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Donald Trump relies on nostalgia to launch his candidacy for 2020 in Orlando

He had fun as he did in 2016. But the Trump's ceremonial rally for 2020 also reflected on the insult of unity that threatened to bring joy to him and could have made him a president for a term

The rally in Florida's cacophonic arena and the first democratic debates next week will raise the nascent campaign in 2020 to a new level of intensity that will clarify the fateful choice voters have to make for the most destructive, unconventional president in the ranks anskata history. 19659004] Trump launches his candidacy for 2020 with familiar abstinence from immigration and trade "data-src-mini =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180310205310-05-donald-trump-pennsylvania-rally -03-1

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For a few minutes on Tuesday it sounded that Trump could get rid of his conversation with Ronald Reagan classic "morning in America" ​​re-election mantra – are you better now than four years ago?

"Our country is more prosperous, prosperous and thriving, and indeed it is," Trump said, claiming to be a "perhaps the largest economy" in US history and millions of new jobs, rampant production and wage increases

He invented the best argument he had to do to stay in his job.

But the rising rhetoric quickly broke into burning attacks, indicating that Trump believed that the campaign with the burnt land that was winning the White House, will send it

"We did it in once we're going to do it again and this time we're gonna finish the job, "Trump said, taking the presidential podium with his left hand, and holding his song with his song, his right hand swinging in the air

Trump burned the media, pulled catastrophic images of "criminal" immigrants, issued prejudices against in-villagers from the elite invading the system, and slammed "destructive deals."

He vowed to find Clinton's emails, accusing the Democrats of "destroying the country." He claims to have "won" Robert Mueller's special council in Russia and has falsely said that Democrats "tear" babies from their mothers' wombs.

His attacks were typical of the strategy that did not deviate during turbulence. two and a half years ago and made the root of its call.

Earlier he tasted the murder of the heroes to come when Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., warmed the crowd, blaming the Democratic lead Joe Biden was "screaming" and mocking the cancerous moon of a man whose son had died from the disease. But the president left the bile with a more conventional approach, trying to attract hesitant Republicans and independent Republicans who were left uncomfortable with his populist, nationalist belief.

He built an argument based on prosperity and security, noting his many court appointments, two new judges at the Supreme Court, and attempts to fight opioid dependence.

He moved the US embassy to Israel in Jerusalem, praising his withdrawal from "catastrophic" deals with Iran, despite the booming tensions that might explode into a war with Tehran.

Tramp vowed to fight for freedom in Cuba and Venezuela and said America should always put

He also celebrated his support for the Second Amendment, promised to support research into new medical borders, to cure HIV / AIDS and put the American astronauts on Mars.

Often the president is starting the re-election march to appear rusty after months of Washington duels and West West crises as a rock star that takes some time to hit his tallest notes.

No Trumpe.

After all, he never left the road to invent new materials and has set up 50 campaign campaigns after taking office and conducting a permanent Twitter campaign.

His appearance is a reminder of the unique and often dark political skills Trump brings to the race. No one on either side can play a crowd like Trump. No Democrat has approached the size of his crowd on Tuesday night. And his zealous, loyal herd looks like a fight as it was in 2016.

Between the applause that knocked the giant crowd, Trump stood on the stage, his hands hanging aside as a heavyweight racer. Trump's gambling

But the approach of Trump is a huge risk.

The president made a little Tuesday to answer the questions that Democrats believe will determine the election, namely the struggle that many Americans have in providing health care, the enormous burden of student loans, and the reduction in taxes for which says they are wasted.

The president mentioned only his best-positioned opponent, Biden, going on Tuesday night, calling him "sleepy."

Donald Trump started his campaign for re-election, and the American people are faced with a choice – we can make a trumpet deviation or leave it fundamentally and forever to change the character of this nation, said deputy campaign manager Katie Bettingfield. The Tuesday afternoon rally can include the seeds of Trump's victory. But he bet that America, having seen what life is for the most destructive president in modern history, will welcome the repetition of its polarizing campaign.

Polls conducted more than 500 days before the election day did not predict the end result. But now they have problems. In most studies, Trump tracks Biden with a significant margin and is also behind other big democratic candidates.

Fifty-four percent of Florida voters said they are better off today than in 2016. But Biden leads Trump 50% to 41% despite these views. Fifty-five per cent of the independent and 45 per cent of women say they are in a better financial form in Trump's economy. But these groups return Biden by 54% and 58%, respectively.

Considering the history of Florida's presidential election, it seems unlikely that none of the candidates would win the ruling state by nine points in November 2020.

But Tuesday night was a sign Trump knows he's on his way to battle of his life in a battlefield that can decide his destiny. And this also shows that there has been no erosion in his huge campaign skills that will be needed to win it.

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