Facebook's Messenger app has gotten pretty hefty over the years, now weighing in at over 100MB. Some phones can not even run it properly, hence the need for a Lite version. Today at its F8 conference, Facebook announced a bunch of improvements coming to Messenger's way, including a much lighter [iOS] mobile app and desktop client

The Messenger app has been a sore point for Android users for years, so it's nice to see that Facebook will be doing something about it. Dubbed "Project LightSpeed," the new app is said to come in at 30MB ̵

1; 70MB less than the current app – and launch in under two seconds. Facebook says it was "completely rebuilt from the ground up on a completely new code base," which seems promising. Then again, Snapchat said similar things about their new app and that's still garbage, so we'll reserve judgment until LightSpeed ​​debuts later this year.