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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Choice for Dialogue, Implications, and Walkthroughs / Walkthrough

This guide will contain some spoilers. The Fire Emblem is the support system, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses expands the system through several dialog choices during the game.

As you progress in the game, Byleth will be able to answer different hints during the game. Several of these prompts are accompanied by a support benefit from the character that Byleth talks about.

As a note, this guide will contain some minor spoilers in the dialogue.

How to use this guide

  • Dialog selection is formatted ()
  • Several dialog choices do not affect support levels and these choices are not shown in this guide. If you come across a game selection dialog that is not shown in the list below, then the choice does not matter.
  • Displaying the number of the month is the calendar month of the Folddays calendar. For example, you start the game in calendar month 4.

This guide is underway and is currently completed through Edelgard's routes and through Dimitri. However, many of the dialogue choices are similar before the game. As the management is in progress, please be patient as we smooth out the gaps and mistakes.

Beginning of the game ̵
1; before the first day of the study

In the beginning you will choose a name, select a male or female Byleth, and answer Sothis questions for your birthday and if you are a ghost, a demon or a mortal. After the first battle, when we talk to Sothis:

  • Sothis – am I less of a child?
  • Alois – I'm a bandit
  • Edelgard – I did not know he was a captain
  • Choosing a house, this house leader gets affinity . (This is not where you actually choose a house)

After reaching Garreg Mach:

  • Rhea – My name is ..
  • Manuela – Are you a singer?

] 4/23 Study

You do not have access to the entire monastery yet. You have to talk to the three home leaders to develop the story, but you can also meet the other classes.

After talking to the three class leaders, you choose your house for good. / 27 Exploration

You do not have access to the entire monastery yet. There are several quests that introduce you to fishing, gardening and cafeteria. You can talk to other students and lecturers, and sometimes they will ask a question. Choose the answer shown below to get affinity with this person.

To finish the month, you need to complete the "Share Bite" quest.

Choosing Dialog for Study

  • Caspar – No Accident
  • Lysithea – Do You Love To Read?
  • Flayn – It's a shame
  • Felix – I'd like to argue with you
  • Lynhard – Now I'm also sleepy [19659007] Cyril – Can not we talk a bit?
  • Ash – You look well informed on the subject
  • Manuela – just talk to her
  • Hahnemann – Put a drop of blood on the comb in four

Month of plot 4

will have storyline content, usually with a battle with history. During the dialog, select this affinity option. If you get a choice during a game that is not listed here, it does not matter what you choose.

5/11 Study Day

  • Note: From now on, for each month, we will indicate the first date available as Study Day. While you can explore on different days or more than once a month, the choices of dialogue and blue pickups are only upgraded at the beginning of each month. In other words, if you explore a second time in a month, there will be no new dialogues or blue pickups.
  • The northern cathedral district opens on that day, which currently has a choir. The area of ​​the training ground also opens north of the Billet Room. The market also opens to the south.
  • You can start to find Blue pickpockets around the monastery. Do not forget to look for these things, as they can be useful things or help you to become a professor. New ones appear every month. Blue Profit Profit Profiles can not be missed forever. If you do not get it, it will show up next month.
  • Use amiibo if you have one.
  • Note for Byleth Supports: Byleth support works differently. When you reach a new level of support with a symbol and noted in the menu, you should physically look for the map dialog box icon to initiate the support call instead of using the menu as with any other support.
  • During this month, you will not have a choice in what you do every day off. You'll see on 5/11, battle on 5/18 and a 5/25 seminar.
  • Alois – Good Luck
  • Bernadette – Hey, what makes this cake here
  • Dorothea – male Byleth must choose "I'll tell Manuela," Byleth woman choose "Let's look"
  • Annette – Sweet
  • Petra – Cold
  • Ferdinand – 19659007] Ignaz – I love books / you can teach so many books
  • Rhea – About the teachings of Seiros
  • Jeritza – 19659011] <After the Battle: Red

    Sotis – I remember that it was a quiet place -> surprised me

  • Edelgard – I Made -> Culture Has Long Been Terrified
    Dimitri – Love of a Puppy?
    Claude – actually ..

