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Don't Tweet the Name of the Leaf!

For weeks, Donald Trump has known the name of the alleged abuser, who filed an anonymous complaint in August and sparked an investigation into the impeachment that killed that administration.

After learning the name, the president repeatedly gossip about this biography and alleged political biases against trustees, friends, lawyers, administration officials, families, and cable personalities, according to four people who know about the talks.

He spoke with so many people behind the scenes about the abuses, many of those close to the president were genuinely surprised that he had not yet tweeted, tweeted or publicly pronounced the name, given his colossal rage at the as-yet-unnamed person, and his lawyer.

Those in Trump's inner circle ̵

1; including White House Counselor Pat Tsipollon and daughter of the White House President and senior aide to Ivanka Trump – specifically told the president when asked that it would be unreasonable for him to make the name public in this moment. , sources say.

Even Fox News star Sean Hannity, a mere Trump confidante who wages a near-night war against the supposedly anti-Trump "deep state" in his Fox and radio broadcasts, has not pressed the president much for his alleged whistle, even when the two are gossip for this individual. Asked about talking to President Trump about the identity of reporters, the Fox News presenter said in an email to The Daily Beast: "I never disclose my sources" before quickly complaining about the president's enemies, such as "#QuidProQuoJoe" Biden and his son, "without experience," make millions of hunters. "Biden.

Still, few expect the dam to stay long, despite federal protections covering government signaling."

"It's not a question of whether but when will he say it, "said a senior administration official who was discussing or Trump and also asked him not to say or post on Twitter – so far, "I get the point that he expects more cover than others before he does," added a senior spokesman.

The White House did not comment on this story at the time of the press.

However, this is President Trump, he does not receive this name through any official or top secret channel, as far as his close associates can understand. He gets it through casual conversation and conservative media, and two sources say he read the name through prints of articles on websites like Breitbart and RealClearPolitics. He has heard the name on television since this alleged gift has been widely identified in right-wing social media and the conservative press, several times on two of Trump's favorite channels, One America News Network and Fox News.

In times of exasperation, the president sometimes simply referred to the alleged offender as "this man," according to a source present at Trump's private remark.

Fox News has even banned the introduction of a ban on its employees saying the name on air. And according to a source with knowledge of the situation, Fox producers have also gone out of their way to tell guests individually before their interviews, to refrain from mentioning the name of the alleged whistle, emphasizing Fox's current policy to certain guests. (These efforts have not been completely successful.)

For weeks, prominent Republicans have been trying to throw the whistle, including during Hill's high-stakes deposits in the impeachment probe. Trump's top allies, such as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), have called for the media to publish the name. And for much media attention, President Trump's youngest son Donald Trump posted the name on his Twitter account last week.

Much of Trumpworld's name-related, conservative media and social media came shortly after The New York Times printed a story in September that included – against the expressed wishes of the offender's legal team – details of the identity of the author of the complaint, although he does so without expressly indicating the person. Numerous sources in the conservative media who have baptized the man claim that they could not "pull out" the alleged offender without the clues left in this article Times .

The Daily Beast did not confirm the identity of the whistle. Democratic leaders have said they intend to vote in Parliament on Trump's impeachment before the end of the year. It is widely believed that the president is about to be justified later by the Republican-controlled Senate

"I think the president may have been warned that you should not name the signalers [alleged]," Ed Rollins said. a veteran Republican strategist who runs the pro-Trump group Great America PAC. "But the name is there … Whether you can fire him or not, I don't know, but you can certainly identify him and criticize him, and House Republicans have to ask to testify. He is the one who started this thing … I would certainly make his life miserable. "

Rollins added," I have no reservations whether the president should name him or ask to testify against him. "

– with additional reporting by Andrew Kirell

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