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Episode 14 – Jujutsu Kaizen

It may have taken Yuji about seven episodes and one or two heartbreaking tragic curse vendettas to reunite with his Jujutsu Tech team, but just like the title of “Kyoto Sister Exchange Event – Group Battle : 0 – “will make you believe, they were finally let’s start with the story that the show has been annoying for months. The big zero in the title is there to let you know that you don’t have to throw away the popcorn yet, but since before we start with the right Exchange event, we need to introduce (and reintroduce) all the major players from the schools in Tokyo and Kyoto. If this sounds like a bunch of dry exposure to you, don̵

7;t worry; in fact, it is an extremely cheerful exhibition, which is always preferable to these two options.

Something we definitely don’t want to take for granted Jujutsu Kaisen enters his second court is how damn funny it is almost all the time. Many anime try to mix their super-serious battle stories with silly comedic relief, but this can be very much hit or missed depending on how much these shows end up becoming characters who scream in a heap as they explain the joke. of the audience. To be honest, here’s what Jujutsu Kaisen does a lot of the time, but execution is just as confident and fun, even muttering like me can’t help but break the gut when JJK really starting. For example, the show is ahead of some reservations that many of us have had about how inconvenient it can be to transfer Yuuji back to the student body after pretending to be dead for two months. Instead of just playing this cliché straight, JJK relies on the fact that Yuuji, a manga-loving dweeb like him, completely thoughts that his life would play the cliché. He is excited about his tearful gathering moment, and Gojo absolutely builds on the poor child’s dreams by stuffing him in a box and presenting him as the cabaret girl jumping out of a cake. Whether Goju actually thinks Yuji will get his lavish gathering is unclear, though he hopes the joke will be enough to make the old director of Jujutsu Tech have a heart attack, and you just can’t deny his absolute commitment to knocks with his bosses at every possible turn.

Of course, the collection is not going according to plan. The children of Kyoto are too busy fussing with Goju’s strange souvenirs, the top contestants literally don’t know who he is, and the look on Megumi and Nobara’s faces is closer to an awkward embarrassment mixed with quite understandable anger and the slightest splash. of true pathos for good measure. This is one of the many scenes where Junya Enoki proves to be one of the best at playing a strong and nasty sincere ass that is too stupid not to love it. The same can be said for Yuichi Nakamuraworks like Gojou, except that the jury still doesn’t know if the good sensei is really as stupid as he allows himself to be, or if he’s just such a damn genius that we plebeians can only see his actions as the work of reckless crazy …

The Kyoto crew looks like a fine group of antagonists: Mai Zenin and Aoi Tudu, whom we had already met when they kicked Nobara and Megumi’s asses, respectively. Momo is a magical-looking girl with hair that looks like a bunch of dried spaghetti collected and glued to her skull, which is definitely A Choice ™. Noritoshi Kamo looks a bit stabbed, and then there’s Kasumi Miwa, Gojou’s friend we met, who earns some brownie points because she’s the only member of the Kyoto group who opposes the director’s orders to hunt and kill Yuuji again. Oh, there’s Ultimate Mechamaru – he’s literally a fucking robot, which automatically makes him the best. I will not take any further questions at this time.

While Yuuji gets to know high school students and bears the brunt of some of the brutal bullying of Nobara’s trademark – which, let’s be honest, is pretty funny – the main question is, “What exactly is a school exchange event?” Well, the first stage of it is called “The Race to Exorcise the Cursed Spirit.” No, I didn’t add “Crazy” to the title as a joke, and yes, you can bet my expectations are from the roof with that name. Basically, it’s that kids run around town in teams, killing curses all the way (and our kids will probably prevent Yuji from being killed again once all this noise starts to subside).

Although we had to see some Maki, Toge and Panda in action, I’m very happy to see how the full team of seven will perform. Their whole dynamic is believable, cute and fun, although I imagine that the more serious aspects of each character will be shown as the chaos grows. This will definitely be one of those rainbows where anything that can go wrong will go wrong and I will have a lot of popcorn and soda on standby so I can enjoy every second of it.


Odds and ends

• The new OP, once again directed by Shingo Yamashita, is just amazingly beautiful to watch and I think I might actually like the new song – “Vivid Vice” by Who-ya – even more than the first court‘s. ED’s new song isn’t as appealing as “Lost in Paradise ft. AKLO ”, but the same can be said for at most songs. Furthermore, Cö shu Nie“Bring it back” is far from a bad track. It’s a lot more reassuring, but it fits the more thoughtful and melancholy tone of this ED. I’m always a game for animation bits that play an animated cast as if they were real friends, just hanging out and fooling around.

• This week, Jujutsu Stroll is repaying Aoi’s earlier insistence on withdrawing from the school meeting in Kyoto to watch the live broadcast of the good old ‘Takada-chan. This week, she visits an elegant-looking sushi joint, which in Takada’s case means “getting drunk over room temperature and clowning the chef and the interviewer.” Now this is an idol after my own heart, I’ll tell you what.

• There is an intro scene featuring Mahito, Zhougo and Suguru Ghetto, all of whom meet in the healing hot springs, where Zhougo recovers to talk about bad business. This is nothing particularly informative, as it simply clarifies how the main purpose of all these curses is to awaken Sukuna by returning all his fingers and, I don’t know, forcing them on Yuji! We do learn that Jujutsu Tech currently owns six of them, although all of this is clearly in line with Suguru’s plan. Basically, these are a few more notes to add to the “Things that will probably be important sooner or later” list.

Jujutsu Kaisen currently airing on Crunchyroll.

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