  • Rhea – I will do all I can

6/8 Study Day

  • objects appear as blue pickups. If you miss the Lost Item, it should appear next month. They are listed in this guide based on their appearance, but we also have a complete, separate guide to lost items, which is in alphabetical order. there, a stable area, a knight's hall.
  • Questions bring Battalion Guild, advice box, lost items, gifts, and teaching.

Sothis – I had to listen more carefully ( she was found in your private rooms

  • )
    • Leonard – You Really Want to Bring The Money,
    • you are busy there is no alternative
    • Seteth – No (Note: In some cases the choice "Actually …" may be correct)
    • Sylvain – saw him on the training ground [Icametoseethehorses
    • Lorenz – agree
    • Ignatz – Do you like art? The choice does not matter The choice does not matter The choice does not matter The selection does not matter ])
    • Annette – I hope you find someone you are looking for. (19459005) The only lion's house )

    Lost elements

    Always located as blue points around the monastery. They are usually easy to find, so we do not specifically list where you find them, by simply noticing what we had at that time. A common place we found could be hardly noticeable within the open cathedral area between the alternative and the seats. Keep in mind that lost items can not be missed forever because they will only show up next month if you can not pick them up.

    Edelgard – agree ( Black Eagle House only )

  • Rhea – We Will not Let It

After the Beginning of the Next Month: 19659038] 7/6 Exploration Day

The first tournament opens this month. A search that leads to tea time options opens too. Catherine and Shamir are already available for faculty training and support. Catherine can not be appointed if you are in the Black Eagle's house.

Choosing an Exploratory Dialogue

  • Sotis – Do You Know Anything?
  • Shamir – And he was thinking of the enemy's goals
  • Rafael – Maybe you are right
  • Marian – We know only a small part of this world
  • Seteth – Did you meet any danger?
  • Petra – I'm glad you survived
  • Hubert – Of course not
  • Ashe – Pull together
  • Catherine – Dare to try 19659007] Rhea – , not Dorothea – It's different if it's someone you know who's been lost. (19459005) Anette – Good Thinking ( Only Blue Lion House Black Eagle House Only ]]
  • Lysithea – Some things are more important than this (only for the Golden Deer House)

Lost objects

  • Thunderbrand replica – Caspar
  • ] The Secret Notebook – Alois
  • Graduation Badge – Catherine
  • Artificial Flower – Lorenz
  • Tea Bag – Ferdinand
  • Eagle House ])
  • Gold Earring – The opportunity to give gifts to Hilda on the Blue Lion route will not appear until the calendar month 3 ) [19659021] Month of Plot 7

    Note: This is the first of a minimum of three chancs to get Dark Seal, depending on the route you are in. You'll probably have to turn your fastest character into a thief to steal it. You can use a mastered monk to download back after theft to get the thief out of the way of the damage or steal just before completing the map. [19659903] 8/10 Exploration

    • This month there are quests that open up the functionality of the statues and the forge.
    • The search "Clear the road" leads to new shops in the monastery. These shops sell gifts and bait
    • Gilbert now in the faculty teaching monastery.

    Choosing a Study Dialogue

    • Bernadetta – I'll take your word for it.
    • Manuela – I'll protect them
    • Gilbert – it's a pleasure to meet you. 19659007] We can not afford to be the stolen relic of a hero
    • Rafael – I'm not sure
    • Hilda – I believe so
    • Lynhard – They do not
    • I know
    • Seteth – No problems
    • Felix – I have ( Blue Lion House just not sure if Rodrigue's answer is related to the question Dimitri – ]
      • Lost Objects
        • Needle and Thread – Bernadette
        • Exotic Feather – Petra
        • Unused Lipstick – Sylvain
        • Encyclopedia of Sweet
        • [edit] Art Bo ok – Ignatz
        • Portrait of Rea – Cyril ( This Item is located at the end of the second floor in the dormitory )

        Month of the plot 8

        • Reea – Yes of course
        • Claude – He does not have to answer house only, take this or a country with Edelgard)
          Edelgard – I would also like to hear this [Златна еленска къща, вземи този или страничен с Клод]
        • Claude – If It's a Noble Dream House only, no no choose other (Checked At First Look Blue Lion House)

        After the beginning of the new month:

        9/7 Day of study

        • You may start receiving Paralysis this month. Parallages are extra battles that have specific character (s) and often reward with unique items and battalions. The parallels that become available depend on your chosen home and which units you have hired.
        • The southern and eastern stores are opening if you've been here since last month. Now you can buy things like bait, seeds, tea, gifts.
        • Shamir is now available for faculty teaching, recruitment and gifts / lost articles
        • Cyril can be hired on Blue Lions Road.
        • the room will end the month, the game will warn you about it. Make sure you do not do this until you do everything you want.

