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Fact Checker: Donald Trump Lies About CNN at Mississippi Rally

Trump has long criticized CNN during his campaign in Tupelo. He then pointed to the back of the BancorpSouth Arena and informed the crowd that he had just seen the CNN camera light go off.

"Their light just went out. Look? Look. off, ”he said.

When the light was on, he explained, "it means you are alive." CNN stopped broadcasting because he did not want to broadcast his terrible critic.

He made up this whole story.

Facts first : CNN never broadcasted the rally, CNN was does not provide live "pool" food for other television networks. CNN's photojournalist on stage did not stop recording at any point in the speech. And its camera light is set to never turn on or off.
  The moment of screen split as Trump rallies in Mississippi and the Democrats fight to push him to Iowa

Trump did not make an innocent mistake: this is at least the eighth time since the president made an unjustified claim to turn off the lights on television cameras as he criticized the media. We think this is particularly outrageous: the president looks at his devotees and misleads them about something happening in the same hall.

Trump made further false statements at the rally. Among others:

Choosing Veterans

Trump claims that he is the one who went through the Veterans Health Selection Program. First Facts : President Barack Obama signed the election program into law in 2014; in 2018, Trump signed another bill, the VA MISSION Act, that expanded and modified the election program.


Trump has stated that "he will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions, always."

Facts first : We usually do not check promises, but this has already proven wrong. The Trump administration and Congressional Republicans have repeatedly drafted bills and filed lawsuits that would weaken Obamacare's protections for people with prior conditions; Trump currently supports a Republican lawsuit that seeks to declare all of Obamacare void and has not issued a plan to restore the protection of the law on past people if the claim succeeds.


Trump has stated that the unemployment rate is the lowest for "over 51 years". Facts first : This is his simple slight exaggeration of an already impressive number. 3.6% unemployment for October is the lowest in just under 50 years (if you neglect the fact that in September it was slightly lower, 3.5%).

  Unemployment may be near record low, but this is not all good news for workers

Mississippi unemployment

[19659002] Trump said "Mississippi unemployment has reached the lowest rate ever recorded. Ever registered." Facts first : That was true last and the beginning of this year, but it is not true now. Mississippi's unemployment rate dropped just 4.7% last fall, which is a record high, but has increased to 5.4% since 19659019 – higher than in parts of 1999, 2000 and 2001, and the same as it was during parts of 1979. The White House official Twitter account offered a true version of the claim, says that the state's unemployment rate "hit its lowest level EVERYONE last year! "

Michelle Obama

Trump claims that First Lady Michelle Obama, along with Presidents Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, were in the camp Democratic governor candidate Stacy Abrams in Georgia in 2018

Facts first : Michelle Obama has never campaigned for Abrams, even though Barack Obama and Winfrey.

Tariffs on Chinese products

Trump has said that the revenue from tariffs distributed to farmers affected by his trade war with China comes as "compliments to China".

Facts first : A bevy from economic studies found that Americans bear most of the tariff costs and Americans make the actual tariff payments.

Economic Relations with China

Praising the billions of dollars that the US Treasury receives for its tariffs on imported Chinese goods, Trump said the money came "from a country that has never given us 10 cents they just took. "

Facts first : Again these tariffs are paid by the Americans. Apart from the question of who pays, it is not true that the Treasury has never received "10 cents" from tariffs on China. The United States has had tariffs on China for more than two centuries; The Treasury received $ 14 billion in tariffs on China in 2014 to watch one year before Trump.
Trump's allegation also ignores hundreds of billions of dollars from China for US goods purchases – more than $ 300 billion during Trump's presidency alone.

We will have a comprehensive list of Trump's false claims during the rally for our weekly fact check update on Wednesday.

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