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Fact Check: CNN's Democratic Debate

Here are the facts.

"Companies like Amazon, which made billions in profits, did not pay a single nickel in federal income tax."

Facts first: Sanders is correct – for the previous two tax years, the Company's own financial records. Amazon has shown that it expects to receive money from the federal government, not that it owes money.

According to an analysis by the Institute for Tax and Economic Policy for the second consecutive year, Amazon made profits of more than $ 11 billion in 2018, but reported a $ 129 million tax rebate from the federal government.
Amazon makes paying state taxes, and has also paid federal taxes in the past. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Amazon's total tax rate from 201
2 to 2018 was 8%. "From 2012 to 2018, Amazon accounts for $ 25.4 billion in U.S. preliminary revenue and current federal tax provisions totaling $ 1.9 billion," the magazine reported. "It's an 8% tax rate – low, but not zero or negative. Looking back, since 2002, Amazon has earned $ 27.7 billion in global tax profits and paid $ 3.6 billion in global revenue taxes, a 13% tax rate. "
Amazon's SEC filings in 2017. show that he did not expect to owe any federal tax, and is actually expected to receive a $ 137 million refund from the federal government. However, he said he is expected to pay the state $ 211 million.

-Brian Fung

Climate Crisis

Pete Butigig said that "science tells us that we have 12 years before we reach the disaster horizon when it comes to our climate."

Facts first: Butigigig probably refers here to the final UN report, which has put the impact of the climate crisis on extreme relief.

The report did not set a 12-year deadline for the "disaster horizon", although some politicians and the media define it as such.

The science to which Butigigig refers comes from the report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published in 2018.
The report was created to assess the impact of global warming and predict what might to happen if the planet warms to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The report does look at what might happen in 2030, 12 years from the date of publication, but the authors of the report say they chose that date as a useful country that promised to meet the carbon reduction deadlines set in the Paris climate agreement.

The report finds that if the planet is able to keep warming up to 1.5 degrees Celsius or below, countries will need to reduce about 45% of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 [19659017] -Jen Christensen

Pay-to-pay experience

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stated that "half of the American people live paycheck to paycheck."

Facts first: It is not clear what data Sanders is referring to here. However, an authoritative source shows that he slightly overestimates this figure. National pay-to-pay experience is difficult to determine, but a recent report from the Federal Reserve indicates that about 40% of Americans would have trouble covering emergency expenses of $ 400.

A relatively small and unexpected cost, such as a broken car or the replacement of a dishwasher, can be a problem for many families without "adequate savings," according to the report.

When faced with an emergency cost of $ 400, 61% of Americans in 2018 say they could cover it either by using cash, savings or a credit card paid during the next billing period.

However, the remaining four in 10 Americans would have much greater difficulty covering the costs. And another 12% said they would not be able to pay their bills for the current month if unexpected expenses of $ 400 appeared.

-Dona Borak

Family Separation Act

Senna. Elizabeth Warren said current US law allows the president to separate migrant children from their parents at the border.

First facts: That's true.

Last year, the Trump administration implemented its contradictory zero-tolerance policy, using a section of U.S. law enforcement to prosecute all adults who illegally crossed the southern border, resulting in the separation of thousands of families, given that children may “not be held in federal prison with adults. Politics – and the section of code at the center of it – has become a flash in the immigration debate.

Democratic candidates remain divided over the law referred to in section 1325, with some seeking instead to turn the border illegally into a civil crime rather than a crime. Warren advocates decriminalization of border crossings.

"So the problem is that, at present, the status of criminalization is what gives Donald Trump the opportunity to take children away from their parents. This is what gives him the ability to imprison people at our borders. We must continue to have a border of Security and we can do that, but what we cannot do is not live our values, "Warren said.

-Pressila Alvarez

Background check

Pete Butigigig said that 80 to 90% of Republicans want "universal background checks."

Facts first: True, according to a major pollster.

According to a March Quinnipiac University poll, universal background checks have 89% support. among Republicans, the same percentage as the January poll by the same organization.

overall, support for universal background checks has been 88 to 97% since February 2013. According to a Quinnipiac study.