        Choosing a Study Dialogue

        Some of these choices are part of the basic (red icon) questline. Talk to your home leader to get the first search, and sometimes you may need to talk about the progress of the search before opening a conversation option.

        • Ferdinand – Maybe she went looking for treats?
        • Lorentz – It's possible
        • Catherine – I heard it goes out every night
        • Mercedes – She must have been
        • Ignaz – Do you think it will be easily deceived?
        • Hahnemann – is her coat rare enough to justify her kidnapping?
        • Annette – We can not exclude it
        • Rye – We fill it together
        • Ash – Then it may be the same culprit
        • I find, swear
        • Tomas – choice does not matter
        • Gilbert – ] choice does not matter The choice does not matter

        Lost articles

        • Antique clip – 19659007] Селскостопанско п Ferdinand
        • The Hidden Object – Hilda [ The Hidden Hawk's Gift of the Blue Lions Will Not Appear By The Calendar Month
        • Hanneman
        • – Ashe
        • How to Bake Sweets – Mercedes
        • Silver Necklace – Gilbert
        • Silver Brooch – Dorothea

        This battle is the second of a minimum tr and the chance to get Dark Seal. Again, the best option is a quick thief.

        • Dimitri – So? [19659907] This is a fabulous idea
        • Seteth – I'd love
        • Jeralt – Do not say such things

        After the new month begins:

        • Edelgard – NO choose "Can not remember" (19459005]

          DOL – [T] ". ( Support )

        • Dimitri – Most of all I remember our holiday. (19459005) Manuela (when talking to your home's leader) – In this case I have to sit [19659007] Just a blue house – I'm not sure if there is an equivalent option for other houses Hanneman (when talking to Manuela) – This does not seem fair …

        10/5 Exploration

        The tournament for the fishing tournament this month is a bit strange, so let me help you.

        You want to do is to catch the five-star herring, then talk to all the other students, but not with Flynn and leave Flein for the last time. The reason for this is that the fish will beat all other students and they will give you insignificant prizes. Then, talk to Flaine, he'll finish the search and give you the search prize. If you first talk to Flayn, you will miss the insignificant prizes.

        Note: You may need to grab the 5-star huge Fodlan Carp to "beat" the other students.

      • Hilda – Now that you mentioned it
      • Hubert – I'm not interested in prizes
      • Bernadetta – I do not think noblemen have the right to watch
      • Cyril – Do you want to travel around Fodlan someday? 19659007] Gilbert – Are you good at fishing?
      • Alois – Maybe the fish are frightened of you
      • Marian – Do not you want to participate
      • Dorothea – many The answer may depend on whether she was appointed (19659007) Lynhard – This is what is
      • Sylvan – I'm sure they look a bit down
      • Hanneman – You have to give up
      • Manuela – I'll help you get revenge
      • Rhea – It'll be hard
      • Leonie – No, I'm not king
      • Jeralt – The choice does not matter

      hemp – Shamir

    • Small Teddy Hair – Petra
    • Jousting Almanac – Ingrid
    • Letter to Rea – Catherine
    • Black Iron – Felix
    • The Black Eagle House )

      The Tragedy of Hereself – Hubert ( Black Eagle House Only )

    Who Should Get Affinity Up?

    • getting closer to this leader you own or otherwise.
    • Edelgard – We will celebrate our victory. Only the House of the Black Eagle? )
    • Edelgard – Am I this person?
      Dimitri – We all did our part.

