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Epic Events can be planned for a break during the Fortnite Season 8

The longest season in Fortnite's history is coming to an end and people are looking into the future.

The plot of Season 8 is still for debate. So far, we have seen hints of the King of Fire, earthquakes, torn cards and some pirate images.

But apart from the common history are the events that the epic plans around the holidays during the season. Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year and Valentine Tournaments.

Each Fortnite season lasted a little over two months, except for Season 7, which was extended due to a holiday break and continued for three months

In view of this, we can assume that the end of Season 8 will come somewhere in mid-May.

Here are all the holidays Epic can plan for events at the date of the order: The epic holiday of the Catholic tradition is rich in imagery. Most Americans think of New Orleans and noisy, noisy parades, but the celebration really leads to Ash Wednesday.

As season 8 only recently started, Epic is likely to focus on major events, but they can celebrate that day

. Patrick's Day, March 1

7 : The leprocone day, pressed and greener than the eye can see, will almost certainly be celebrated by something in the game.

Epic annoyed some possible treasures, and St. day is well known for looking for hidden surprises, so Fortnite can play this on March 17th. This is also a major candidate for a double XP weekend and some special challenges.

The Fortnite Rivers Can Become Green As The Chicago River

The Day of the First April, April 1: To be ridiculous. They know how to tilt the base of the players and this day is the main candidate.

My theory is that they will return airplanes and / or Infinity Blade for a day just to get in touch with people. Or that, or they could introduce a new super-sustained element that lasts for 24 hours, but it feels like more work than simply returning the old creation. Easter, April 21: This is the biggest holiday of the season 8 time schedule. Again, like the Day of St. Patrick, this is a feast related to treasure hunting. Perhaps that's why Epic chose this season for the pirate theme?

If one day of the season has a massive in-game event, it will be that. [/ B] [/ b] As a massive Easter egg hunt will be super fun with Fortnite Card and Epic can be creative with egg shelters.

A challenge involving finding a number of eggs seems likely here, similar to what Epic did in Save The World last Easter. Of course, there will be a new wrinkle and they have already given skin to a bunny last year, so this year there will have to be something new. Cinco De Mayo, May 5 : The last possible holiday of season 8, Cinco De Mayo, will be in the last week of the season if it is assumed that Epic keeps the strict ten-week schedule. Synco de Mayo celebrated the victory of the Mexican Army over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but the celebration is more widely celebrated in America than it is in Mexico.

This is another holiday like Mardi Gra, where Epic can make a nod with new skin or emotion, but Fortnite is likely to experience an event at the end of the season so it will overshadow the feast.

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