Tracking the stages in Robert Müller's investigation can be difficult, but if you have three minutes, we have a conclusion about Michael Cohen for you.
Hannah Gaber Salelet, USA Today

WASHINGTON – Soon the federal government will begin to sell what is left of Paul Mannorth's life, a little wealth accumulated over a decade of illegal lobbying work. When they do so, the investigation of the Russian electoral intervention is to break an unusual stage: making more money than it is worth.

But first, attorneys working for Special Adviser Robert Mueller have to deal with

Several banks whose Trump Tower tops have gathered claim to be entitled to parts of the property and investment accounts about $ 26.7 million, which the former President of the Trump campaign was forced to give up as part of the agreement with Muller. The New York real estate package includes $ 7.3 million in Hampton and an $ 3.8 million apartment in the Trump Tower of Manhattan.

Many claims can be resolved this week, according to court documents.

When they are, the investigation that Trump has dismissed as a witch hunt and the loss of money will pay more or less for himself. Until now, Muller's study has costed about $ 25 million. How much the government will collect will turn into how much of its property is to be passed on to banks and others, as well as to the changing real estate market in New York.

In addition to Manavort's wealth, the government will collect about $ 1.9 million from other people accused of investigating Muller.