-Kai Guerrero

Medicines and insurance companies

Bernie Sanders says that medicines and insurance companies are Spending $ 4.5 billion on lobbying and campaigns

Sanders stated, "Over the last 20 years, drug companies and insurance companies have spent $ 4.5 billion on their health insurance money by lobbying and campaigning. "

Facts first: True – and that may even be a low estimate.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies, including insurance giants like UnitedHealth Group, and lab companies like Quest Diagnostics, spend about 4. $ 1 billion in lobbying and contributions to congressional candidates since 1998. This is inflation-adjusted data from the Center for Responsive Politics, but that figure does not include individual contributions to presidential or state level campaigns. [19659025] When considering the health sector cat overall, which also includes hospitals and professional associations, that figure jumps up to $ 8.8 billion in lobbying alone during the same period.

-Kurt Devine and Aaron Kessler

Payments to hospital physicians

Former Maryland reporter John Delany blasted Bernie Sanders' Vermont chairman, Medicare for All, saying it would hurt the US health care system because Medicare did not "not pay enough providers.

"Medicare does not cover health care costs. It covers 80% of health care costs in this country, and private insurance covers 120%," says Delaney, adding that rural hospital administrators say you'll have to close if they are paid Medicare prices.

Fact One: It is true that Medicare pays less than private health insurers and that hospitals depend on private insurers to make up the difference, but it is not clear that the Medicare plan for everyone would led to widespread closure of hospitals,

Just how many hospitals and physicians would be paid by Medicare for all – and other proposals to create government-backed health insurance plans – is a major problem. This is one reason hospitals and doctors are so opposed to the concept.

The Sanders & # 39; Medicare for All Bill says hospitals will be paid the same approach as Medicare, although it does not specify rates.

There are various studies that show the difference between what Medicare and private insurers pay.

The Delaney press stated that the applicant cited a CNN analysis of "allowed fees" for five general procedures using data provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Truven Health Analytics, a research firm. In general, Medicare fees allowed are approximately 80% of the fees allowed by private insurers.

According to the American Hospital Association, Medicare payments cover only 87% of hospital costs in 2016. But private insurers pay nearly 145% of patients' hospital costs.

With regard to physician payments, The Journal of American Medicine, citing a 2018 congressional budget study, notes that private insurers pay 110% of Medicare office visit rates, 130% cataract surgery and 180% knee replacement and colonoscopy.

Hospitals say current Medicare prices are not enough to pay their bills.

"Hospitals are already paid far less than the cost of care for Medicare patients and more Medicare patients would strain hospitals even more and could jeopardize the survival of hospitals," wrote Rick Pollack, CEO of the association, in a blog post earlier this year.

-Tammy Luby

The Impact of Commerce on the Automotive Industry

Bernie Sanders said, "I'm glad Detroit is recovering, but let's understand that Detroit was almost wiped out by a horrible trade policy that allowed corporations to throw workers in this community on the street as they move to low-wage countries. "

Facts First: Sanders is right that trade policy is a factor in the decline of the Detroit auto industry – but this is not the only reason. Competition between unionized rust belt and non-ionized southbound plants also plays a role

Sanders often talks about the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which came into force in 1994, but employment in car manufacturing in the Detroit metropolitan area remained stable in the 1990s. considered that NAFTA made the automotive sector in North America more integrated, but did not seem to cost the United States a significant number of jobs in the broad economy.
Automobile jobs in Detroit began to decline steadily, starting in 2002 after China's entry into the World Trade Organization, which, according to studies by MIT economists, suggests the highest payment for US manufacturing, allowing for cheaper imports.

Automation has also affected the automotive industry. Manufacturing output for cars grew roughly in proportion to employment, but that relationship reversed after the Great Recession, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

-Lydia DePillis


During a discussion about elegance, Senator Bernie Sanders said, "Every trustworthy poll I've seen is beaten by Donald Trump."

First facts: It's true. National polls show that Bernie Sanders defeated President Donald Trump in a match.

In a sample of three recent reliable studies (Fox, NBC / WSJ and CNN) conducted from late April to mid-July, Sanders outpaced Trump by more than a margin of error.

A CNN poll in April sent Sanders over Trump by six points. The poll has an error of 5.6 points.

But polls show former Vice President Joe Biden polls even better than Sanders v. Trump. And 43% of voters think Biden has the best chance of beating Trump, according to a June CNN poll, far more than any other candidate. (Sanders came in second, with 13% of the vote.)

