After hinting at it last year, Facebook has finally given its users the ability to hide certain sections of the top bar of the navigation bar, as well as the option to exclude notification points. The new feature called shortcuts is gradually being introduced to Android users in the coming weeks.

When Facebook initially announced the benefits of customizing the navigation bar last year, they sounded helpful. In theory, the app was supposed to analyze your behavior and show only relevant and useful sections – a minimum of four (News, Notifications, Menu, Watch) up to a maximum of six. In fact, the bar is often used as a substitute for Facebook to promote its own own features such as the Marketplace. To make matters worse, the constant presence of red dots often diverts people's attention away from their personal announcements and to time-consuming group broadcasts and wall-to-wall publications.

With the new Quick Classes bar customization option, you can now get rid of most sections, such as News, Today, Events, Groups, Profile, Friend Queries, Games, Dating, Watching and Market. Alternatively, you can choose to keep tabs, but only keep the notification points silent.

Removing tabs from the shortcut bar or turning off only the notification points is easy: touch and hold an item shortcut, then make a selection when a menu appears, such as on the screen above. Alternatively, you can touch the three-line icon More Settings and Privacy> Settings> Shortcuts menu and switch from tabs from there.

In response to a request from TechCrunch, Facebook said that this feature should end with the deployment of all Android users in the coming weeks.