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Fauci: The Trump administration’s strategy of “very likely” costs life

Former President Donald Trump has faced significant criticism in the last year of his presidency for his pandemic response, which has often deviated from the leadership of his own administration’s health officials and often deviated into strange territory.

Since the early stages of the pandemic, Trump has regularly downplayed the risk Covid-19 poses to Americans, and has often predicted that the United States will soon defeat the virus, even as cases jump across the country. He opposed the best practices recommended by his own public health team, refusing to wear a mask in public and holding large-scale rallies, both indoors and outdoors, with thousands of supporters.

Trump has often advertised the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-1

9, although there is no evidence of its effectiveness. At one point last spring, he suggested that Americans inject themselves with disinfectants to fight the virus.

Fauchi’s regular appearances at White House coronavirus briefings made him a household name throughout the pandemic, but his relationship with Trump quickly deteriorated as the NIAID chief refused to fall into line with Covid’s inconsistent and at times dangerous rhetoric. 19 of the then president. Trump called Foki an idiot and a “disaster,” saying “if we listened to him, we would have 700,000 [or] 800,000 deaths. “Trump has accused Fautsi and other health officials of exaggerating the severity of the pandemic and criticized officials for saying early that the masks were not necessary.

As the pandemic progressed, Fautsi’s appearances at the White House became less frequent, as did contact between the two men.

At a news conference with White House spokesman Jen Psaki Fauci on Thursday, he said his work with the Biden administration so far was “liberating.” Fauci said the Trump administration had prevented him from appearing in the media and that the White House was blocking the flow of public health information.

“You didn’t feel you could actually say anything and there would be no consequences,” Fauci told a news conference on Thursday. “One of the new things in this administration is, if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. Just say you don’t know the answer. ”

Fauci said in an interview Thursday that there is “full transparency” under the Biden administration.

He also told CNN on Friday that there was a strategy for coronavirus in the Trump administration, but that it was “not well formulated.”

“The separation of the federal government and the states … was really a lesion,” Fauzi told CNN. “You don’t want the federal government to do everything and you don’t want the states to do everything. … What we saw a lot was saying, “Okay, states, do what you want.” And the states were doing things that were obviously not in the right direction. ”

Biden’s strategy for Covid-19 includes directing FEMA to build links for Covid-19 to “maximize federal-state cooperation” and reimburse states for the National Guard’s use of relief efforts.

“The best thing you need to do is have a plan for the federal government to interact with the states in a synergistic, collaborative, cooperative way, helping them with resources and helping them with a plan, while respecting the individual issues that each individual there can be a state, “Fautsi said.

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