-Alex Rogers and Claire Foran

Death by Guns in the US

Beta O & # 39; rourke said, "We lose nearly 40,000 people in this a country to shoot violence, a number that no other country even comes close to. "

Facts first: He is right about the total but not the comparison based on data found by CNN.

A CNN analysis from the WONDER Database of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 39,773 people were killed in 2017, a record high, including suicides and homicides.

However, the latest study that CNN can find from credible sources has found that gun deaths in Brazil are ahead of the US.

In 2016, there were 43,200 gun deaths in Brazil compared to 37,200 in the United States, according to a study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and published by JAMA.

-Geneva Sands

US v. Canada for Healthcare Expenses

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders praises Canada's health system, which has a universal public health program.

"They spend half of what we spend," says Sanders, who travels north with Americans with diabetes on Sunday to buy cheaper insulin there.

Facts First: Sanders is right that the US spends twice as much on Canada per healthcare person, according to a large study.

In fact, the United States spends far more than any other developed country, according to a study earlier this year by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The United States spent $ 9,892 on human health expenditures in 2016, while Canada spent $ 4,753.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries average cost was $ 4,033.

-Tami Luby

Military Expenditure

Sep. Bernie Sanders says the US spends more on the military than the next 10 countries combined. Facts First: Sanders is in the ball, but not quite. Sanders was correct, according to figures released in February by a leading source of military spending information. But since this data has been updated recently, it is already pretty much off.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) announced in February that the United States had spent $ 643 billion in 2018. The next 10 countries spent $ 642 billion. However, the institute told CNN in June that they were then updating the data. Now the figure of the United States is $ 631 billion, while the figure for the next 10 countries is $ 643 billion. Because of this update, the US spent more than the next nine countries together, not the next 10.

There are other reliable sources that have slightly different data than IISS.

The Peter G. Petersen Foundation estimates US defense spending to be $ 609 billion, and their math, based on data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, shows that the US figure is greater than the next 7 parties together.

-Killy Atwood

US debt held by China

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper states that China holds 25% of US total debt – something he suggested is a problem for the president's efforts Donald Trump to negotiate a trade deal. with Beijing.

"You won't win against China in a trade war when they have 25% of our total debt," he said.

Facts first: This is incorrect. China is indeed the largest foreign holder of US debt, but owns less than Hickenlooper claims.

In May, Beijing's holdings amounted to $ 1.1 trillion, or 17% of all government-owned cash and notes held abroad, according to the Treasury. This is a decrease of more than 19% in June last year.

Foreign holders also represent only a fraction of the creditors in America.

The United States actually assumes most of its debt burden through the Federal Reserve and local investors. Foreign investors held just under 30% of total debt at the end of the first quarter.

Total US government debt stands at $ 22.03 trillion at the end of March, $ 6.47 trillion of which is held by foreign investors, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Treasury.

-Anene Tappe

Hate Crimes

Beto O & # 39; rourke states that "hate crimes have been increasing every one of the last three years."

Facts first: This is true based on available data for 2015 to 2017, but there is no official government data for 2018 yet.

The FBI's annual hate crime statistics report, публикуван миналата година, установява, че 7175 престъпления от омраза са били докладвани от правоприлагащите органи през 2017 г. – спрямо 6 211 през 2016 г. и 5 850 през 2015 г.

Компетентността няма да споделят своите данни за престъпления от омраза и не всички жертви ще подадат официален доклад, който прави броя на недекларираните инциден ти неясни.

Министерството на правосъдието заяви през 2017 г., че по-голямата част от престъпленията от омраза отиват недекларирани към органите на реда.

По онова време DOJ цитира Националното проучване за виктимизация на престъпността на Бюрото на правосъдието, което установява, че между 2011 и 2015 г. 54% от престъпленията от омраза са нерегистрирани.

Броят на агенциите, които докладват на ФБР за престъпления от омраза. от миналогодишния отчет също се е увеличил с около 1000.

-Maegan Vazquez

Загуба на работа от търговски споразумения

Сенатор от Върмонт Берни Сандърс заяви, че NAFTA и постоянните нормални търговски отношения с Китай струват на САЩ "над 4 милиона работни места".

