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Fortnite Season 8, Week 2 Challenges And How To Deal With Pirate Cannons


New treasure maps give us a great way to get the best equipment.

Epic Games
We are in the second week of Season 8 for the Fortnite Challenge: Battle Royale, and this batch comes with quests that we have seen before, but also some that will send you to new places on the island.

In addition to the regular challenges, there is another thing to keep an eye on in the latest update: Treasure Cards. You will find maps hidden in the trunks and earth prey across the island. When you get one, follow it to where X marks the place, then dig down with your ax to collect a buried treasure with at least one legend. But wait, if the theme is pirates this season, should not we call it booty? Yes, we absolutely must go to get this prey!

If you have not finished the challenges of the past week, go to our season 8, week 1

challenge guide

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Jason Parker / CNET
  • Freeze
    • Step 1: Block Land
    • Apply damage to descending deliveries drops (0/200)
    • 19659011] Visit the most remote northern, southern, eastern and western points of the island
    • ] Step 1: Gain health from apples (0/25)
    • Apply damage to opponents with piratical cannon (0/100)
    • Search the breasts in different names in a coincidence (0/3)

    How to make a stage 1: Land in the block

    This challenge has five stages and you can only get a credit for one so, the best bet here is to concentrate on it for five consecutive matches while doing other challenges. After landing in Block, the next stages are (in order): Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobi Shores and Paradise Palms. Here are where on the map to make it comfortable:


    Jason Parker / CNET

    For this challenge, you'll want to make a large group like Rumble as the fall of supplies comes more often, especially in the second half of the game. Large group regimes will also be safer because half of the island's people are in your team. Thus, as sweat shots in descending balloons will not make you so much the goal.

    How to Get Eliminations in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

    This is a challenge you'll want to attack at the beginning of the week, because that's when most people will land in these places. Here you have a few strategy options: you can just land, pick up weapons and start shooting at any place, or – for a more strategic approach – you can get around, then quickly get into the place and get ready. For this second option, try to grab the couple houses south of Haunted Hills or houses just north east of Salty Springs if you go to this place.

    How to make Stage 1: Get Health from Apples

    is a little more challenging than it seems because you have been hurt to treat yourself with apples. There are plenty of places on the map to find apples (and you'll need 25 healing points), but my favorite places are probably near Lonely Lodge, Retail Row or on a hill southwest of Salty Springs. Phase 2 of the challenge requires you to use campfires to treat 50 points and this includes both those you carry with you and those who are sitting around them. For Stage 3 you'll need to use medkit and cure at least 75 points to complete the challenge.

    How to visit the most remote northern, southern, eastern and western points of the island

    This new challenge could have been harder if Epic had not marked the places for us because it's hard to tell where they were the most remote places. I made a map to give you the locations, but you will need to look for a little indestructible sign to mark the exact place you should visit.


    Do not forget to look for the small characters that will have "N" for the north, "S" for the south and others.

    Jason Parker / CNET

    How to deal with opponents' damage with a pirate cannon

    It's exciting to get a challenge using pirate guns, and while it looks hard on the surface, it may be easier than you think. There are several guns in several places on the map (I tagged them below), but no one is more than the new Lasi Laguna. For this reason, most people are likely to land there and will remember that you only need 100 damage, which is not much. If you focus on it, you should be able to go through it quite quickly.

  • How to look for chests in different names in one match

    For this you will need a chest of three different names to complete the challenge. Large group mode may be the safest, but you can do it in any mode. It is obvious that it will matter how the battle goes, but it is best to find three places that are close together. For example, you can try the Junk Junction to Haunted Hills to Pleasant Park. Another option is Frosty Flights to Polar Peak to Shifty Shafts. The idea is first to go to a coastal town and then to go in, because the storm will soon close.

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