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Dorian, now "totally extra-tropical," finally made it out to sea over the North Atlantic after hitting Eastern Canada – latest runway, road, models, weather forecast today – live updates

Dorian Leaves Destruction and Many Homeless People

Dorian Quick Facts

  • Support efforts intensified in the northern Bahamas, which were destroyed by Category 5 hurricane Dorian in 48 hours, leaving about 70,000 homeless souls. [19659004] The current of death in the Bahamas increased to 45 and was expected to continue to climb.
  • Dorian made the drought in Nova Scotia a post-tropical cyclone in the evening, and there were still hurricane-force winds.
  • Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses have lost power in Canada; it may take days to recover the service.

The US National Hurricane Center has declared that Hurricane Dorian is "completely extra-tropical" in what the center said was its latest storm storm advice.

As of 1

1:00 a.m. EDT on Sunday, the center said the Dorian core was "above the cold waters of the Labrador Sea" near Canada. It was about 375 miles north of Cape Race, Newfoundland, racing east-northeast 24 mph with tropical wind gusts of 60 mph. He was expected to continue to lose weight and be absorbed by a larger low pressure system on Tuesday.

Dorian became a hurricane on August 28, striking the Virgin Islands, causing catastrophic damage to the northern Bahamas, then briefly drought over the Foreign Banks of North Carolina as it moved up the seabed on the way to Canada . The floods receded at the Outer Banks, revealing a muddy trail of damage.

Storms swept far into eastern Canada with hurricane storms for much of Sunday, leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without power.

Follow the live storm cover below.

Bahamian relief and evacuation efforts intensify

  Tropical weather in the Bahamas
A man wears clothes over the remains of homes in the area called Mutt after being devastated by Hurricane Dorian as he prepares to evacuate Abaco, Bahamas, September 8, 2019.

Fernando Lalano / AP

So far, the biggest devastation caused by the storm was in the northern Bahamas, where Dorian "planted", according to the US National Hurricane Center, for 48 hours as a Category 5 monster. his own, including thousands of homes, and left some 70,000 homeless.

"Airplanes, cruise ships and yachts evacuated people from the Abakan Islands, and employees tried to reach areas still isolated from floods and debris," said Associated Press. Big Bahama Island was also re-routed.

and temporary housing for the homeless, and government officials are urging residents to take their neighboring Bahamas.

Ocrancock Island on foreign banks is repairing

The most severe damage to Dorian in the United States has been to Ocrancock Island, which even in good weather available only with Boat or air and popular with tourists for its undeveloped beaches

Residents waiting for the storm described strong winds, followed by a wall of water that flooded the first floors of many homes and forced some to wait for rescue from their attics. "We're used to cleaning dead limbs and the garbage that floats around," said Ocracoke business owner Philip Howard on Saturday. "But now it's all about: picnic tables, doors, lumber floating around."

Gov . Roy Cooper said about 800 people stayed on the island to wait for Dorian, which made landfall Friday morning over the Outer Banks a far worse storm than the Bahamas devastated monster.

The governor stated that officials knew there were no serious injuries to the Outer Banks by the storm. About 200 people were in shelters and 45,000 without power on Saturday, according to the governor's office. Emergency officers transported fuel trucks, generators, food and water to Ocracoke.

– Associated Press

More cruise ships, airlines send aid to Bahamas

Celebrity Equinox cruise ship has sent about 10,000 meals and additional aid to the Bahamas as part of ongoing relief efforts as the country is dealing with the consequences of Dorian.

According to a message in a message from Delta Airlines, the airline sent a flight filled with "4,700 pounds of critical supplies … including non-destructible food, water, diapers, formula, linen and socks for survivors."

as supplies landed, the flight departed for Nassau with 59 evacuees, "notes Delta.

