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Elise Stefanik is moving towards a rapid consolidation of GOP support as Cheney’s replacement: “The fix is ​​in”

“The fix is ​​in effect,” a Republican lawmaker told Stefanik on Tuesday.

So far, there has been no GOP candidate for Stefanik – and at least two potential candidates have indicated they will not submit bids, increasing Stefanik’s likelihood of taking an influential position. And members of the House of Representatives have quietly backed Stefanik’s rise to power, sources said, a quick turn of events amid Cheney’s fierce feud with Trump, which has made her increasingly isolated in the Parliamentary House Conference.

Stefanick worked with the phones all day on Tuesday and has appointed Republican Guy Reshenthaler of Pennsylvania to call on her behalf, according to numerous sources. The vote on the future and the replacement of Cheney is expected immediately on May 1


“The field for her is clear at the moment,” said another source in the House parliament, who asked to speak anonymously to discuss sensitive domestic policy.

Stefanick, a New York State district, emerged as a fierce supporter of Trump and won the then president’s honors during his first impeachment proceedings. While Cheney voted against Trump’s first impeachment on charges of abuse of office and obstruction of Congress, she voted to charge him with inciting the January 6 uprising during the second impeachment proceedings. Stefanik sided with Trump on both impeachments and also joined his colleagues in signing a lawsuit in Texas aimed at invalidating millions of votes in the 2020 election, which was eventually rejected by the Supreme Court.
How can a vote for Liz Cheney's leadership post happen?
Cheney voted for the “Big Lie” and warned Republicans of the dangers of American democracy if they repeated Trump’s claim that President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected. But her public feud with the former president has led her CSO critics to accuse her of a personal crusade that diverted their attention from the goal of regaining a congressional majority next year.

Several sources told CNN that while the terrain and discussions were still in the early stages, it was acknowledged that Stefanik would be perfectly suited for the post as a man who is both close to GOP leader Kevin McCarthy and has made significant recruits. of funds on behalf of colleagues in the party, especially candidates.

Stefanik’s rapid rise behind the scenes was supported, Republican sources say, by McCarthy himself, who made it clear to members that she would be suitable for the role.

Although it is not yet clear when a meeting will be held on whether to remove Cheney by laying the groundwork for her replacement, several GOP aides say McCarthy is trying to take the conference to a place where it can be quickly removed. gather after a rocky few weeks.

There are several indications that Stefanik is consolidating support. One is that Indiana spokesman Jim Banks, who is seen as a potential candidate for the position, said at several sites, including that he would not bid for the position instead of remaining head of the Conservative Republican Research Committee.

Representative Elise Stefanick, a New York Republican, questioned then-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper during a July hearing in Washington.

“I’m focused on the RSC chairman,” Banks said. “He may run for something else in the next term, but he is not yet ready to give it up.”

Representative Ashley Hinson of Iowa, one of the Republican women who was fired by her colleagues as a potential replacement for Cheney, is also not interested in the job, a source close to her told CNN. “She’s focused purely on servicing IA-01 and locking up her own place. She’s not interested in taking the lead right now,” the source told CNN.

Indiana spokeswoman Jackie Valorski, who is also being considered a possible job applicant, has not yet said what she will do, and her office has not responded to a request from CNN.

Liz Cheney plays a different game

Representative Mike Johnson, a conservative from Louisiana, is also rumored to be a potential candidate. But so far there are no signs that he is actively campaigning for the role and a spokesman has not responded to requests for comment on his interest in the post.

“He was very quiet,” said a Republican lawmaker.

But Republicans recognize the optics of replacing Cheney with a man, and leading members of the conference would prefer a woman to come in third – especially one like Stefanik, who is unlikely to provoke an internal reaction.

According to sources, Stefanik is the clear favorite.

“She addressed me and other members today and is working to strengthen votes,” the MP told Stefanik on Tuesday. “She’s very careful not to say anything negative about Liz, but I mean, Jim Banks’ release says a lot.”

The Republican member also said some members of the leadership were “calling for and supporting Elise,” noting that Stefanik was emerging as Cheney’s chosen candidate.

Assistants and members told CNN they think it’s important to continue to have a woman in office because it’s such a public role.

Kevin McCarthy's dishonest explanation for getting rid of Liz Cheney

“I sincerely reject the politics of identity. However, obviously the leadership team is strongest when there is diversity,” he said. “In my office, I would be embarrassed that all my top four or five leaders are of one sex or another.”

For his part, Stefanik gained great popularity at the conference with his efforts to help expand the party’s reach to women and candidates. She is also seen as one of the leaders of the conference in fundraising for small dollars, an instrument that became a major booster during the Trump years.

A source told CNN that Stefanik’s efforts to help members expand their own reach in this area have not gone unnoticed.

But perhaps the clearest sign that Cheney can be removed from office is that even her allies have not gathered behind her to repel their increasingly vocal opponents.

A Republican who plans to support Cheney when her position comes to a conference vote admitted to CNN: “She doesn’t survive.”

“In the last three days, I have not talked to anyone who would give her a door,” the MP said. “Even those who like Liz and agree with her think the current situation is untenable.”

This story was updated with additional reports on Tuesday.

Lauren Fox of CNN and Paul LeBlanc contributed to this report.

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