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Fantastic Football Ranking – The 192 Players To Be Compiled In 2019

During the off-season, 2880 people (32 teams x 90 players) can be drafted by an NFL team. After week 1

rotates around, this number decreases to 1696 (32 x 53). The ESPN Fantasy player database includes nearly 2500 players.

You can't expect to know all these players, which is why "192" is here to make your life easier.

More people play on ESPN than anywhere else. Join or create a league in Fantasy Football # 1! Register for free!

Why 192? Fantastic leagues are available in all shapes and sizes, but many have established themselves in leagues involving 12 teams and 16 players. The "192" is a list of 192 players who must be drafted (and thus shortened) in a 12-team, 16-round PPR league with relatively standard set-up and set-up points . Players are technically listed in the order in which they are to be drafted, although it is important to remember that drafts are fluid and your decisions need to be changed based on what's left on your board and previous selections.

And what if you are in eight team leagues? Or 16-team? The "192s" can still help you win, but you'll certainly have to pinch in the mid to late rounds. For example, in a minor league you may want to wait even longer with a quarterback because the position is so deep. In the deeper leagues, running backs and tight ends should be a higher priority, as these positions lack depth and could leave you with a weak spot if you wait too long.

Although some players are included in the game, strategy is the main topic of discussion. For a more in-depth player analysis, check out our player profiles that are truly yours. For a deeper look at the ranking, see Cheat Sheet Central.

192 should serve as a simple guide to help maximize the value of your starting lineup as you make the best possible decision in each round.

1. Saquon Barkley, NYG, RB1

Not everyone agrees with this, but I say Barkley is the number one overall pick that is not the brain in all fantasy projects. Penn State's product ranks in the top three in back-to-back carries, passing routes and goals along the way to take the fantasy rookie position. He works without interference at the back of the Giants, who will take advantage of an offense that will lean even further in 2019. If you have the freedom to be the first to pick your draft point, rotate with 1.1 and get your hands on it the top asset in fantasy football.

2. Christian McCaffrey, CAR, RB2
3. Alvin Camara, NO, RB3
4. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL, RB4

The running back position is rejuvenated by young backs playing horse roles and fantasy men they will itch to grab one earlier. Is it worth the risk given the high rate of injuries? Yes, when it's clear, a set of features for a significant role in the passing game. This trio fits into this bill, though Elliott's possessions kill him at the end of the list.

5. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU, WR1
6. Michael Thomas, NO, WR2
7. David Johnson, ARI, RB5
8 Le & # 39; Veon Bell, NYJ, RB6
9. Davante Adams. GB, WR3
10. Julio Jones, ATL, WR4
11. Odell Beckham, Jr., CLE, WR5
12. Tyreek Hill, KC, WR6
13. JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT. WR7

Johnson and Bell are two more clear features on the back that deserve your attention in the first round. Johnson tends to be as positive about the progress of rookie QB Kyler Murray as Johnson is in Kliff Kingsbury's offensive offense.

The debate over who should be the first wide receiver out of the board will continue all out of season. Following reports that Green Bay will move more than we expected, Hopkins is now getting the nod for Adams, who stepped down from fantasy points before coming out of Week 17 last season and leading the NFL in tendencies over the past three seasons. Adams is still a good WR1 option, as are Thomas, Jones, Beckham, Smith-Schuster and Hill. Landing one of these freeways in Round 2 is possible and great value.

14. Todd Gurley II, LAR, RB7
15. Travis Kelce, KC, TE1
16. Antonio Brown, KLA, WR8

Gurley went all-out in fantasy points in 2017 and finished in the top 10 with high position 11 times in 2018, but a troubled knee will mean fewer touches in 2019. Of course, he can afford less of a role and still deliver elite fantasy production in Aries' awesome offense. He is a good choice on Round 2.

Kielce belongs in the first round discussion after figuring out all the tight ends in fantasy points for the third straight season. Brown has missed time due to leg trauma and helmet drama; knocked it down several places.