    After the beginning of the new month 11:

    • Manuela – This is good of you
    • Jeralt – I have a little dizziness

    After the first day of the lecture Black Eagle:

    • Hubert – They are
    • Edelgard – I do not

    The Way of the Blue Lions:

    • Dimitri – So you and Edelgard.
    • Sotis – That's why he was worried about her. -> In The Library

    11/9 Exploration

    • There are two quests in which you have to choose between Catherine and Shamir. Support who you choose.
    • You can find the gift item Crestological Mysteries Gift. This starts trading search. Можете просто да следвате иконите на картата, за да я изпълните лесно.
    • Можете да набирате Мануела и Ханеман през този месец.

    Избор на диалог за изследване

    • Сотис – аз съм
    • Бернадета – Не, не си
    • Каспар – Изборът няма значение
    • Алоис – Време е да се откаже
    • Аш – Чувал съм, че не е обикновена болест
    • Гилбърт – НЕ изберете Наказание от богинята Подкрепете, ако го правите )
    • Флайн – Колко отдавна?
    • Рафаел – Времето лекува всички рани
    • Lysithea – аз ще се справя
    • Lorenz – Нищо
    • Джералт и Леони – Все още малко нестабилно
    • Рея – аз не
    • Еделгард – Аз съм ( Само в Черно Орли )
    • Dedue – Както си спомням. ( Само за сини лъвове )

    Изгубени предмети

    • Светиите разкрити – Linhardt
    • Незавършена басня – Seteth
    • Добре използвана шапчица – Кирил
    • Снимка – Бернадета
    • Плакат на певицата – Доротея
    • Сгъстено любовно писмо – Силвен
    • Плодови консерви – Мерседес
    • Трактат за етикета – Лоренц
    • Сурова стрела – Леони
    • Enbarr – Flayn
    • Чиста кърпа за прах – Manuela
    • Чуждестранна стара монета – Alois

    Месец на сюжета 11

    Това е третата от трите битки за получаване на тъмен печат.

    Забележка: Изборът, даден от императора на пламъка, не засяга нищо, въпреки че изглежда като важен избор.

    • Димитри – почувствах същото ( Син лъв само маршрут )
    • Димитри – Не избирайте "Императорът на пламъка каза, че не е въвлечен." ( Път само за сини лъвове, Подкрепа надолу )
    • Рея – Те трябва да бъдат спряни.
    • Рея – НЕ изберете „Никога не бях чувал име на богинята &#39;( Подкрепа надолу )

    12/7 Exploration

    • Един от рицарите близо до пазара задава въпрос, по който можете да изберете партньор. Това трябва да бъде човекът, който срещне Byleth след топката, и шанс за подкрепа нагоре.

    • Посещението "Купата на белите чапли" в крайна сметка отключва класа Танцьор на победителя. Говорете с Rhea, за да приемете търсенето, след това говорете с един от вашите ученици, за да изберете вашия участник. Рейтингът Cha е това, което търсите. След като изберете ученик, можете да говорите с Manuela, за да видите изискването на Cha (за нас това беше 13). Можете да дадете специален урок по танци на участника си, за да повиши своя Ча до 5 безплатно. Макар че не сме тествали напълно лимитите, докато Cha на персонажа ви е над 13, трябва да спечелите конкурса. Обърнете внимание, че класът Танцьорка е класа на меча и магията, така че може да искате да изберете и някой с достойни меч или магически умения. Същинското състезание ще се проведе след втория ден на лекцията. Победителят също получава способността за Меча Аво + 20 и Танцов бой с меч.

    • Fistfuls of Fish е голямо събитие, за да се възползвате. Можете да получите няколко риби на стръв, и всяка риба дава някакъв професор ниво EXP.

    Избор на диалог за изследване

    • Алоис – това е чудесна история
    • Гилбърт – дори учениците

    Изгубени предмети

    • Книга за призрачните истории – Mercedes
    • Незавършен резултат – Annette
    • Син камък – Игнац
    • Тъкан от обектив – Ханеман
    • Амулет на злото – аш
    • Кукла на принцеса – лизита
    • Стара въдица – Seteth
    • Карвинг чук – Гилбърт
    • Картина със стоножка – Шамир [19659007] Сгъваема бръснач – Хюбърт ( Само къщата на черния орел )
    • Анимирана стръв – Линхардт
    • Голяма лъжица – Рафаел
    • Стара кърп а за почистване – Кирил


    След топката

    • Сотис – Трудно е
    • Димитри – Кама? ( Маршрут само на сини лъвове )

    Някой ще се срещне с вас тук в кулата Богиня. Това трябва да бъде лицето, което сте избрали, когато говорите с войника в Месец 12. Изборът тук може да придобие афинитет с някои герои.

