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Flyers 5, Sabers 2: Ryan Hartman really wants you to like him

Hey guys, that's me, or the carved envelope of the man I was. Is any of this worth without Wayne Simmonds? Be honest.

Flyers won tonight and it made me happy until I remember everything about Wayne Simmonds and now I'm sad again. Please allow me some time to mourn.

The Flyers immediately seemed to be quite competent, which is always something worthwhile when it happens. The first line had a fantastic first shift, and Nolan Patrick did not waste time for a penalty in just 36 seconds. Absolutely broken, Buffalo, you are nothing for us.

This is the first game I can remember. I have not seen Wayne Simmonds and yes, I'm inconsolable and I would not want to talk about it once. I'm too fragile. I'm too delicate. In the foreseeable future, everyone will have to talk softly around me and walk in egg shells.

Although they did not manage to get this chance, it would not really matter. A few moments after the end of the power play, my good friend Oscar Lindblom did what he had to do, and put a washer to the right of the door at 2:48. Do you know who else loved doing this? Oh, man. I'm sorry.

Ryan Hartmann apparently wanted to make an expensive first impression on the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center. Maybe he knows what we think, that is, there is no sun without Wayne, and everything is bleak and terrible, and today we all woke up and we had brilliant moments when we could forget that he was gone, then Everything is we rushed back, and we stood in the darkness for what felt like hours staring at the ceiling, reflecting.

Or just designing. However, it is not the question. Hartmann knew that the crowd was physically absent and he was delivering in the form of a monstrous blow to Rasmuss Dalin, who attracted the wrath of the other Sabrins. This is admirable. As a male bird of paradise, which flashes in its beautiful colors and performs a complicated dance, besides a potential partner, it is a stadium filled with Philadelphia.

This will eventually lead to a penalty that is cool. Flyers will go to power again at 4:27. I will skip the boring part of what it is that was not really good, and no one got into it. Maybe they should fix it. Who am I to say it is.

It's great that Flyers can not really get into the power of the game in any sequence, but at least they are able to do so with the same power . Phil Myers's strong effort would be paid off as he managed to get the puck into a dangerous area where Jake Voracek managed to knock him home after a stormy activity on the net. This goal at 7:52 placed Flyers with two and bet Myers to his first NHL point, long overdue.

Nothing good can go on, obviously. Scott Luton would soon be in the hook box at 11:39, and almost as a man's advantage might be a positive thing if the team in question had a competent game of authority. Really smart things. Jack Eichel does what he often likes to do, which seems pretty offensive if he is a little cozy in the face and scores a goal at 12:08. I did not like it, but God does not care what I like, is it? He?

Let's go ahead and give them another game. Why not? Michael Raffle set off to stop at 13:43. The sabers did a good job, but they did not do it, which is great about me, Emily Quaest.

With the remaining 50 seconds, a pair of mature minors will go to Nolan Patrick and Rasmussen Ristolainen. for cutting and gluing, respectively. The period ended with a bunch of rather insignificant 4-on-4 hockey.

I'm missing Wayne Simmonds.

AFTER ONE: 2-1 leaflets, shots 19-6 flyers; Flyers goals scored by Oscar Lindblom (2:48) and Jake Voracek (7:52), goal of Saber by Jack Eichel (12:08)

Would not it be great if Flyers could get a bit of repeat the first period when they went out pretty well immediately? Well, they did not. That would be very fun for me. I would have enjoyed too much of heart and they could not afford that. Almost immediately after the 5th-5th return, Flyers took too many men, punishment at 1:12, and I felt incredibly tired as weight began to press on my shoulders.

Fortunately for my common sense, the swords could not get in here. Our criminal killings have been very bad and are no longer so bad. This is good for the future. Our Future Without Wayne Simmonds. Oh, God …

Flyers did not look very good in the first part of the second, and I guess that's good, but I wish I was not the one who watched him. Brian Elliott did a great job, keeping the boys within one, as there were several times when the goal of the door seemed inevitable. Anyone else, Wayne Simmonds, is missing? Sometimes I still feel his presence, you know? Around the point I was about to call this period boring, the Flyers made me a stupid fool as they like to do. The redirection of the textbook by James van Rimstedk to Robert Hagg's shot from his seat, parked outside the net, would have put Flyers back twice at 15:13. Gathering goals seems to be fun and we have to do it more often.

We also have to stop giving goals from other teams. That's just my opinion, and it is strongly influenced by the fact that Casey Mistralstadt has received one at 17:53, not long after we have mitigated our leadership. Is this really fair for me? Although Shane Gatesberer could not cope with that on the blue line, frankly, the speed of this man was the real culprit for the purpose; he really had nothing to do to catch him as he walked.

Once again we will get some 4-on-4 hockey to finish the game, this time politely to interference. call Jake McCabe and a subsequent punishment for Hartman at 19:39. I guess he's not a good actor. I wonder if Wayne Si …

AFTER SECOND: 3-2 Flyers, pictures 30-22 Flyers; Flyers goal scored by James van Rimsdic (15:13), goal of Sambers, scored by Casey Mittelstadt (17:53)

When you enter the third period with just one goal, you really have to imagine that, it's very important to come out strong, find a way to lengthen your lead, and, uh, just like that, people. Sean Kuturiy's light pass was given to Travis Sanheim, who took advantage of Randall's own screening of Eichhel and scored one of Carter Hutton. Just 47 seconds, and we'll deal with two again. That's the good thing.

I have to say Elliot is playing all night. Both were against this type, which he could not do much to frustrate, and when he was forced to go out, he delivered it quite easily. I'm not convinced he's a long-term option on the Flyers network, though only for the obvious presence of Carter Hart, but he's nothing but sharpening since he came back from his training job and this game.

The Flyers managed to come up with a lot of offensive energy in the third one, making it a good no-tortoise with the lead, as they did in the past. They looked pretty aggressive all night. I still miss Wayne Simmonds

With the remaining three minutes of the game, Sabers brought Hutton to the bench for an additional striker. There is a bold move with an insignificant amount of time. Let's see if he pays.

Ah, that will not be. Seven seconds after the net was emptied, the sabers lost control of the puck and, unfortunately, the closest orange sweater was Claude Girush who runs beyond faith if you are not aware of it. His shot from a distance had a pretty clear trajectory. You just hate seeing this. The Flyers added another pad to their lead at 17:05, and that will do so.

Someone else here thinks about Wayne Simmonds

AFTER THIRD: 5-2 Flyers, pictures 44- 35 flyers; Flyers goal scored by Travis Sanham (0:46) and Claude Giro (17:05)

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