Dorian loses winds due to hurricane force [19659020] Dorian continues to weaken, losing its winds from hurricane. It is now considered a post-tropical cyclone, with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph. "Dorian will continue to have a significant impact on parts of eastern Canada tonight," the National Hurricane Center said in a message Sunday: "

" The dangerous effects of the storm may be in parts of the northeast bay of St. Lawrence and western Newfoundland. The strength of the tropical storm must continue over parts of Newfoundland. "

FAA issues temporary flight restrictions for the Bahamas

A temporary restriction of airspace for the Bahamas has been issued, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration.

" At the request of the Bahamas, the FAA issued a temporary restriction on flights for US aircraft and pilots entering Bahamian airspace in areas affected by Hurricane Dorian to reserve search and rescue airfields and humanitarian assistance, "the FAA said.

power crashes hit Nova Scotia

Dorian landed near Sambo Creak, Nova Scotia, Saturday night, about 15 miles south of Halifax.The storm brought maximum sustained winds of 100 mph and submerged parts of Nova Scotia in the dark.

Initially, Nova Scotia Power Inc. reported that more than 300,000 customers were without electricity in parts of Halifax, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. An update to the National Hurricane Center revised that number to half a million.

CEO Karen Hutt told the Associated Press that 1,000 workers are ready to recover energy once conditions become safe enough for it. It may take days before the power is fully restored.

Bahamian grapples with Dorian

The Dorian recovery is terrible as supplies shrink to the Bahamas

The humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas is growing more severe almost a week after Hurricane Dorian drought. At present, animal mortality is 43 and is expected to increase significantly.

Food, water and other supplies expire rapidly.

More than 1,000 people evacuated from the Caribbean nation arrived on a cruise ship in Florida on Saturday, Erol Barnet reports.

He noted that CBS News has also witnessed long lines outside Freeport banks and grocery stores as residents try to return to normal. One resident said it may take several years before it is fully recovered.

CBS News also came across an Equinox Equality Complex that had been battered by the storm. In a statement, Equinor Oil said it was protecting the environment and "did not identify any oil on the beaches and we did not observe any oil leakage from our terminal at sea."

However, widespread pollution appears to be widespread. , This is just another aspect of reconstruction that needs to be addressed by the Bahamas government.

– Erol Barnett

North Carolina estimates damage from Dorian

North Carolina estimates damage from Hurricane from Dorian

North Carolina is sending aid to its Outer Banks. This weekend's help comes from the air – helicopters rescue people from their water-loving homes – and from the sea, where the ferry service brings food, water and other supplies to residents detached from the continent.

Despite the mandatory evacuation order on Okrakok Island, approximately 800 people were still at their homes on Friday when a Category 1 storm hit the small barrier island. Search and rescue teams went door to door, sometimes by boat, to check on residents seeking help.

Elsewhere in North Carolina, Dorian damaged parts of the Outer Banks Main Highway. Several sections of the road were buckled by the waves. Government officials say it may take weeks to clear the roads.

Wind gusts of over 70 miles per hour damaged trees and some homes, leaving residents to climb after Dorian.

– Omar Vilafranka

North Carolina governor confirms death of second hurricane

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper confirmed at a news conference Saturday that another man was discovered dead. At least two people have died in North Carolina.

Cooper describes the second victim as a 67-year-old man from Pamlico County. The man is reported to have fallen off a ladder while preparing for the storm.

Cooper toured many storm-stricken regions, including Okrakok Island and Emerald Island.

"In general, this can be much worse for our country," Cooper admitted, "People who have received significant wind damage are a bad situation for them, but in North Carolina we will get together and work to … get back to normal as soon as possible. "[19659060] Coast Guard rescues 290 in the Bahamas

Coast Guard rescues dozens after Hurricane Dorian

US Coast Guard says it has rescued the most fewer than 290 people in the Bahamas since the hurricane devastated island levels this week. Six MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters conducted search and rescue operations and provided logistical support.

Last week, CBS Evening News flew with the Coast Guard over the islands hardest hit by the hurricane.

"Our primary mission is search and rescue. We may suffer some casualties on the plane to save our lives, but our primary mission is to save lives, "Lieutenant Juliana White told CBS News.