    • Сотис – Нашите врагове ще платят ( не могат да дадат всеки път? )
    • Алоис – бях? ( Маршрут Black Eagles only )

    След началото на следващия месец:

    1/4 Exploration

    • Рицарите не са около този месец, така че няма да бъдат на разположение за подаръци или обучение. 19659049] Избор на проучвателен диалог
      • Sothis – изборът няма значение
      • Петра / Фердинанд – изберете „Може да се върнете у дома, ако желаете, за„ Фердинанд ”, или„ Не е нужно да напускате
      • Анет / Мерцедес – изберете "Благодаря ви за мисълта" за Мерцедес, или "Аз съм добре" за Анет.
      • Феликс / Силвен – Би било жалко ако бяхме нападнати. ( за разлика от останалите обсъждания в тази глава, другата опция не дава поддръжка )
      • Lysithea – Ние трябва да бъдем внимателни
      • Bernadetta – Благодаря ви
      • Ignatz – Въпреки, че сте уплашени, натиснете през
      • Manuela – ще слушам

      Загубени предмети

      • Pegasus Horseshoes – Ingrid
      • Чанта със семена – Marianne
      • Закопчалка за коса – Hilda ( Пътят на сините лъвове няма да се появи до Календарния месец 3 )
      • Безличен куклен – Гилбърт ( трябва да изчака да даде следващия месец )
      • Въведение в магията – Алоис ( да изчака е да дадем следващия месец )
      • Изветрял наметало – Катрин ( трябва да изчакаме да дадем следващия месец )
      • Прекрасен гребен – Доротея
      • Само сини лъвове )
      • Назъбена кама – Феликс
      • Писмо до богинята – Игнац
      • Шал от козина – Леони 007] Пиърс със закъснял писмен вид – Seteth
      • Светло пурпурен воал – Manuela
      • Източен порцелан – Edelgard ( Маршрут Black Eagle Route )
      • Дневник за обучение – Dimitri (само за Blue Lions Route)
      • Животните костни зарове – Шамир ( трябва да почакат за следващия месец )
      • Дъст книга на басни – Флейн

      Сюжет Месец 1

      След началото на новия месец 2

      2/8 Exploration


      Къща Еделгард / Черно орел Забележка: Имаме много важно събитие този месец, ако се присъедините към къщата на Черния орел. Маршрутът на Еделгард има точка на разклонение, и тук започва. В крайна сметка избирате своя съюз между Еделгард или манастира. Тези имена на маршрути се наричат ​​Crimson Flower (Edelgard&#39;s Route) и Silver Snow (манастирски маршрут)

      Когато говорите с Edelgard, веднага ще направите Избор, който „ драстично ще промени историята “, ясно съобщение от играта.

      Ако решите да отидете с Еделгард, веднага ще приключите с останалата част от Деня на изследванията и ще пропуснете следващия ден на лекцията. Вие трябва да направите това, за да направите въпреки че все още не сте заключени в този маршрут.

      Ако решите да останете в манастира, вие сте заключени в

      • Може да наеме Алоис този месец.

      Избор на диалог за изследване

      • Димитри / Отговор – Трябва да си починете
      • Рафаел – промених се доста
      • Аш – не знам нито
      • Петра – Може би
      • Шамир – Различен ли е светът извън Фалдън?
      • Гилбърт – Къде трябваше да си бил?
      • Кирил – Това би било вълнуващо, нали?
      • Lysithea – Не се притеснявайте, аз съм добре
      • Caspar – Опитай се да ме настигнеш
      • Sylvain – Не е ли странно?
      • Annette – Това е само моят външен вид, който се е променил.
      • Lorenz – е моето намерение
      • Dorothea – Не знам какво да кажа на това
      • Rhea – Благодаря

      Загубени предмети

      • Поддържащо масло – Фердинанд
      • Moon Knight&#39;s Tale – Ashe [|-Bernadetta( този е на върха на звездите близо до гробовете и може да бъде трудно забележимо )

      Сюжет Месец 2

      Преди битката:


      Къща Еделгард / Черно орел Забележка: След тази битка в крайна сметка избирате кой маршрут ще продължите, или . ] За да отидете на трябва да изберете „Защита на Еделгард“ тук. Тази опция е достъпна само за ако сте отишли ​​с нея в Империята по време на изследването на месец 2.

