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Finally, Microsoft builds a removable surface laptop

iFixit has completed the firing of the new 15-inch surface laptop powered by Ryzen, by Microsoft, and – to everyone's surprise, many, including iFixit – the tear-off does not permanently break anything.

When the iFixit people demolished the first Microsoft Surface Laptop, they did little more than remove the rubber feet, The whole thing turned out to be a giant bundle of glue, fabric, spot welding and hatred that earned the original surface a "perfect" 10/10 repairability, right next to Apple's AirPods (which would never happen most people try e but try to disassemble).

  In case you were not sure, this was the dawn that shared a 0/10 rating with the original Surface laptop.
Click to enlarge / In case you were not sure, this was the dawn that shared a 0/10 result with the original Surface laptop.


This year 15 "Surface Laptop 3 is a completely different story. Not completely different – but there is definitely a big change in heart. There are still some nasty bits to the design of the Surface Laptop 3 – in particular, the battery is also a bear that can be pulled out safely – but the iFixit crew managed to get all the stuff disassembled into its components with a minimum of blood and a curse. Better yet, iFixit left it in proper condition to be reassembled. [19659005] The three images in our gallery tell the most impressive piece of treasure history even though the 15 "surface 3 laptops are no thicker or less elegant than the original surface, the Spudger and Torx driver is all that is needed to separate the back and front panels completely. What we really liked was the use of magnets from Microsoft to keep the keyboard / dash seam tightly connected without rattles.

We are not an iFixit crew, but when we need to disassemble significantly thicker laptops for repair, more than a few nasty little plastic lock tabs have broken along the way, leaving the laptop constantly a little hectic and dirty when carefully checked. Using magnets for the same purpose at Microsoft not only means that there are no more broken tabs, it also means no ugly, tense, adrenaline-filled moments when you wonder if a little more pressure on the spigot means that the seams finally split, or if it means you will crack a panel and destroy it.

Removed after all

The Surface M.2 SSD is visible as soon as the keyboard is removed, which is a sure blessing. On the one hand, it's a standard interface and a standard part that can be easily removed after pulling another Torx screw. Microsoft, on the other hand, has labeled it "fixed," so actually scratch that as the company quietly updates its description. Now it finally reads "rolling." So consumers (or third party repair shops) should be able to replace the OEM drive with a larger and faster one if necessary.

The battery was the largest true point of entry into the dawn – the stump was not intended – as its connector. is nailed under the board and the whole thing is glued down. Although iFixit has managed to remove the battery relatively cleanly, the success of your local computer may vary. In addition to the battery, the keypad is attached to the cover, which means that the front cover and keypad must be replaced as one. In the meantime, some non-modular cables here and there can easily be damaged if your fingers are not skillful enough.

Overall, the 15 "Surface Laptop 3 earned a rating of 5/10 by iFixit. This may seem like a slight praise on an absolute scale – but this is a serious twist on the original Surface, which PC repair shops have long advised people is" wonderful laptop while it works, but it's literally rubbish if something breaks. "

Sheet image from iFixit

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