Ben Affleck is doing it again. His "Argo" – a fake movie – won the best picture in the Academy Awards. Ang Lee takes the best director for "The Life of Pi" – while Seth McFarlane plays a little naughty in his first Oscar concert. (February 25)

FREDERICK, Md. – A former CIA officer who helped save six US diplomats from Iran in 1980 and was depicted by Ben Affleck in the movie Argo, has died. He was 78.

A family statement and his literary agent confirmed that Antonio Tony Mendes died on Saturday at a life support center in Frederic, Maryland. According to the statement, he suffered from Parkinson's disease.

Specializing in secret operations, Mendes has helped develop the plan that six diplomats who have been hidden have been masked as a Canadian film crew to escape the country against the hostage crisis in Iran. “Argo” won best picture.” width=”180″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

Former CIA Operator Tony Mendes arrives on the red carpet for the Academy's 85th Annual Awards in 2013 “Argo” won best picture.” width=”180″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

Former CIA Operations Director Tony Mendes arrives on the red carpet for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, where Argo won the best picture. The blatant conspiracy – a year-long note of the 52 people held hostage for 444 days – drew the attention of the public to Argos, who won an Oscar for 2013

Mendez, who joined the CIA after his recruitment in 1965, spent his 25-year career working under cover in the Cold War battlefield, including the Soviet Union. Working as a "head of the cloak", Mendez and his workers help secret agents stay secret by creating fake documents and disguising, according to the biography of his first book, The Covermaster; My secret life in the CIA. "

"Tony Mendes was a real American hero, a man of exceptional grace, decency, humility and kindness" Affleck wrote Saturday. "He never looked for the light of his actions, just wanted to serve his country, so I'm so proud to have worked for him and told one of his stories."

The script, based on another Mendes memorial and Oscar winner, was liberally decorated for the big screen . Passing six Americans through the Tehran airport and on an airplane was seamless, Mendes writes. The film features a white bone take-off at the Tehran airport, with Iranian racing teams running behind the airplane on the track.

<img itemprop = "url" src = " /2014/02/20//1392936618000-Argo-DVD2.jpg?width=540&height=405&fit=crop "alt =" Ben Affleck produced, directed and starred as Tony Mendes in Ben Affleck, produced, directed and starring as Tony Mendes at Argo, based on the actual rescue of workers at the US Embassy in Iran in 1980. (Photo: Claire Folger, Warner Bros.)

Nevada Mendes moved to Colorado at the age of 14 , attends the University of Colorado and works for Martin Marieta on the T-T intercontinental According to online biography, he was appointed to the CIA in Denver by blind advertising, and in less than two years the biography says he and his family have moved abroad while Mendes worked in southern and southeast Asia [19659007] His wife, Jonah, is also a former head of disguise at the CIA office for a technical service. They wrote a book about their agency in Moscow in the last days of the Cold War and the romance that led to their marriage after retirement in 1990. Mendes was also a painter. buried at a private ceremony in the Nevada family cemetery


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