Since sharing photos of his son with the world, Drake has given fans a brief glimpse into his home life as a father for the first time. The 34-year-old previously said he wanted to protect his son from prying eyes, but earlier this year the rap tycoon revealed the first photos of his little boy, which he shared with Sophie Brussau. The blond, blue-eyed three-year-old is the pupil of his father̵

7;s eye, and in a photo uploaded on Friday (November 27th), Drake showed that his time with his son is most important.

Drake labels the photo with crossed emoticons and in the image he and his son lie together while the rapper takes a nap with his loved one. Back in May, Drake talked to Lil Wayne Radio for young money and explained why he decided to post photos of Adonis on his social media.

“I want to be able to go to places with my son and share memories with my son,” said the rapper. “I don’t want to feel just because of the life choices I made to be a celebrity, that I have to make everyone live under this blanket … I just wanted to get rid of it.” See his latest father-son memory below.