      За да отидете на трябва да изберете или "Kill Edelgard" или "…".

      Ако сте в клас "Син лъв", ще отидете в .

      Изборът напред оттук нататък е, ако сте на пътеката Crimson Flower (път Еделгард).

      3/30 Exploration

      • Можете да си купите майсторски печати в магазина тук.

      Избор на диалог за проучване

      • Доротея – Ние няма да загубим.
      • Еделгард – Трябва да опитаме.

      Месец на сюжета 3

      Забележка: Ние не вярваме, че героите, които умират в тази битка от двете страни, ще имат някакво голямо влияние върху историята.

      Edelgard Route Time Skip

      12/28 Exploration

      Еделгард автоматично печели своя клас „Брониран лорд“.

    • Всички единици получават 1 ниво. Нивата на уменията остават същите.
    • Всички оръжия, пренасяни от единици, се поправят
    • Персоналната способност на Еделгард се обновява до Imperial Lineage +, което добавя бонус Res + 4, ако тя чака без действие в завой. към ръководството на професора +, което добавя +2 към нанесената вреда. [това може да се е променило по-рано, когато Byleth придоби клас Enlightened One]
    • Edelgard автоматично получава Aymr ax.
    • Всички други пари и елементи са същите, както преди времената.
    • Можете да съберете растенията, които сте поставили 5 преди години (хаха)
    • Сега можете да отидете на третия етаж, въпреки че там обикновено няма нищо. Можете също да влезете в стаята на кардинала на 2F.
    • Вашите налични знаци, с които да говорите, ще зависят от това кой сте наели преди времената. 19659049] Избор на диалог за изследване
      • Еделгард – Изборът няма значение
      • Линхард – сутрин … дрямка?
      • Каспар – разчитам на теб.
      • Ханеман (ако е нает) – Можем да говорим за това.
      • Леони (ако се наеме) – Обещай?
      • Феликс (ако е нает) – Ти си прав
      • Анет (ако се наеме)

      Месец на сюжета 12

      Няма значение.

      1/4 Изследване

      • Ладислава може да се появи тук, но не можеш да направиш нищо с нея
      • За търсенето &#39;Floral Tribute&#39;, вие намирате цвете близо до оранжерията като пикап. You don’t use normal flower gifts.

      Exploration Dialogue Choices

      • Petra – That’s part of your charm.
      • Dorothea – I don’t think so
      • Ferdinand – Like what if I had turned against the Empire?
      • Alois (if recruited) – No.
      • Ignatz (if recruited) – Are you feeling conflicted?
      • Shamir (if recruited) – I have no desire to kill them, but…
      • Lorenz (if recruited) – Will he put up a hard fight?
      • Sylvain (if recruited) – Maybe once the war is over…
      • Marianne (if recruited) – The way he sees it, we can’t both exist.

      Month 1 Storyline

      No support choices. By this point you should have high level supports with your primary characters, anyway.

      2/8 Exploration

      • The quest “The Secret Shop” opens up Anna’s shop, which holds Master Seals, stat up items, and accessories.

      Exploration Dialogue Choices

      • Bernadetta – Isn’t that a little pessimistic?
      • Caspar – You should study more.
      • Linhardt – Your research will find something.
      • Edelgard – Understood.
      • Hanneman (if recruited) – We should mourn his death.
      • Leonie (if recruited) – I still hesitate.
      • Manuela (if recruited) – Sometimes it can be better to retreat
      • Sylvain (if recruited) – Maybe there is
      • Ignatz (if recruited) – Why not paint a picture?
      • Felix (if recruited) – I’m counting on you.

      Month 2 Storyline

      No Support choices.

