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Donald Trump's racist tweets: President's rhetoric is not surprising

The second most shocking aspect of an episode that would shake any other administration is that the president knows he can trade such a basic tactic because he will not pay a price in a republican party covered with his hot political base.

Many MP voters and lawmakers are uncomfortable with Trump's behavior and feelings. But most are pleased with the ideological leadership of his presidency that they are ready to close their eyes to such behavior, making it a useful political weapon as it seeks to conduct clear grassroots activity in 2020

Democratic MPs – the president did not name the "progressive" in his tirade – Trump stressed that his presidency had used fanaticism as a lever of power and made it a fact of the political life of the 21
st century more than half a century after the peak of the civil rights era. Using the most honorable position of the nation to make such unambiguous racist statements highlights how the presidency, which is angry with anger, fear and identity policy, lacks borders. The Nadiviest split between white, rural America and the increasingly diverse population is courted by the Democrats. He risks segregating divisions that will take years to heal. By telling the four women – three of whom were born in the United States – to come back from where they came, Trump uses the most basic and crude racial mockery. He also implicitly rejects the motto written on the American Large Print – E Pluribus Unum – by many. He suggests that every American who is not white and born has no place in the country.

In less polarized times, Trump's tweets may have been a disqualifying and scandalous political turn. But Trump has falsified his entry into politics, based on racist talks against Barack Obama's first black president, and he has become increasingly ready to use such tactics to save his own presidency. And he seldom pays a price.

The silence of Republicans on Sunday about Trump's tweets is almost universal, underlining that his allegiance is tolerated by MPs who represent half the voters and who do not risk their own political career to condemn him. .

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understood the President's policy of current fear and conspiracy on a fresh peak after he warned last week of "illegal aliens in our environment" and offended the patriotism of his critics in provoking Bella's house events.

Trump has directed liberal democrats in weekly morning tweets that have an impact on extremist white nationalist sentiment. 006] He hits congressmen who claim to have "originally come from countries whose governments are a complete and complete catastrophe, the worst, the most corrupt and torturous anywhere in the world … now loudly and maliciously tells the people of The United States, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, how our government ought to be governed. "

" Why do not they come back and help to repair the completely broken and criminal places they came from. return and show us how it's done.

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From this quartet, only Omar – a native of Somalia – was not born in the United States but emigrated to United States when he was young and became a citizen of the 17th aged, according to the New York Times.

The reason why Trump's attack is not surprising is that it fits into a model of racially charged rhetoric that he is ready to use in his private life. – dating back to his comments on the Central Park Five and the "birterism" campaign against Obama.

While it is shocking to see such open racism as expressed by the President of the United States, the Sunday tweets were far from the first time Trump managed

He drew a picture of hordes of criminals who harass the southern border of US in invasive force of undocumented migrants. He said America can not accept more immigrants because it is "complete". He reports that some African nations are "sides of holes" and expresses preference for more immigrants from Norway – a predominantly white nation.

The debate about whether Trump is "racist," which appears after such comments seems more and more. Academic.

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strength is and h as has always been rooted in our diversity. But President Trump continues to voice hateful rhetoric, sow division, and fuel racial tensions for his own political benefit, "Democratic Party President Joe Biden said.

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The Trump's Base Will Be Strong

The lesson of Trump's political career is that while his tweets will provoke outrage will

The Republicans who support t Trumps with near 90% margins in the latest research have long been reconciled with the rudeness of the president or are willing to look the opposite because they apply

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