Google announced Nest Hub Max a few months ago, promising that the new smart display would be able to recognize users' faces. Well, the required tracks are already in Assistant, though Hub Hub is nowhere to be seen. We hope this means that the Nest Hub Max will not fall behind.

You can see the Face Match menu in your settings right away – just check the Assistant tab to see if it's tucked away between Voice Match and Home Control. You can tap the menu item to get a description of the functionality and there is an animation with what looks like Hub Max.

If you try to set up Face Match, the standard Google Home search screen appears. Of course, you still won't have a compatible device (Nest Hub Max) on your network. So the demand fails. We can only speculate without the testing device, but probably the app will make you stare at the camera so Hub can learn your face. Google Support pages previously listed Hub Max as the 9 September launch date, but were later removed. Maybe that day will be legal.