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Dr. Fautsi just said when we get back to “normal”

C Covid-19 vaccine it is now available to all adults and cases are declining (at least in the US; India is another tragic story), the normal seems to be within our comprehension. But when? How soon will we hug again? And return to the office without worry? Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the President and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN just for that. Read about the 5 main predictions he has for the future ̵

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“People want to know something … When would I feel comfortable thinking that things really get to the point where we can start getting closer to normal?” said Dr. Fauci. “Well, there are certainly not 60,000 new cases a day.” That’s about what we have now. „10,000 [cases daily]? Perhaps. I think so. But I don’t know for sure [we’re] there. “Dr. Fauci said he understood why people kept asking him.” This is understandable; I don’t mind at all that people want a number. So, if you have to ask me, “When do you think we can start getting closer to normal?” And I said, “Sanjay, I have no idea. I do not know.’ You will never catch me and say, “Aha! You gave me a number and you’re wrong. But you won’t say, “Doesn’t this man even think about it?” Isn’t he trying to understand? “not correct. Continue reading about the other four bulletproof dots.

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Something that Fauci finds difficult to explain to people is “what we call the relative risk and the risk that someone is willing to take. So, what happens is, because there is a different risk aversion in society, when the CDC says, “If you” re-vaccinated, you may or may not do so, “someone will always argue with that recommendation, thinking that it is too strict or not, when in fact what we are saying is: “These are the broad general scope of how to think about things. And everyone has a different assessment of the amount of risk they want to take there. One day you will say, “Hey, I’m vaccinated. I do not care. My risk is very low for everything. I will do what the hell I want to do. And there are some who will say, ‘I’m vaccinated, but I really want to reduce that risk as low as possible.’ “

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“I’m often asked, ‘What would you do?’ Said Dr. Fauci. “And I would often be on either side of the recommendation. But as an official, you have to be careful not to get ahead of the CDC or behind the CDC. Because one thing I don’t want is people [to] say, “Look at this: these people don’t agree with each other.” … You need to have something that is widely applicable to the country with variations. … So this is something that gets confusing in the messages. “

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“I think we will get back to normal,” Dr. Fautsi told Gupta. “I think people, like … human nature, care so much about physical interaction that hugging and physical contact will come back. I don’t think that’s going to go away. I can’t imagine we’re going to be opposites. But I think people will think more about public health, because when there are outbreaks, like the flu, I think people in the winter season … temporarily … can start wearing masks. One thing we’ve learned is that the public health measure we created to prevent Covid-19 from essentially destroying the flu in Australia during their season.We had as much as 100 times less flu this year than in previous years.It’s remarkable how little flu there was . “

“The other thing I think will be different is that people will realize that ‘is it really a good idea to get on a plane, fly to Paris to give a 35-minute lecture and then come back … when I gave an equally good lecture on Zoom with all the technology we have? I think you’ll see a lot more people who don’t get out of the way by knocking themselves out when they can communicate the way you and I communicate right now. “Then Unil, follow the basics of Fauci and help end this pandemic, no matter where you live – wear face mask which fits snugly and is double-layered, do not travel, social distance, avoid large crowds, do not go indoors with people with whom you are not shelter (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, get vaccinated when it becomes available to you and to protect your life and the lives of others, do not visit any of them 35 places you are most likely to catch COVID.

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