Факти първо: Вероятно това е надценено въздействието на търговските споразумения върху заетостта в САЩ.

Повечето оценки сочат, че споразумението за свободна търговия в Северна Америка е имало малко, ако има някакво въздействие върху националните нива на заетост, въпреки че ефектът е неравномерен в регионите и индустриите.

Влизането на Китай в Световната търговска организация през 2001 г. вероятно имаше много по-голямо влияние поради внезапната конкуренция от по-евтиния внос.

Но дори и най-високите оценки за загуба на работни места от левия наклонен Институт за икономическа политика установяват, че промяната в търговския статус за Китай е причинила загуба на 3,4 милиона работни места между 2001 и 2017 г.
Друга оценка, от проучване от 2016 г. на икономисти от Масачузетския технологичен институт, установява, че нормализирането на търговските отношения с Китай струва на САЩ между 2 милиона и 2,4 милиона работни места между 1999 и 2011 г.

-Lydia DePillis

Транс-Тихоокеанско партньорство

Бившият представител на М ериленд Джон Делани заяви, че е "единственият кандидат за президент, който подкрепя Транс-Тихоокеанското партньорство".

Факти първо: Делани въз основа на публичните изявления, които открихме, е правилно, че той е единственият демократ през 2020 г., който в момента подкрепя пакта от ерата на Обама, какъвто е. Тръмп присвои сделката, след като встъпи в длъжност.

Джон Хикенлупър подкрепя ТЕЦ през 2015 г., а кампанията му казва, че Тръмп е пропуснал икономическия растеж, като се е оттеглил. Сега той казва, че би искал промени в сделката в полза на работниците.
Трима други кандидати преди това изразиха различна степен на подкрепа за 11-националната търговска сделка, но те излязоха срещу нея и – или избягват да заемат твърда позиция по въпроса. Това включва бившия вицепрезидент Джо Байдън, който се застъпваше за търговската сделка, когато Обама настояваше за това, но сега няма да каже как ще пристъпи към въпроса. Кампанията му отказа да заяви как се чувства Байдън за ТЕЦ днес, когато Атлантикът попита 23 кандидати за президент на демокрацията за търговската сделка през юни.
ТЕЦ никога не е получил вот в Конгреса, но бившият република Тексас Бето О'Рурк и сенаторът в Колорадо Майкъл Бенет са гласували за свързан въпрос, известен като Орган за насърчаване на търговията, който Обама планира да използва за одобряване на ТЕЦ.
О'Рурк каза на Vanity Fair през март, че ще гласува "не" за крайния продукт. Бенет също така казва, че в крайна сметка не е поддържал TPP. Той призова за преразглеждане на разговорите по време на интервю пред Los Angeles Times по-рано този месец.

-Хейли Бърд

Системен расизъм

Обсъждайки системния расизъм, Пит Бутигиег каза: „Ако влезете в спешно отделение, вашите съобщения за болка ще бъдат взети по-малко сериозно. Ако кандидатствате за работа и вие са черни, има по-малка вероятност да се обадите поради името в автобиографията. "

Факти Първо: Проучванията, проведени от големите институции, подкрепят твърдението на Бутиги.

Статия, публикувана от Националния център за информация за биотехнологиите, част от Националните здравни институти, установи, че чернокожите пациенти чакат по-дълго от другите за спешна помощ. Когато обаче заболяването беше изключително тежко, различието беше по-слабо изразено.
Дискриминацията срещу кандидатите в черно в процеса на наемане на работа остава толкова разпространена през 2015 г., колкото и през 1989 г., според проуч ване от 2017 г. на изследователи от Северозападния университет, Харвард и Института за социални изследвания в Норвегия.

Проучването установява, че средно "кандидатите в бели цветове получават 36% повече отстъпили повиквания от еднакво квалифицирани афро-американци."

Въпросът с наемането беше разгледан и в проучване от 2016 г. от професори от Станфорд, а Университетът в Торонто озаглавен „Бялото възобновяване: раса и самопредставяне на пазара на труда“.
Статия в Harvard Business School казва, че изследванията в това проучване показват, че „компаниите са повече от два пъти по-склонни да извикат кандидатите за малцинства за интервюта, ако представят избелени резюмета, отколкото кандидатите, които разкриват своята раса“.

-Tara Subramaniam

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