17. Joe Mixon, CIN, RB8
18. James Connor, PIT, RB9
19. Dalvin Cook, MIN, RB10
20. Mike Evans, TB, WR9
21. Kinan Allen, LAC, WR10
22. Nick Chubb, CLE, RB11
23. Kerryon Johnson, DET, RB12
24. Leonard Fournett, JAX, RB13
25. Devonta Freeman, ATL, RB14
26. Melvin Gordon, LAC, RB15

Many don't like to choose first overall because of the perceived decline in value as the second round progresses, but this list shows that even in 12-team leagues you will have plenty of great round 2/3 variants . Chubb may seem low, but the return of mid-season Kareem Hunt is big and could limit the production of the second year during the all-important fantasy playoffs. Johnson has been trending since the release of Theo Riddick's Lions. There seems to be a very real chance for Gordon to miss regular action this season, which brings him to round 3.

27. Amari Cooper, DAL, WR11
28. T.Y. Hilton, IND, WR12
29. George Kittel, SF, TE2
30. Zach Ertz, PHI, TE3

Andrew Luck's Week State is in the air this week, making Hilton a little risky, so this is a situation that must be observed. Whale (who set a tight end for last season's receiving yards) and Ertz (who set a tight end for the end of last season) are both candidates for target and / or some regression and thus turn level. under the Kielce. However, both are solid goals from Round 3.

31. Josh Jacobs, OAK, RB16
32. Derrick Henry, TEN, RB17
33. Chris Carson, SEA, RB18
34. Marlon Mac, IND, RB19
35. Aaron Jones, GB, RB20

This is an intriguing row of rotating backs. All five are in good situations and have RB1 up, but they also carry some risk. Henry and Mack have been limited as receivers so far, Jacobs is a rookie and will delay Richard's transfer, Jones has not yet set clear lead duties at Green Bay, and Carson will have to give up second-year Rashad Penny, Carson is tending to be reported to play a much larger role as a receiver.

36. Julian Edelman, NE, WR13
37. Adam Thillen, MIN, WR14
38. Brandin Cookies, LAR, WR15
39. Stephen Diggs, MIN, WR16
40. Robert Woods, LAR , WR17
41. Kenny Golladay, DET, WR18
42. Cooper Kupp, LAR, WR19

The depth of the wide receiver really comes up here, and it makes sense that you take a running back in the first round before attack heavily at wide receiver. Minnesota will run the ball more this season, but huge target actions for Tillon and Diggs should allow WR2 campaigns. All three wide-box receivers were top-11 in fantasy points during the seven games the trio played together last season.

43. Patrick Mahomes, KC, QB1

Mahomes will (and should) be the best quarterback in 2019. Of course, the question is: When is the right time? I say 4 rounds for the reasons outlined here and here. Yes, Mahomes will be drafted earlier than 43rd in most drafts, but I can't justify going to a quarterback much earlier.

44. Damien Williams, KC, RB21
45. Mark Ingram II, BAL, RB22
46. Alshon Jeffery, PHI, WR20
47. Chris Godwin, TB, WR21
48. Tyler Lockett, SEA. WR22
49. Mike Williams, LAC, WR23
50. DJ Moore, CAR, WR24
51. Tyler Boyd, CIN, WR25
52. Alan Robinson, CHI, WR26
53. Calvin Ridley, ATL, WR27
54. Josh Gordon, NE, WR28
55. Sami Watkins, KC, WR29
56. AJ Green, CIN, WR30

I'm lower than Damien Williams than most. Last season, the traveler turned down with relief from Karim Hunt last season, but he is also 27 years old and has yet to clear 50 carries for 23 receptions in a single season. It is inverted, but it is also risky and both should be considered.

This is a great area to shop for for a third wide receiver. Lockett's performance statistics will decline this season, but Doug Baldwin's retirement will mean a bigger target. Robinson is a contender for a better season, already fully recovered from his torn apart Achilles in 2017. Don't sleep with Ridley, who is positioned for a major role in the high-profile offensive of the Falcons, which is not deep for reliable goals. The green will release in a few weeks, but we know it will deliver fuzzy WR1 numbers once it's healthy.