The Miami Coast Guard Air Station is no stranger to these missions. They rescued nearly 800 people after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Lieutenant Jillian Harner said that even one rescue is worth the hard work.

"It's definitely an honor. You have one case for salvation, that's the best feeling. the training you did is worth it, "said Harner.

Cruise ship ewak The Bahamas 1500 Wira

The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line helped evacuate more than 1500 people from Grand Baham Island The cruise ship brought evacuees to West Palm Beach, Florida

"Every donation we have received so far assisted in our mission to provide assistance and assistance to our siblings on Grand Bahamas – our beloved second home Together with the first responders and volunteers we were able to provide the Bahamas with food, water, personal care products, medical equipment, ori and other desperately needed supplies. "

" Catastrophic "Flood in North Carolina [19659020] A video made by sheriff's deputies shows an overview of the devastation left by Dorian as the storm swept coastal North Carolina.

Thelma Horner, 95, nearly lost some from home when wind gusts ripped an 80-foot tree out of the tree

"I'm glad it's on the street, not in the yard," she said.

The strong winds on the Outer Banks tore siding from homes and clicked telephone poles halved.

First responders conduct rescue missions severely flooded Okracoke Island. About 800 residents denied orders to evacuate the island, which is accessible only by air or boat.

Governor Roy Cooper described the flood as catastrophic. "At present, the island lacks electricity and many homes are still below. water, "Cooper said at a news conference.

Officials in New Jersey and New York banned swimming and surfing on their beaches while Dorian made his way to Canada. The National Weather Service estimates that the ocean swell is up to 10 feet high, but some locals are less concerned.

76,000 people in need of assistance in the Bahamas

CBS Evening News landed in what is now a haven for survivors who have been waiting in terminal locations for days. Most are now homeless. Maxine Ferguson and her two teenage sons were sleeping on a makeshift bed. "Abaco has always been my home," she says.

Her home was 15 miles. The hotel where she works is also gone.

"If there is nothing here, we cannot work, we cannot make money. We can't pay bills, we can't do anything. I would love to come back, it hurts to leave. But my children, ”Ferguson said.

While waiting, a group of Abakos residents are waiting in line. There are 76,000 people in need of assistance, including survivors, pregnant women and children, a priority for evacuation.

A few hours after CBS News met with Ferguson, she was told that an airplane was coming for her. She wants to get to Nassau, where she has a family. But she said that like so many in the Bahamas, she has no home insurance and no means of reimbursement.

– Niki Batista reports from Nassau

"Nothing to save"

Residents wait in long lines for water on Big Bahama Island

CBS News saw long lines of people waiting for food and water on Friday on Grand Baham Island. The crew also witnessed the devastation left by Dorian.

For Kenneth Knowles and his family, getting a ferry overnight to Freeport was sweeter. "We have suffered catastrophic damage to our business, so now we are going home to try and see what it is," he said.

They were aboard a ship carrying desperately needed humanitarian aid for the hardest hit by the storm. As soon as CBS News arrived and exited through Freeport, there were people lined up for hours hoping to get ice and water.

Brenda Suberalen got out of the storm in Freeport and returned to her home to save whatever she could. "There's nothing I can really save, nothing," she said.

The further east, the worse it gets. It then completes the only highway through the island. The main highway outside Freeport is completely devastated. Quite a few people left their cars behind on the road. This is one of the reasons it is so challenging to get help through the country.

Kieno Lettis and his father try to make contact with friends they did not talk to after the storm. But when they saw the condition of the road, they turned back.

– Erol Barnet reports from Greater Bahamas

Crews rescuing residents in North Carolina

Hundreds were stranded after Dorian struck the North Carolina coast [19659041] along the North Shore salvation. Hundreds who refused to evacuate Ocracoke Island were stranded when Dorian rammed into the Foreign Banks on Friday morning.

