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Election Day 2020 Astrology: Mercury retrograde, full moon

Photo-illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images

Election Day 2020 has not even happened yet and there is already too much conspiracy! An unprepared, 11-hour appointment for the country’s highest bench, a White House coronavirus outbreak, long queues in front of early voting sites – these are just some of the most unfavorable incidents that occurred in October alone, and the pace is slow. to delay for the last act. I mean, just think about the state of our country and the stars: Mercury is retrograde from October 14th and will remain so until 12:50 pm ET on November 3rd.

Retrograde mercury may be the most scandalous astrological transit in the world. Its hallmarks include long delays, improper communications and general chaos, and this happens three to four times a year when Mercury seems to be back in the sky. People like to watch Mercury retrogradely eat this email and / or dredge texts from a long-silent ex, and most astrologers will warn you to avoid signing contracts or starting something new about the duration of the transit. Appropriately, this retrograde Mercury is “not particularly great, for sure,” according to astrologer, writer and creative Kira Taborn, also known as @thestrology. A real barn burner, astrologically speaking.

“It’s messy,” Taborn said. “It’s very messy.”

Before we dive, a note on understanding the movement of the planets and the zodiac: Imagine the sky as a giant clock divided into 12 equally distributed segments, each belonging to a sign. Each planet rotates around the clock at its own pace, and when it moves from the wedge of one sign to another, its energy mixes with the energy of its temporary new home. Mercury is the planet of communication and its retrograde step begins with Scorpio – a sign that can be read as a red flag even for people who do not buy from zodiac things. “Intense followers who love secrets and hate most people … a little knife between the ribs,” writer Rosa Lister once described Scorpios, and whether that resonates with you, astrologer and writer Randon Rosenboch (@good_horoscope) agreed that the sign in this transit “it looks very, very shady.”

Scorpio “has no mouth, can’t talk,” Rosenbom explains. For her, this portends the possibility of ballots disappearing or people being “silenced by technical glitches.” It is expected that 50 to 70 percent of the votes will be cast by mail in these elections; already more than 66 million people – approximately half as many as voted in 2016 – voted early, suggesting a largely smooth civil process as a whole. However, it was not without hiccups: all these endless lines, the delayed postal service, those fake drop boxes displayed by California Republicans, the ballots lost in Pennsylvania, the list goes on. This is something that Rosenboch expects from the retrograde Mercury in Scorpio, especially because Scorpio is ruled by the warring military planet Mars, which is also – ha! – retrograde, enhancing the overall impact.

“This can be prepared for astrologers when they say that autumn is the second part of 2020,” Rosenboch said. “Things really don’t work, things are completely abnormal and people also don’t know how to behave. People make mistakes with their aggression and behave badly and behave like babies. “

Yesterday, October 28, Mercury slipped into Libra again. Another troubling sign, astrologers say: While Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may mistakenly pull out his dick when calling for magnification, Mercury retrograde in Libra will see you in court. Libra’s entry into the battle could signal that the election will have to be “decided by some kind of governing body,” Taborne said. (After all, Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice.) And the November 3 celestial system — Mercury heading directly into the late degrees of Libra — only underscores this suspicion of Taburn because it accurately reflects the 2000 election schedule. You know, the one with all the confusion about the Florida vote, which ended with SCOTUS, which installed George W. Bush in the White House, even though Al Gore won the popular vote. “I imagine another retelling situation,” Rosenbom agreed.

Good thing Mercury won’t be retrograde when the last bulletin comes in, you can whine to yourself. True, but consider: According to Rosenbochm, the first and last days of the retrograde are the most difficult and most pronounced, because “the movement of the planet obviously stops.” Also, since Mercury takes a week or two to regain its previous speed, we can expect things to remain slow until the retrograde period of the shadow ends on November 19th. But here’s the twist: On top of that, there are two eclipses, a lunar eclipse in Gemini (strongly in line with Trump’s chart, warns Taborne) on November 30 and a solar eclipse on December 14. on the day the electoral college votes. Finally, just to spice it up, Taborne expects that a “dense” full moon in Taurus on Halloween can “shake things up in a way you can’t see.” That’s because the full moon is said to bring things to fruition. culmination, among other dramatic flourishes, will share a sign with Uranus, a planet that loves “sudden twists and changes.”

Unfortunately, it seems unreasonable to expect anything other than entropy from the last exhalation in 2020. Some astrologers expect a strong storm due to a painful January connection between Pluto and Saturn: “As an archetype,” Rosenbochm notes, “mainly totalitarianism, violence, plague.” “

“We have been looking forward to 2020 for a very long time,” she said. “In one of my first astrology classes – that was before Trump was elected – I remember someone saying, Yes, 2020 will be like the last election ever. America is over. “

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