      3/8 Exploration

      • Fistfuls of Fish the next week here if you need Professor Level.
      • Edelgard e arns the Emperor Cl ass.
      • There is a quest here that unlocks the Dark Merchant shop – &#39;Taking care of Business&#39;.

      Exploration Dialogue Choices

      • Ferdinand – Kings can’t be emotional?
      • Petra – Because it’s like hunting?
      • Dorothea – We’ll make it through together.
      • Sylvain (If recruited) – He wasn’t like that before?
      • Alois (if recruited) – How about you go fishing?
      • Shamir (if recruited) – You seem fine
      • Ignatz (if recruited) – Bravo. You put on a good show.
      • Mercedes (if recruited) – The church?
      • Lorenz (if recruited) – Were you an exchange student?

      • Edelgard – It was
      • Hubert – The same thing happened in the past?

      After the new month starts

      • Edelgard – I will protect you

      4/5 Exploration

      This is the last exploration month, After the last free day, you get to choose a person you love. This is your S support, and you&#39;ll get a scene with this character right before the credits.

      Exploration Dialogue Choices

      • Petra – Only you can answer that
      • Ferdinand – You’ve really grown up
      • Caspar – Let’s head to the Kingdom’s Capital!
      • Bernadetta – You’re doing just fine.
      • Dorothea – For now, just trust in me.
      • Linhardt – We’re far from safe ourselves
      • Edelgard – I’ll do what I can
      • Manuela {if recruited) – You aren’t married yet?
      • Leonie (if recruited) – Not a chance.
      • Ignatz (if recruited) – Let’s stay calm and focus on the battle.
      • Lorenz (if recruited) – Disappointed in the nobility?
      • Shamir (if recruited) – Catherine?
      • Mercedes (if recruited) – Are you ready to face this?
      • Lysithea (if recruited) – It’s hard to say
      • Annette (if recruited) – I’m counting on you.
      • Marianne (if recruited) – What are you praying for?[19659086]


        3/1 Exploration

        • After choosing to side with the Monastery. Cyril, Seteth, Catherine join automatically.

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Leonie – Her ideals are in conflict with yours.
        • Dedue – You’re truly alright with that?
        • Annette/Ashe – Everything will be alright.
        • Dorothea – Us or her, you mean?
        • Sylvain – I have no idea.
        • Marianne – We can’t win if you run.
        • Alois – I’m depending on you.
        • Rhea – I will try.
        • Flayn – Choice doesn’t matter.
        • Bernadetta – Choice doesn’t matter.

        Storyline Month 3

        Extra (4th) chance to get Dark Seal here.

        Monastery Route Timeskip

        None of the dialogue choices matter up to the battle.

        After the new Month starts and everyone is reunited at the monastery.

        1/4 Exploration

        Timeskip notes:

        • All units gain 1 level. Skill levels stay the same.
        • All weapons carried by units are repaired
        • Byleth’s Personal Ability upgrades to Professor’s Guidance+, which adds +2 to damage dealt. (this might have changed earlier when Byleth gained the Enlightened One class)
        • All other money and items are the same as before the timeskip.
        • You can harvest the plants you placed 5 years ago (lol)
        • You can go up to the third floor now, though there is usually nothing there. You can also enter the Cardinal’s room on 2F.
        • Your available characters to speak with will depend on who you recruited before the timeskip.

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Bernadetta – Hear what?
        • Catherine – That’s fine.
        • Ferdinand – We’ll find out soon enough.
        • Seteth – We’ll do whatever we can to find her.
        • Alois (If recruited?) – Right, the promise.
        • Hanneman (If recruited) – We can talk about that.
        • Felix (if recruited) – Let’s forge ahead.
        • Lysithea (if recruited) – I didn’t do anything.
        • Mercedes (if recruited) – choice doesn’t matter.

        Month 1 Storyline

        After new month starts:

        2/8 Exploration

        • The quest “The Secret Shop” opens up Anna’s shop, which holds Master Seals, stat up items, and accessories.

