and permanent bureaucracy in Washington who are worried about the severe consequences of such a move.

The satisfaction of his immigration base is the driving force behind his presidency. from the briefings of senior officials worried about the impact of border closure, or warnings from groups like the American Chamber of Commerce that Trump would call an "economic disaster," will shake the president when his mind is set. everything, an idiosyncratic look at the trade, which suggests that it is unbelievable at the weekend that sealing the border can reduce the trade deficit and be a "profit operation." During the longest closure of the government in history, Trump was ready to inflict pain on hundreds of thousands of Americans – government workers – in the vicious hope of trying to achieve a political victory for himself, forcing Congress to fund the border

The president also tends to prioritize short-term profits and ignore the potential serious damage from his strategies down the road.

An example of this was his politically pleasant solution over the weekend to stop hundreds of millions of dollars to help the countries of Central America. This move is likely to worsen the poor security and social conditions that make immigrants flee the lawless countries they call home and head for the US border.

But his move was aggressive use of the presidential power and a blow to the concept of foreign aid in line with his First America policy, which made him look firm to his supporters.

Unlike many other presidents, Trump has often been willing to rely on America's reputation and ignore the implications of complex international diplomatic issues on world-wide decisions that use him politically.

He has not yet paid a long-term cost for moving the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem or withdrawing the Iranian nuclear agreement. He was warned that both decisions can cause excitement and damage America's reputation, so he can treat aide's warnings less seriously than can be expected.

Closure of border crossings between the US and Mexico could exacerbate the migrants' crisis – however much political satisfaction may be for Trump.

One side effect could be to make asylum seekers deviate from official crossings in provincial areas. Such a scenario could be used by the president to claim that he is even more in need of his border wall – although such a turn would be a bold manipulation of the facts even for Trump.

A more targeted approach would be to urgently involve legal staff, judges and asylum specialists to quickly process requests. The new emergency accommodation for undocumented migrants together with caregivers can ease the grim humanitarian conditions.

However, the chance of Washington's political factions to come together to act seems weak, since immigration is a problem that opposes two-party decisions for a decade. The divisions are further exacerbated by Trump's inflammatory rhetoric on a question that is more than any other to master its political climb.

"Work with Congress and let's move on to a comprehensive reform of immigration," said Dan Bash of the Democratic Party. on Monday when asked what Trump should do.

"If the President really wants to get our immigration system as it should be, work with us on a comprehensive immigration reform and stop doing such activities that just turn our neighbors against us

Pamela Brown of CNN, Jim Acosta and Abby Philip contributed to this story

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