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Encouraging: Trump's presidency enters a new era

The finding, presented in a summary of Muller's report by Chief Prosecutor William Barr, means that Trump can finally try to move away from an intrigue that stifles his presidency from the outset.

The report offers a personal defense of Trump and a powerful new political weapon to instigate its critics in the Democratic Party and the media at the start of his election campaign.

But the Democratic Party's victory at the mid-term elections in November will ensure that the report is not the last word, as it may have been if the Republicans still have a monopoly on power in Washington. and does not completely release the president from obstacles, political symbolism is undeniable. The finds obviously do not have the kind of bomb that could suppress the cool public moods about the potential impeachment process and will therefore have a serious impact on its presidency. "data-src-mini =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/1

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Trump's critics will feel that the special attorney has given the President a huge political gift. And that is. But another interpretation of the report is that if the President is not to blame for the crime he is accused of having committed, the Special Attorney's sentence will mean that Trump will be entitled to a lawsuit.

The rejection of partisanship, Müller's conclusion must come as a moment of enormous national relief. The opposite assessment would mean that the current president lied with a hostile foreign power to undermine American democracy.

So the nation may have escaped from a long political nightmare that would test the constitutional system and worsen the current criticism in politics, which sometimes feels like breaking the country.

The constant clarity of Tramp's "interpretive" message, delivered almost daily to Twitter personally over the past two years, makes the political impact of Muller's discoveries even stronger on the president

But while Trump won the initial battle for the report , the war in Washington about its consequences is just the beginning. Congressional Democrats are now demanding the full publication of the report and promise to speed up their investigations, and now Muller has left the scene.

The next political conflict is now focused on Barr's decision-making. Trump chose Bar, knowing he had written a note stating that Muller's investigation was "deadly wrong".

It was Bar, along with Deputy Chief Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein, not Mueller, who decided that despite the evidence he was not strong enough to lead to a crash. The decision is likely to win both men to go to the Capitol Hill to testify to Democrats who are deeply suspicious of Barr's decision-making. [19659902]

  The Judge of the Judiciary says the commission will call on the Advocate General to testify

  ] The affirmation of Trump's assertion that there is no collusion will surely have long-lasting political and </p>
<p>  It strikes down those Democrats and liberal media commentators who have long hoped the former FBI Director will issue a death sentence for the Trump's presidency . The recent downplaying of Nancy Pelosi's impeachment seems like a profound political choice. </p>
<p>  Trump's critics are likely to see the report as another indication of the ability of the former tycoon of reality and the star of reality to arrive. until the end of serious violations – but always avoid untouched. </p>
<p>  As the investigation of presidential violations is a political and not a legal process, the Democrats are already within the limits of their rights to demand the publication of the full report and the main evidence for </p>
<p>  Democrats are now running a thin line, that they accept the decision of a prosecutor who they have denounced during the last two years while seeking ways to look more closely at the issue of an obstacle. </p>
<p>  We can not simply rely on what may be a party interpretation of facts revealed during a 22-month review of any violations of the president. The American people deserve to see the facts and judge the actions of the president for themselves, "Justice President Jerry Nadller said, and chairman of the oversight board, Ilia Kummings, in a statement Sunday. </p>
<p>  The report does not represent the general endorsement of everything Trump has said </p>
<p>  Murray's investigation has defeated Trump's claim that he was waging a "witch hunt" and crushed his insistence that the Russian election was a mass "scam". </p><div><script async src=

The fact that Mueller has made such an assessment after two years of constant demonization by Trump and his supporters tells the story of the trial that, unlike the current policy, he is still working on the facts.

Mueller showed, according to Bar's letter, that Russia intervened in the elections to hurt Trump's enemy. If the investigation was really a "witch hunt", it would find a way to pursue the president whatever the facts say. [19659903]


However, any criminal suspect who has just been informed that he will not be accused after two years in the sights of one of America's largest prosecutors believes he has won a clear victory. This is where we need to start policy assessments on the impact of the Trump report.

But true to the form, the White House incorrectly characterized the contents of Bar's letter as soon as he was released.

Attorney General Bar and Deputy Chief Prosecutor Rosenstein said there are no obstacles, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

"The findings of the Ministry of Justice are a complete and complete rehabilitation of the President of the United States."

Sanders' cavalier interpretation of the facts will not matter politically – the narrative of the top line that Trump has been cleared, is already being used by his campaign as his main re-use unit (19659002). It is also possible that Trump's victory here has little to change his presidency's beliefs – given that this is a division of multiple issues and that he da did not try. to change the voters' rejection

Perhaps the president now claims that the investigation should never begin at all. He will certainly benefit from the report on further discrediting Steele's dossier, which suggests he has been compromised by Russia, and claims inaccurately that this is the only reason for the FBI investigation.

In his initial reaction to Bar's letter to Congress Summing up Müller's conclusions, Trump said that it was shameful that he had to endure "illegal destruction that failed."

Then he seemed to suppose his victory could soon become a retribution, even in an attempt to go after the Obama administration

"We hope that someone will look on the other side … a complete release, without secret agreements, "Trump said.

Speculation is also increasing. that Trump could take advantage of his new impetus from the report to the partners pardoning Muller's network for crimes not related to a conspiracy to talk with Russia.

This may include his former campaign president, Paul Mannorth, facing a seven-and-a-half-year jail for tax, fraud, conspiracy and obstruction.

Former Trump politician Roger Stone will be sued in November, accused of a lie by the investigators of his contacts with WikiLeaks, who publishes Democratic letters stolen from Russia.

  A Special Advisor and the Ministry of Justice discussed the request to call Trump

It remains possible for Müller's report to show that although he did not commit criminal offenses, the Trump 2016 campaign is guilty of grave ethical violations that could influence the course of the close election that the Americans knew about them this time.

it is unclear whether Müller has dealt with the question of Trump's attentive behavior towards Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign at the same time We were trying to seal a profitable real estate deal in Moscow – a fact that arose after the accusation of his former Attorney Michael Cohen.

Until the report is fully released, there will be no answers to such questions, and the political intrigue around the White House about Russia will just grow, despite the president's justification on Sunday.

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