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Far Cry: New Dawn Review

Far Cry 5 was a great game – and that disappointed me with that. Ubisoft's Montana-based game has made some fundamental changes to the long-term series, with a smart structure that made the experience truly open. No matter what you did, whether you killed some of the annoyed members of the culture or hunted wild turkeys, it has contributed to your progress in a way that felt meaningful. Unfortunately, all this was tarnished by the story that used the image of modern American turmoil to create an artificial gleam of depth. Far Cry 5 wanted you to think there are things to say about the cults, the supremacy of white and religious extremism, but actually never said anything. It was all just wallpaper.

That's why I was particularly excited by Far Cry: New Dawn . The post-apocalyptic game happens after the events of Far Cry 5 when – spoiler – the fictional city of Hope County was devastated by a nuclear blast. The result is a wilderness of Mad Max dotted with pink flowers and filled with destructive vehicles and sliced ​​weapons. It felt like the perfect fit for the special blend of chaos from Far Cry ; the more important is that it seems to get out of the empty political notion of its predecessor in favor of something more appropriate for the ridiculous action game.

Sorry, New Dawn does not go far enough. His live apocalyptic world is a fun platform, but he does not feel so different from past games Far Cry . Worse yet, he got out of the free structure of Far Cry 5 with tedious but necessary grinding, especially towards the end. It's still fun in this "thing is happening" Far Cry is always. But New Dawn feels mostly like a missed opportunity.

  Far Cry: New Dawn

The discovery is very similar to Far Cry 5 . You play the nameless security chief in a group that goes around the country, helping to build settlements in dangerous places. Hope County is particularly dangerous. New Dawn takes place in the post-apocalyptic future, in which nature has returned, so life is not as terrible as in, say, Fallout . With this background, there is a small settlement called Prosperity, a refuge for those who return to the surface after years of waiting for ruin in the underground bunkers. He is calm and friendly. Of course, it does not last long.

The Hope Valley is a pair of sisters, mostly known as the Gemini, who lead a violent gang that seems to be trying to terrorize everyone and swallow the other little money. There is not much more for them. But this lack of depth actually makes them ideal Far Cry villain: the twins and their crew are irreparably bad, so you do not feel bad, killing hundreds of them. The goal, as in almost every game in the series, is not just to get the bad guys, but to expand your domain into the Hope Valley. Prosperity is a relatively small municipality and much of the game is spent on releasing senior posts, further expanding your influence. As always, it's very gratifying to look at the map – which starts dark and dangerous – slowly turning to your advantage. familiar. Farms and homes you've visited in the previous game are now in ruins, sometimes hiding dark secrets or useful supplies. With his worship theme, Far Cry 5 was filled with fateful survivors, ordinary people who built the bunkers that planned the end of the world. They were a fun deviation from the previous game, but in New Dawn they are one of the richest places to reveal. One thing that remains is that New Dawn is still abundant with wildlife: a mountain trip can mean a clash with a pussy or a bear, and there are many deer to hunt and fish. There are new, irradiated versions of normal animals; going against a shining buffalo is not something I would recommend. The game also returns one of the best traits of Far Cry 5 "hired pistols", where different AI symbols serve as a cooperative partner. There is a violent preacher, grandmother sniper and, of course, a very good dog.

I wish Ubisoft went further with the post-apocalyptic theme. Far Cry 5 already took place in a typical small town turned into a military zone, and a few years after the nuclear bomb destroys everything, the place feels remarkably similar. The same goes for history. New Dawn is a stand-alone game, but this is not a one-time experiment in the cyberpunk-colored Blood Dragon or Stone Age Far Cry Primal . This is rather a small, direct sequel to Far Cry 5 . The good thing is that while New Dawn looks and feels incredibly familiar, it mostly manages to get away from the narrative and thematic issues that torture Far Cry 5 . She does not claim to have anything to say. But it also introduces some of its own problems. The new paradise, the violent religious cult, who was your main enemy in the previous game, returns to New Dawn but this time as a gentler, milder cult. At one point, you even work together. Given the events of Far Cry 5 does not bother to see that the band is mostly redeemed in the sequel. led to some very cool events. There's a twisted-metal fighting arena and an intense assassination inside the jail with bullets. I also loved the strange and wonderful weapons you can make; there is a crossbow that shoots blades, and a rifle with a strange yellow radiance. Besides some awkward revisionists in the history of Far Cry 5 the main villains, New Dawn possesses all the elements for a great experience Far Cry . The main question, however, is that New Dawn escapes from the structure that made Far Cry 5 so memorable. In the previous game, your primary goal was simply to create as much chaos as possible, forcing cult leaders to oppose you. This meant that almost everything you felt seemed to be related to the story, whether it was an explicit mission or side activities like blasting oil tankers or destroying farms.

New Dawn is not so free. Instead, the way you update prosperity is by collecting ethanol, which can conveniently be found only in enemy posts. But you need many of them, and there are only a few outposts to defeat. The solution that Ubisoft has come up with is that you can release from previous posts, then take them back and fight with even heavier enemies, acquiring more ethanol in the process. This not only makes zero sense, but it turns out to be incredibly annoying. Worse yet, it is not optional; to do things like high-flying weapons you need for end-game battles, you'll have to go through this process several times.

Perhaps I expected too much of what was seemingly small. But the idea of ​​combining the main game Far Cry with a stupid, violent, colorful post-apocalyptic setting seemed like the perfect recipe to show the series about what it really is: a big, dull action game where you can do almost everything you want. Instead, New Dawn is an over-familiar experience that, although very fun, comes out of the best part of its predecessor, without adding enough that it really feels new. Even when the world is over, Far Cry remains the same.

Far Cry: New Dawn Launches February 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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