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Cyril – Do you need any help?
        • Petra – That’ s part of your char m.
        • Caspar – You’re very resolute.
        • Flayn – It’s true – it’s just like it was all those years ago.
        • Shamir (if recruited) – All right, I will.
        • Ignatz (if recruited) – It sounds painful.
        • Sylvain (if recruited) – Why not?
        • Leonie (if recruited) – Call me by my name.
        • Marianne (if recruited) – Something wrong?
        • Mercedes (if recruited) – choice doesn’t matter

        Month 2 Storyline

        3/8 Exploration

        • There is a quest here that unlocks the Dark Merchant shop – &#39;Taking care of Business&#39;.

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Bernadetta – Isn’t that a little pessimistic?
        • Catherine – Is it different in the Kingdom and Empire?
        • Ferdinand – Someday we’ll take it back
        • Linhardt – Probably.
        • Flayn – Did she act similar?
        • Dorothea – I wouldn’t blame you.
        • Cyril – Choice doesn t matter .
        • Manuela (If recruited) -Yes.
        • Marianne (if recruited) – Yes, and it’ll likely happen again.
        • Annette (if recruited) – During the Battle of the Eagle and Lion?

        Month 3 Storyline

        After new month starts:

        5/3 Exploration

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Bernadetta – It’s going to be tough
        • Petra – Because it’s like hunting?
        • Dorothea – Though actors die, the show goes on?
        • Ferdinand – Don’t leaders have feelings, like everyone else?
        • Cyril – You could find our targets quicker than anyone.
        • Hanneman (if recruited) – The Stubborn Old General
        • Alois (if recruited) – That’s a bad pun
        • Lorenz (if recruited) – Guess we’ll find out.
        • Ashe (if recruited) – Don’t believe everything you hear.
        • Sylvain (if recruited) – You might be right

        Month 5 Storyline

        6/7 Exploration[1 9659562]Ex ploration Dialogue Choices

        • Caspar – It sounds like you’re scared.
        • Catherine – Probably.
        • Cyril – We’ll meet her for sure.
        • Seteth – I am.
        • Leonie (if recruited) – I think you’re right.
        • Lysithea (if recruited) – I don’t know.
        • Marianne (if recruited) – That might be the case.
        • Sylvain (if recruited) – We’ll get through this together.

        Month 6 Storyline 

        7/5 Exploration

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Bernadetta – How about we exile him?
        • Shamir (if recruited) – Please stay with us a little longer.
        • Alois (if recruited) – Let’s not celebrate just yet.
        • Lorene (if recruited) – Aren’t you frightened?
        • Sylvain (if recruited) – Even so…
        • Leonie (if recruited) – You’re not scared?
        • Ignatz (if recruited) – Beasts?

        • This is the last exploration month. After the last free day, you get to choose a person you love. This is your S support, and you&#39;ll get a scene with this character right before the credits.

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Berdanetta – Suit yourself.
        • Petra – Same to you.
        • Caspar – Me too.
        • Ferdinand – Thank you.
        • Dorothea – We protected more than we lost.
        • Linhardt – Either would be a hassle.
        • Manuela (if recruited) – There’s still hope.
        • Felix (if recruited) – I’m ore interested in what you’ll do.
        • Shamir (if recruited) – I’m not sure.
        • Annette (if recruited) – I’m sure she’ll be fine.
        • Ignatz (if recruited) – OK
        • Lysithea (if recruited) – No, thank you, Lysithea
        • Sylvain (if recruited) – Don’t “need” anything, but…
        • Marianne (if recruited) – You’ve become quite the optimist
        • Mercedes (if recruited) – That’s the plan.
        • Lorenz (if recruited) – Absolutely.
        • Ashe (if recruited) – Choice doesn’t matter.

        Storyline Month 8


        3/21 Exploration

        • Seteth joins automatically.
        • You can recruit Hilda (CHA + Axe)

        Exploration Dialogue Choices

        • Ignatz – I feel the same.
        • Dedue – You’re truly alright with that?
        • Leonie – Her ideals are in conflict with yours.
        • Dorothea – We will not lose.
        • Sylvain – I have no idea.
        • Marianne – We can’t win if you run.
        • Annette/Ashe – Everything will be alright.
        • Alois – I&#39;m depending on you.
        • Rhea – I will try.
        • Bernadetta – choice doesn&#39;t matter
        • Flayn – choice doesn&#39;t matter

        Storyline Month 3



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