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Experts question the Patriots’ decision to let Tom Brady leave

“All sections have reported and this is official: Brady defeated Bill Belichik and Bob Kraft in a landslide,” Shaughnessy wrote. “Ten months after leaving New England because the Patriots were done with him, Brady showed the world that he still had the goods. The Patriots, who had no real plan to replace their quarterbacks, finished 7-9 and came out of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Brady goes to his 10th Super Bowl; with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clown car, no less. “

Shaughnessy went on to say that Brady’s success was worse than that of the Red Sox, which watched Mookie Betts win the World Series with Dodgers months after trading it. He also wrote that this “loss”

; is worse than any loss of a Super Bowl coached by Belichick, or the controversy the franchise has to deal with.

Do you remember all those years when everything went in the way of the patriots and it seemed that the people on the other side had lost their minds in football at the sight of Belichik? Well, it’s obvious that Brady’s sight made all these coaches step on their appendages when they played the Patriots. The packers made this very clear in the Lambo field, “Shaunsey wrote.

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curan, who has been covering the Patriots for decades, also took time to criticize the team. In an article entitled “Brady Wins Loss of Ruthenian Proportions for the Pets,” the Koran analyzes the condition of the Patriots, writing that they hope to be a viable suitor for Matthew Stafford, the disgruntled quarterback of the Lions who has never won a playoff game. . Quran compared what they hoped would happen this season to what they had.

“[Brady] this was the man who actually was wanted to be with the patriots, “Curan wrote. “It simply came to our notice then. It must be motionless. The one who did everything but carried a sandwich board, asking the team to sign it for the rest of his career. The man who hit his head on the wall and wondered what he would do if he couldn’t play here.

Quran went on to write that probably no quarterback that the Patriots don’t bring in this offseason will be better than Brady next season, and that the Patriots “really had to work to get that far from the wrong side of history.” “.

Although the Quran acknowledges that the Patriots are unlikely to be on the same stage as the Bucs if they still have Brady, that hasn’t stopped him from comparing it to what is considered the worst deal in Boston’s sports history.

“What’s a computer for what Brady does?” Which fan base had to absorb the success as that of a former player? Curan asked.

“The one that stood out to me?” “The Red Sox sold Baby Ruth to the Yankees a hundred years ago.” “At least the Sox got $ 100,000 back, and owner Harry Frasy managed to bankroll the play, ‘No, not Nanette!’ “What did the patriots get?” Free space for Matt Stafford? If things go well? “

Boston Globe Patriots beat writer Ben Wolin was not so rude to Belichik and the Patriots that they released Brady, but asked a simple question: “Why is Brady doing this for the Bucs and not the Patriots? Robert Kraft and Bill Belichik must feel quite embarrassed about this. “

Wolin focused more on how Brady’s victory on Sunday meant a lot to his legacy, even if Brady’s legacy had already been secured.

Let’s think that when they entered in December, the Bucs were 7-5 and could barely stick to the playoffs, “Wolin wrote. “Now they have won seven consecutive games and are heading to the Super Bowl.

“This may be Brady’s 10th start at the Super Bowl, but given everything he’s achieved this year with a new team, it’s definitely the best of his career.”

Both hosts of the 98.5 Felger and Mazz on Sports Hub took the time to make fun of the Patriots for allowing Brady to leave.

“A modest share! This is served in a cafe in Foxboro today, ”Tony Massarotti said as he made a snoring sound. “I think that [the smell] comes from Belichick’s microwave. A modest share!

“Look, at the end of the day, here’s the bottom line. Tom Brady left the Patriots, as we all know. There was a duel there. There was a fight there. A man appeared. The other man didn’t. A man appeared. The other man didn’t. Simple and easy. Brady vs. Bill. One man was ready for the duel. One man was not. And the man who was not kicked. “

“He makes the plays he had to do as usual. And the opponent doesn’t, “Michael Felger said of Brady’s performance in the victory over the Packers. “Stupid me! I’m stupid and people like me. I thought it was the coach. I thought it was the coach more than him. Obviously not one or the other. I thought it was more a function of training and the Patriots laundry and that thing against Brady – and it turns out it’s just Brady.

“I had the wrong person. I had the wrong person, like everyone else. Robert Kraft too. Like everyone. With every week and every day and every game, I don’t know how you can break away from your place if that’s where you are. It’s just a fact. “

While most people on the Boston media sports scene seem to kill patriots, not everyone does. Athletic Jeff Howe stressed that while Brady was more successful in the first year of separation, that shouldn’t change how important Brady and Belichik have been in the past.

“If nothing else, this season has confirmed Brady’s decision to jump on the ship while the Patriots move on to recovery – a job Belichik has yet to complete,” Howe wrote. “But in no way should I change the story of the previous 20 years.”

Howe went through 20 seasons in which Brady and Belichik were together in New England, arguing that Brady made up for the lack of talent on the roster in some seasons and that Belichik coached teams to achieve better records than he should have. .

“They rose every time and again, with Brady playing at such a superhuman level that he could cover up shortcomings in Belichik’s roster and coach to a level where the Patriots’ worst seasons would be a great success for most franchises,” Howe wrote. . “As Brady plays the most important position in all sports, think about how many great quarterbacks in the league have been wasted by non-standard coaches over the years.”

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