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Final result: The Suns lose ugly in Motor City, 110-105

The best in the West against the smallest in the East. On paper, this match was destined for a bilateral result. We do not live on paper. Phoenix traveled to Motor City on Friday night and despite rising 23, was 62-49 ahead in the second half / OT and lost 110-105 /

One positive point we can take from the Central Time Zone game is the games that start at 5:00 PM. Does it turn you off your Suns viewing schedule? Of course. But like Sunday afternoon’s Diamondbacks or early Sunday’s Cardinals game, when the action is over, you’re excited to have extra time during the day to discuss what you̵

7;ve taken.

Shameless plug: we do this after every game in the Suns JAM Session Podcast, so it’s nice to start live after the game around 19:30, instead of 21:30.

Game flow

The first half

With the first back-to-back game against the worst team in the league (by record), you were hoping for a hit. You hoped that this team would come out, impose its will and put its foot on the difficult door of the pistons.

Early turnovers would prevent Sunsa’s first team from jumping to an early lead; they had 6 turns in the first 9 minutes of play. Enter the Suns Super Second Squad.

A quick 6 by Dario, a hesitant ranking by Cam Payne, a few forced turns, and the Suns rose 9 after a quarter of a game.

An intriguing match was Devin Booker against Josh Jackson. Jackson was a late addition to the Pistons, making his first appearance on the team against his team. The two turned out to be the same early and often.

Booker seemed to enjoy playing against his former teammate. He provoked him insultingly, turned him around, and climbed up to hit a jumper. Defensively, Booker released his third block on a Jackson disc. Josh finished the game with 5 points and 2 boards.

The second team continued to increase the lead in the early stages of the second, as the former Piston Langston Galloway decided to appear. And he did. Great.

Was this revenge game for him? The Pistons chose not to return him last offseason, and he headed to Phoenix, signing a one-year, $ 2 million contract in November.

In the second quarter, Galloway boiled, then cooked, and then straight en fuego. He scored 17 points on 6-7 from the field, including 5-6 from the center.

Pistons responded 9-0, following Langston’s attack and timeout in the middle of the second. By the time Devin Booker retired to the court by 5 minutes, Suns had climbed 14. Buk’s first playback on the court led to his fourth turn, a problem Devin was still trying to shake.

It would be interesting to see how Phoenix would react to such a big lead. The second team regularly puts the Suns in a position to succeed. In this game they took the lead to 23 points. The challenge was for the first team to maintain this leadership.

True to form, they did not.

The Pistons closed the first half with a score of 17-2 and the Suns went into the locker room with 8 points.

The second half

The adjustments in the second half were the strength of the Suns in the first 8 games of the season. The work that Monty Williams and his staff have done on analyzing what they looked at in the first half and the corresponding adaptation is to be commended.

You saw an adjustment almost instantly.

However, the adjustments are going in both directions. Detroit attacked the rim early and often in the first quarter with Jeremy Grant and Delon Wright. Piston coach Dwayne Casey chose to strengthen this strategy at the beginning of the third.

Trouble for the Suns brought the ugly head again while the Detroit setup worked. The Suns were on the penalty spot with 7:47 left in the third and 10 points up. The pistons took advantage, shooting 12-12, equalizing the game with 3:22, remaining in the third.

Conversely, the suns continued to show their inability to reach the line. A crime built on finesse and passing, cutting and shooting has not yet found a way to impose its will on the interior. They do not put the opposition in precarious situations and impose problems that would lead to free throws. When we finally do, we write in capital letters. Phoenix shoots 6-13 from the line on Friday.

You take the teams home by getting them into unpleasant trouble and avoiding them yourself.

The Suns did not make a point from the charity strip, while in the third it remained 1:25. Thanks Cam Johnson. The sun is 4 at the end of three.

The triple, a point of strength at the beginning of the game for Phoenix, was the main factor contributing to Pistoni’s return to the game. The Suns had a stretch when they shot 2-25 beyond the arc from the end of the second to the fourth quarter.

We know that this team has an affinity for the three. They average more than 3PA than any team in Suns history. The old adage “live of the three, die of the three” made this game too close for too long.

The fourth became a battle for exhaustion. The Suns would have a lead for most of the quarter, but were often tested. Detroit again put the Suns in trouble in the middle of the 4th.

Detroit took the lead with 2:36 left.

Monty deployed a closed cast of CP3, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson and Deandre Ayton.

Kam, who replaced Dario Saric, strengthened Monti’s decision to put him up late. He hit a big three to place Suns 2. After blocking Johnson, Bridges cut off a run to place Suns 4 with 1:29.

Detroit cut 2 after two more free throws by Jeremy Grant. With 18.1, down 2 and possession of the ball, the Pistons called a timeout and prepared the game and finished the game of immersion of Mason Plumlee.

Devin Booker made the final shot for Phoenix, but it lasted a little long. For the first time this season, the Suns are heading for overtime. Not what you want at night back to back.


Detroit climbed 7 times fast. Two shots by rookie Saddick Bay, one of which was from depth, but the Suns dropped 100-93 in a difficult place.

The sun had ordered their work. They fought to reduce the Pistons’ lead to 3, 106-103. It was too little, too late.

Jeremy Grant turned out to be too much for the Suns. His 31 points and 10 boards were limited by a corner three that led Detroit to 6.

Tonight it felt as if the Suns were playing the back of their backs, not the front. The team went cold offensively in the 2nd half. 37 points at halftime, after scoring 29 in the first quarter, will not reduce it.

Trouble with a foul carried over into the extra period when Booker and Ayton were hit by offensive fouls.

Poor shooting from deep (32.7%). Turn (20). The three throw a mismatch (Suns 13 FTA, Pistons 27 FTA).

The suns are losing.


It was a back-to-back game, with the next game taking place tomorrow night against the Indiana Pacers.

Domantas Sabonis was impressive this season and his average of 20.8 points, 11.4 rebounds, 6.4 assists at 57.7% shooting will be challenging. The Pacers are currently 6-2. Their only losses are for the Boston Celtics and the (surprisingly) spicy New York Knickerbockers.

See you tomorrow night Suns fans.

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