Gordon is worth considering in depth after being restored. The wide veteran receiver was not nearly as dominant last season as he was again at his peak in 2013, but was still very effective, ranking sixth among wide receivers in YPR (18.0), 10th in YPT (10.2) and fourth in RAC (6.7). Gordon is often used as a vertical threat (13.8 aDOT), which limits its volume a little; During the nine complete games he played, Gordon (63) fell behind Julian Edelman (83) and James White (70) in goals. Gordon is ranked 24th in fantasy points in those nine weeks. He is back in the discussion on WR3, but his problems outside the field make him a risky investment early on.

57. James White, NE, RB23
58. Sony Michel, NE, RB24
59. Kenyan Drake, MI, RB25
60. David Montgomery, CHI, RB26
61. Tariq Cohen, CHI, RB27
62. Phillip Lindsay, DEN, RB28
63. Derrius Guice, WAS, RB29
64. Lamar Miller, HOU, RB30

Round 5/6 presents a significant chunk of the best RB3 options .

The top two backs of New England are worth a look here, though we know that White will be limited as a leader and Michelle contributes very little as a receiver. Montgomery and Guice were recently selected by Day 2 projects and are set to play big roles in 2019. Lindsay's stock is moving down, with Denver engaging in a big role for Royce Freeman. The same is true of Miller, who will defer touching to the new Duke Johnson, Jr.

65. Evan Engram, NYG, TE4
66. O.J. Howard, TB, TE5
67. Hunter Henry, LAC, TE6
68. Jared Cook, NO, TE7

The 6-7 round has become the sweet spot for finding your tight end in 2019. Engram will be a target in New York, especially with the Golden Tate stopped. Injuries have been a problem for Henry and Howard, but both have elites up. Cook is expected to play a huge role in New Orleans' elite crime.

69. Deschown Watson, HOU, QB2
70. Matt Ryan, ATL, QB3
71. Aaron Rodgers, GB, QB4

We finally reach the second level of discounts. Watson, Rogers and Ryan are all very good QB1 games, but none are worth it. As we will see in this piece, the position is deeper than ever.

72. Sterling Shepard, NYG, WR31
73. Jarby Landry, CLE, WR32
74. Robbie Anderson, NYJ, WR33
75. Dede Westbrook, JAX, WR34
76. Will Fuller V, HOU. WR35
77. Marvin Jones, Jr., DET, WR36
78. Christian Kirk, ARI, WR37
79. Emmanuel Sanders, DEN, WR38
80. Tevin Coleman, SF, RB31
81. Miles Sanders, PHI, RB32
82. Austin Ekler, LAC, RB33
83. Duke Johnson, Jr., HOU, RB34
84. Royce Freeman, DEN, RB35
85. Rashaad Penny , SEA, RB36
86. Nyheim Hines, IND, RB37

Circle 7 presents some of the solid, veteran WR3 options, as well as some potential breakthroughs.

Shepard is one of my favorite targets in the middle of the circle, being the clear Giants number. 1 wide receiver. Anderson is entering his first year of contract and can make a huge leap if Sam Darnold steps forward. Sanders is trending after a quick recovery from a torn Achilles. It seems likely to be the first week.

Especially with Jericho McEnon not yet recovered from a torn ACL, Coleman is the best option on the 49ers' backstage committee. Eclair is a hot target in the middle of the circle as a supposed start in Los Angeles if Gordon holds out. Johnson's shares are rising after trading from Cleveland to Houston.

