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For the first time, Osof confronted the debate in the Senate of Georgia, the attack went viral

ATLANA – Republican Sen. David Purdue and Democrat nominee John Osof shattered each other on Wednesday night, becoming what are known refrains in their fierce race: Purdue repeatedly accused Osof of supporting radical, socialist policies while Persof struck tackles the coronavirus pandemic and Republicans efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Purdue and Osof met in Savannah for their second debate in the race, which polls say is extremely close. The result could have national implications for which party controls the Senate, with Democrats hoping that Osof could give the party its first U.S. Senate victory in Georgia since 2000.

Their attacks on Wednesday reflected their first debate, as well as advertisements from both sides that covered television in recent months.

“We are in the middle of a severe public health crisis. “It̵

7;s out of control because Washington politicians are downplaying the crisis, ignoring medical science, undermining doctors and scientists who knew what they were doing.” “And Senator David Purdue, in the midst of this health crisis, is still supporting efforts to lift protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions.”

“Right now, we need to get serious about defeating COVID and then drive our economy back. If you leave it to the Democrats, they want to lock us up and keep us locked up, “Perdue replied, before falsely accusing Ossoff of supporting the Green New Deal and social medicine, nor did Ossoff support it.

“He will say and do everything to hide this radical socialist program. “The number one thing that will fail us is the Green New Deal and socialized medicine,” Purdue said.

“There’s a senator with catchphrases again.” But no essence, little truth and no sense of personal responsibility, ‘said Osof.

The Democrat also accused Perdue of being a “crook” in a video that went viral.

Both candidates also argued over Amy Connie Barrett’s recent confirmation before the US Supreme Court, gun laws and criminal justice reform in Wednesday’s debate.

Libertarian Shane Hazel is also on the ballot, raising the potential that Osof and Perdue could go into overtime in the run-off on January 5 – necessary if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote in November.

Hazel, who lags far behind in public opinion polls, said on Twitter that he had not been invited to the WTOC-TV debate.

“If you’re tired of what you see here among politicians, you have a choice,” Hazel told a back-and-forth between Perdue and Osof during their first debate on October 12.

The first debate was held in practice with candidates who joined from separate locations due to the pandemic. Wednesday night’s event was the first debate in which Purdue and Osoff met in person.

Perdue, 70, is a former executive director seeking a second term in the Senate. Osof, 33, heads a media company that investigates crime and corruption for news organizations. Hazel is a Marine veteran and host of a podcast.

The debate was originally scheduled for October 19, but was postponed so that Perdue could return to Washington for a procedural vote on GOP-supported legislation to support the coronavirus.

More than 3.4 million ballots have already been filed in Georgia by Wednesday, according to the secretary of state.

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