On Friday afternoon, the first chopper flew to Okrakok after the winds subsided to rescue the nearly 800 people trapped there. The windy winds of Dorian, the torrential rains and the raging seas surprised many of the island's hurricane-stricken residents.

"All this happened in a few minutes. He enters the house. It goes under the door, "says one homeowner.

People who refused a mandatory evacuation order fell into a storm tide up to seven feet and were forced to go up.

they rose so fast, I would literally say within 30 minutes we had four feet of water and it kept rising, "said Benny Lax.

Those who succeeded left the boat.

– Omar Vilafranka [19659098] Officials Urged to "Show Your Faces" in Bahamas

The Bahamas Tossed government for disaster response: "We are alone"

A Bahamian volunteer firefighter urged government officials to come to the remote islands affected by Dorian. "People become violent, angry, upset, and we try to get our government officials . If you see this, please come down here and show your faces, "Greg Johnson tells CBS News on Treasure Cay.

" We need you to show your faces here so people can understand and know , че вие ​​се интересувате“, каза Джонсън. „В този момент ние сме сами и САЩ са единственото място, което ни помага.“

Известният готвач Жозе Андрес доставя храна на хората чрез своята нестопанска организация World Central Kitchen. Андрес каза на CBS News, че попита бахамските власти къде биха искали той да отиде и той не получи отговор.

Дейвид Б ньон

Шеф-готвачът Жозе Андрес донася хиляди ястия на Бахамските острови

Готвачът Хосе Андрес на мисия да достави хиляди ястия на Бахамските острови

Шеф-готвачът Хосе Андрес, чиято световна централна кухня доставя храна след природни бедствия, пое мисията си на отдалечен остров, отрязан от урагана Дориан. CBS News отиде с Андрес на Зелената костенурка на Бахамските острови.

Андрес излетя от Насау с хеликоптер, пълен с толкова много вода и храна, че част от него беше в скута му.

"Ще доставим 7 400 хранене. Но за мен това е половината от това, което ние вече трябва да правим, "каза той.

Когато кацна в Зелената костенурка Кей, хората чакаха. На острова от едва 550 души изглеждаше така, сякаш повечето всяка структура е повредена или разрушена. Хората казаха, че нямат сила и се нуждаят от помощ.

Оттам Андрес се отправи към Treasure Cay. Жена в читалището каза на готвача от какво се нуждаят от общността от около 1500 души. "Нуждаем се от тестени изделия, сос за тестени изделия, консерви, ориз, печива, стабилен рафт", каза тя.

– Дейвид Беньо

"Трябваше да съм мъртъв": Оцелелите са изправени пред несигурно бъдеще в Бахамските острови

Оцелелите от урагана на Дориан са изправени пред несигурно бъдеще на Бахамските острови

Съседите са унищожени, след като ветровете на Дориан от 185 мили / ч преминаха през Бахамските острови. Някои хора просто учат съдбата на своите близки.

"Радвам се, че съм жив. Това е вторият път в живота ми, че трябваше да съм мъртъв", каза Дъг, 75-годишен мъж, който не искаше за да даде фамилното си име.

Той разказа пред „CBS Evening News“ тежък разказ за оцеляването, след като домът му, лодка, беше пометен, оставяйки го в пълна с отпадъци вода. Той бе спасен от сряда на Абако в сряда и отлетя до болницата „Принцеса Маргарет“, точно навреме, каза той, за да спаси краката си от ампутация.

„Вярвам в Бога“, каза той.

На около 13 мили от болницата , хеликоптери продължават да летят при оцелели, като 1-годишната царуваща и майка й, Остина Дийн.

"Това, което ме караше, беше детето, това беше. Гледах я и бях като не, бебето ми"

Цялото й семейство беше спасено от остров Абако в четвъртък, включително 11-годишният Сион. Неговите млади очи свидетелстват много повече, отколкото някое дете би трябвало някога.

"Сърцето ми просто спира така … Паника се. Отворих широко очите си. Не можех да повярвам на това, което виждам", каза той .

– Ники Батист

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