87. Cam Newton, CAR, QB5
88. Baker Mayfield, CLE, QB6
89. Carson Wentz, PHI, QB7
90. Andrew Luck, IND, QB8

Each of these quarters should end in 2019 as the goal scorer for the position. Luck (calf) decreases with its weekly status. Mayfield will be selected earlier than most drafts. Hype makes sense, but the lack of fast output, high interception rates, and a shaky pair of offensive reports mean that there is more risk than advertised. Healthy and ready to roll, Newton will be a draft pick in 2019

91. Corey Davis, TEN, WR39
92. Jamison Crowder, NYJ, WR40
93. Curtis Samuel, CAR, WR41
94. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI, WR42
95. Courtland Sutton, DEN, WR43
96. Keke Coutee, HOU, WR44
97. Michael Gallup, DAL, WR45
98. Dante Pettis, SF, WR46
99. Jordan Howard, PHI, RB38
100. Peyton Barber, TB, RB39
101. Matt Breida, SF, RB40
102. Latey Murray, NO, RB41
103. LeSean McCoy, BUF, RB42
104. Darrell Henderson, LAR, RB43
105. Carlos Hyde, KC, RB44
106. Donte Moncrief, PIT, WR47
107. James Washington, PIT, WR48
108. Geronimo Allison, GB, WR49
109. Marquez Valdes -Scantling, GB, WR50

At this point the core of your team is in place, so we we are looking above all to find flexible options and players with the tip of the bench.

Davis is in a makeup holiday season in Tennessee. Crowder's stock is on the rise as he is positioned to play a role in New York. Fitzgerald needs to be stepped up to better offend the Cardinals. Allison and Valdes-Scantling can easily request WR3 / flex numbers if they block Green Bay's No. 2/3 duty. Satan, Gallup and Washington are candidates for the 2nd year jump. Washington will compete with Moncrief for a plentiful concert # 2 in Pittsburgh. Pettis is trending after reports of a rough training camp.

When running back, Barbarian does not have a high ceiling, but seems to be blocking his duties in Tampa. Henderson's value will depend mostly on Gurley's health. If Gurley is out, he will be a RB2 variant. If Gurley is fully-fledged, Henderson will fight for self-worth. Henderson, Murray and Hyde are among the most valuable fantasy handcuffs. Although he is not what he was before, McCoy remains a leader in the grave breach of bills.

110. Vance McDonald, PIT, TE8
111. David Njoku, CLE, TE9
112. Delaney Walker, TEN, TE10
113. Eric Ebron, IND, TE11
114. Dak Prescott, DAL, QB9
115. Drew Brees, NO, QB10
116. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT, QB11
117. Russell Wilson, SEA, QB12
118. Kyler Murray, ARI, QB13
119. Jared Goff, LAR, QB14

If you've been waiting in a tight end or a quarterback, Round 10 is not a bad place to go.

The always underrated Walker joins McDonald, Njoku and the Ebron regression lock as solid TE1 settings. Prescott's fast skills, improved supporting cast and super-light early season schedule make it an excellent value. You never have to pick a second recruiter, but some of your best options are listed here if you decide to do so. Murray's exceptional ability to rush gives him a high floor.

120. DeSean Jackson, PHI, WR51
121. Tyrell Williams, OAK, WR52
122. Devin Funchess, IND, WR53
123. Anthony Miller, CHI, WR54
124. Tom Brady, NE, QB15
125. Lamar Jackson, BAL, QB16
126. DK Metcalf, SEA, WR55
127. Kenny Steals, MBR, WR56
128. Golden Tate, NYG, WR57
129. Adam Humphries, TEN, WR58
130. Albert Wilson, MI, WR59
131. Austin Hooper, ATL, TE12
132. Jordan Reed, WAS, TE13
133. Trey Burton, CHI, TE14
134. Mark Andrews, BAL, TE15
135. Ronald Jones, TB, RB45
136. Jalen Richard, OAK, RB46
137. Dion Lewis, TEN, RB47
138. Giovanni Bernard , CIN, RB48
139. John Brown, BUF, WR60

We are in circles 11-12, so t we have potential flexible options as well as breakthrough candidates. Metcalfe is our first wide receiver as he plays a significant role in Seattle. Jackson and Williams keep a long list of veteran receivers who will push for a weekly fantasy value.

Those of you in PPR leagues with at least 12 teams will benefit more from a dedicated back-up than veterans Richard, Lewis and Bernard, all three will be limited as rushers, but all are strong bets on receiving 40 plus.

