This is the time of the year again. Google has pushed the beta for its newest, largest, yet unnamed version of Android: Q. Your Android Eagle Police Editor has searched for new features, changes, upgrades, and even failures. We listed everything we found here, along with a brief description of what was new. So, let's take a look at Android Q.

As always, we should thank our counselors (❤️) for our coverage on a functional level. Without all of you, our job would be much harder.

We have retained our common categories for now as last year, although they can be reorganized later if we determine the different groups to make sense. And keep in mind that we are still discovering new features, so this document may sometimes lag slightly after our coverage in the series. Based on a request we received last year, we changed our format for these Android rounds to make it a bit easier to track over time with our latest post-upgrade additions listed below: