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Elizabeth Hasselbeck reacted to the former "The View" co-host "Rossi O'Donnell" t

Elizabeth Hasselbek was less flattered by Rosie O'Donnell's confession that she was "crushed" by the former co-host of Fox and Friends when they worked together in Review.

O'Donnell, 57, revealed in a new book (excerpt from Monday) that she was "slightly crushed" by 41-year-old Hasselbek, although they were at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. "I did not want to kiss her, I wanted to support her, raise her, raise her as if she were the first star, and I was the captain of the team," said O'Donnell in "Ladies Who Hit: The Blast Inner Story he would have gone to Scotty Piton, and if I was Jordan, I would give her the ball and let her shoot but that was by no means sexualized. "


O'Donnell also claims he has the "main lesbian tones of the two [of their] parts and told former Hasselbek softball player:" Live and they do not have a lot of girls with such athletic talent in sports teams, traditionally men who are not at least a little gay. "


In "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday, Hasselbeck responded to O'Donnell's notes, saying she "immediately started praying" after read them, and noted that if the Man told the same things about her, "there would be objectivisation of women in the workplace."

"This is anxious and wrong, and whether you are a man or a woman, and you are objectivizing women in the workplace, that's wrong," she said


9659004] Hasselbek added O'Neill's comment from softball: "I think her stereotype about female athletes and what she said … all athletes are a little gay … I would say this directly to her, and I would said, "This is an unfair stereotype and seems selfish in some way, and I think it's untrue."

"I can do this with God's grace, for I need grace and I need forgiveness," she said. "So Rosie, I think it's anxious to read these things and it was offensive to me, but I forgive her. I totally forgive you, Rosie … I hope we can be calm and that we can both hold our conscience in one hand and hold one hand in the other and still have a relationship that is in peace. "

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Transplantation in Nashville also said she had tried to connect directly with O'Donnell but had an old phone number.

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