140. DaeSean Hamilton, DEN, WR61
141. Mohammed Sanu, ATL, WR62
142. Deebo Samuel, SF, WR63
143. Chris Conley, JAX, WR64
144. Greg Olsen, CAR, TE16
145. Jack Doyle, IND, TE17
146. Jimmy Graham, GB, TE18
147. Mitchell Trubiski, CHI, QB17
148. Jameis Winston, TB, QB18
149. Philip Rivers, LAC, QB19
150. Kalen Balazh, MI, RB49
151. Jaylen Samuels, PIT, RB50
152. Devin Singletary, BUF, RB51
153. Tony Pollard, DAL, RB52
154. Justin Jackson, LAC, RB53

These are some of your best options when looking to round off your bench. Ballage (Drake), Samuels (Conner) и Singletary (McCoy) са забележими белезници с RB2 наопаки в случай на нараняване над тях в графика на дълбочината. Полард и Джаксън трябва да бъдат на пейките, докато не бъдат разрешени ситуациите на договора с Елиът и Гордън. Младежите Хамилтън и Самюъл са отлични флаери за къс кръг като потенциални приемници с широк пробив. Ветераните Конли (съотборник DJ Чарк току-що пропусна отрязването) и Sanu също трябва да бъдат на вашия радар.

В крайна сметка, Дойл е близо до пълно здраве и не забравяйте, че той лесно се нацели Ерик Еброн и беше не на фантазията .6 стегнат край, когато е здрав миналия сезон.

155. Маркиза Браун, BAL, WR65
156. Пол Ричардсън, WAS, WR66
157. Mecole Hardman, KC, WR67
158. Tre'Quan Smith, NO, WR68
159. Анди Изабела, ARI, WR69
160. A.J. Браун, TEN, WR70
161. Deon Cain, IND, WR71
162. Kirk Cousins, MIN, QB20
163. Кайл Рудолф, MIN, TE19
164. Крис Томпсън, WAS, RB54
165. Майк Дейвис, CHI, RB55
166. Джерик Макинън, SF, RB56
167. Kareem Hunt, CLE, RB57
168. Дарвин Томпсън, KC, RB58

Това са вашите най-добри цели, когато се насочим към D / ST и частта на ритъма на черновата. Списъкът включва още няколко листовки за пост-свръх и / или нагоре флаери на широк приемник като Кайн, Ричардсън и Смит. Също така, тук са новобранците, Браун (x2), Изабела и Хардман (N'Keal Хари падна от дъската след активирането на Гордън). Хънт също е изключително ценен белезник, но осемте играта на спирането му ограничават обжалването му през деня. Томпсън може да вдигне сериозен шум в Канзас Сити, ако Уилямс и / или Хайд пламнат.

169. Мечки D / ST, CHI, DST1
170. Jaguars D / ST, JAX, DST2
171. Сметки D / ST, BUF, DST3
172. Овни D / ST, LAR, DST4
173. Викингите D / ST, MIN, DST5
174. Светци D / ST, NO, DST6
175. Зарядни устройства D / ST, LAC, DST7
176. Патриоти D / ST, NE, DST8
177. Колтс D / ST, IND, DST9
178. Титани D / ST, TEN, DST10
Greg Zuerlein, LAR, K1
180. Джъстин Тъкър, BAL, K2
181. Wil Lutz, NO, K3
182. Харисън Бъткер, KC, K4
183. Стивън Гостковски, NE, K5
184. Ka'imi Fairbairn, HOU, K6
185. Роби Гулд, SF, K7
186. Майк Бадгли, LAC, K8
187. Адам Винатиери, ИНД, К9
188. Brett Maher, DAL, K10
189. Broncos D / ST, DEN, DST11
190. Тексаси D / ST, HOU, DST12
191. Мат Пратер, DET, K11
192. Джейк Елиът, PHI, K12

Научихте ли нищо от Jaguars D / ST миналия сезон ?! С малки изключения изчакайте до последните два кръга, за да изберете вашата защита и ритник. Това, разбира се, са най-добрите опции за кикър и D / ST в лигите с 12 отбора.

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