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First 100 days: Media erupts against Vice President Kamala Harris, largely ignoring border inaction

There seems to be a theme for the first 100 days of media coverage of Vice President Kamala Harris. The reports are light on politics, but heavy on fashion, shoes and knitting.

Last month, The Washington Post’s Jura Concius followed Harris to a crochet shop in Alexandria, Virginia, and concluded that the vice president was making crochet cool again. Concius writes that Harris’s confession that she crocheted improved the “cool factor” of the hobby. Crocheters, she writes, now feel as if Harris has given them more “street credit,” and the fiber art community is “a little dizzy.”

Then, last Wednesday, the day of President Biden̵

7;s first address to a joint session of Congress, the New York Times published a report entitled “100 Days of Vice Presidential Style,” entitled “Kamala Harris Doesn’t Want to Talk About Clothes.” Neither did Jill Biden. You can find out why. But many people still want to know what they are wearing. “

The editors retrospectively analyzed Harris’s introductory attire, interpreting that her fashion choices marked a “new dawn for the American fashion industry.”

“Mrs. Harris wore clothes by three different independent black designers, including a purple dress and a coat that combined blue and red,” the Times reported. “It seemed to herald a new era of conscious clothing and a new dawn for the American fashion industry, shaking after four years of an administration that has trampled on all political norms, including the tradition of using their clothes as an expression of patriotic duty. Not to mention the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic with its closures and bankruptcies. “


The Los Angeles Times was ridiculed after announcing in January that it would release the “Covering Kamala Harris” column as “a rhythm dedicated to its historic rise in the White House.” Critics said the Times behaved less like a newspaper and more like a “PR firm” for the Biden administration.

Harris has also graced several magazine covers. Vogue, for example, presents it on the cover of their February 2021 issue.

“We went from invisible because it referred to Melania Trump, to the inevitable with Kamala Harris,” Fox News and Joe Hill’s The Hill told Fox News. “What was hostile to Nicki Haley and Kaylee McEnannis is now hospitable to the First Lady.”

Last week, some media outlets also erupted against Harris, saying it was “normal” for two women to sit behind the president at his address in Congress. CNN took the opportunity to write brilliantly about Harris’ path to the vice presidency and offered to get ahead of the curve after reviewing the president’s agenda.

“Harris, who sat in the hall last year as a California senator, paved the way for becoming one of the president’s top advisers, saying in an exclusive interview last week with CNN’s Dana Bash that she was the last in the hall when Biden “Makes key decisions, including the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.”

The NBC show “TODAY” chose the image of Harris, who hit the elbow of the President of the House of Nancy Pelosi at the general session as his “photo of the week”.

However, as for the border, critics say its silence on the crisis says a lot. Koncha and others are wondering where the negative media coverage is, as it relates to the vice president’s lack of transparency after he refused to hold a press conference after he was appointed President Biden’s border king.

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“Given the crisis, which is now a catastrophe at the border, one would think that the cover of the vice president – who has been in charge of this and has so far failed, by avoiding the most basic steps, when in fact not seeing it first hand or talking to officials on the ground – it wouldn’t be so brilliant, “Koncha said.” But it’s not really a surprise, given how much of the PR and activist role much of our media has taken in broad daylight. ”

Making the same observation of Koncha, critics of the Washington Post’s luminous feature on Harris’s knitting hobby asked the editors, “How’s the line going?”

It seems that in the first 100 days, the media was just as insidious as President Biden.

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