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Filthy Rich Summary: Season 1 Episode 1 – Premiere Ends Explained

If you look up “pleasure of guilt” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of Kim Cattrall glamorously burning a southern mansion on the ground, then moving away more and more slowly as she whispers “Rot in Hell.”

Coincidentally, we also meet her character at the premiere of the new Fox drama on Monday. Dirty rich. The woman, formerly known as Samantha Jones, was reborn as Margaret Monroe, a millionaire TV evangelist with a really good heart – and a slightly forked tongue. Example: When she discovers that her late husband has given birth to three children with three different women, she states: “I have dealt with many bastards to get to where I am. These three will not be different. (Funny, we are not familiar with this Bible verse.)

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1Speaking of Margaret’s unholy empire, the premiere also introduced us to its staff, including superstar preacher Paul Luca Thomas (played by Aaron Lazar). Dirty rich executive producer Tate Taylor promised TVLine that Lazarus’ unusual resemblance to real television minister Joel Austin was “completely coincidental.” However, Taylor recalls: “When he came to the audition, I said, ‘Are you just kidding me at the moment? The good Lord sent us gifts from heaven. ”

Generally speaking, Taylor says: “The show is not pro-Christian and it is not anti-Christian. This is pro-whatever is good for you. I grew up in the Deep South with my grandparents in South Carolina. Jim and Tammy Faye Baker were on TV the whole time. It’s part of our fabric here, so I just wrote what I knew. “

Things get even more complicated for Margaret when those so-called bastards – Ginger, the owner of an adult webcam service; Antonio, a single father and ambitious boxer; and Jason, a Colorado weed farmer, finally arrive. Partly because there is way too much sexual tension between them and Margaret’s other children, a fine topic that quickly becomes too much to ignore.

“I shot it with all sorts of suggestions to have a few options,” Taylor admits of the slightly incestuous moments of the premiere, from Ginger’s impressive comment in the boardroom to Jason and Rose’s nervous kiss. “It’s fun when Rose drinks this wine and flirts with it. It almost deserves it, but we hope it’s sweeter. When we showed this scene to the first audience, they were like, “Oh, s-t!”

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1Margaret’s first instinct is to buy the trio’s silence, but Ginger – whose mother has been romantically engaged to Margaret Eugene’s husband for a year – may say that she and her new half-siblings are being replaced. So she decides to go public through a press conference, only to be thwarted by Margaret, who is ahead of the story by personally introducing her new family members to the world.

Then comes the biggest twist of all: In the final moments of the episode, we learn that Eugene survived his plane crash. Taylor will not reveal what Eugene’s future is, but he reminds TVLine that “this show is about faith and lack of it and about finding your peace. It can be stormy. We will see that his journey will be everywhere because we are human and we continue to make mistakes and follow bad instincts. It is a triumphant journey, but it is not without great confusion. And surprises. “

It is also worth discussing …

* Aside from the potential family relationship, was Jason and Rose’s kiss one of the most awkward locks you’ve ever seen on TV? May be someday?

* Speaking of Jason, he’s obviously not the real deal, as we saw him collect a sample of spit from another man in a hospital bed, which makes us feel a little better about his kiss with Rose. But only a little. The question now is … Who is Eugene real son? And he does too do you have a belly

* Isn’t Margaret Eric’s son absolutely the worst? I already hope he’s in that big burning house.

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