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Four fighters receive deals with UFC, one receives invitation to “TUF”

LAS VEGAS – Certainly not without controversy, but JP Buys (9-2) won the first round over Jacob Silva (6-4).

The race served as Dana White’s Contender Series 36, which aired live on ESPN + from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

Buys was able to quickly take the battle on the floor, showing great speed after being out of balance with a low kick. The download was in the center of the cage, but Buys managed to secure the best position and start looking for options. Bought for a brief consideration of the installation, but had to settle for side controls. Then, when Silva slipped out and seemed to have nearly swung, Buys managed to pull back and irritate his back. Silva resisted with a throw, but Buce locked himself in a throttle with a triangle hand that seemed destined to end the battle ̵

1; if it weren’t for an absolutely ridiculous effort by Silva, who managed to turn around and create a space where it seemed that it simply does not exist.

The problem didn’t stop there, as shoppers locked themselves in a deep guillotine as time went on. With the Buys buying on the neck, Judge Mark Goddard stepped in to get the fight out of the six seconds left in the opening round. With Silva’s face blocked, Goddard’s decision was difficult, though he ultimately adhered, even to Silva’s immediate protest.

Despite the bizarre finale, the Buys got a UFC deal.

In the heavyweight bout, Nick Maximov (6-0) maintained his impeccable perfect record, although he climbed up in a division and faced a 54kg weight mismatch, which made it difficult against Oscar Kota (11-3).

Maximov lost some time to take the action on the floor, immediately shot at the beginning of the race and scored. Eventually, Kota turned to his knees, where Maximov began to unleash blows that they scored. Kota gutted him and managed to get to his feet, then stretched well when Maximov immediately looked to shoot again. Kota failed to do much with the control he secured, but he managed to keep his weight on his enemy next to the bell.

After a pair of traded kicks to start the second, Maximov fired forward. Kota stuffed it, but then, quite surprisingly, decided to back down for the guillotine. He failed and Maximov gladly took the lead. Working as a midfielder for his opponent, Maximov remained busy enough to keep the position with short shots and short jokes at potential positional advances, but always careful to keep his dominant position.

Maximov hammered muscularly in the next download to start the final round, and Kota was lying on his back again. Maximov did his best to try to create a triangle with his hand, but he had to focus on keeping his much bigger opponent trapped on the floor. He was effective, though not necessarily exciting, and Maximov managed to pave the way for victory with a decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 29-28.

UFC President Dana White declined to offer Maximov a UFC contract, but said she would offer him an offer to join The Ultimate Fighter’s upcoming season.

In the straw action, Brazilian Gloria de Paula (5-2) managed to overtake judoka Pauline Macias (4-1) and protect herself from any bad positions on the way to a dominant victory.

It was de Paula with a slippery kick to start, although Macias managed to slip in and grab a clinch early. As he sought to take off, de Paula teased the guillotine, forcing Macias to stop and adjust and throw a slippery little throw on the canvas. However, she failed to take advantage of the position and both zeroed their legs. Once there, de Paula showed an impressive down defense and managed to conclude an attempt to suffocate in front. Macias defended himself well and looked almost bored as a few minutes passed on the clock, but de Paula refused to let go of the throttle, holding it to the bell.

De Paula was again with the fierce blows to start the second, and Macias was looking to get inside. Straight punches and quick kicks came straight from de Paula’s range and she scored with tight elbows and knees. Macias received a shot, but could not keep the battle on the floor, and later the guard withdrew, as de Paula struck several large blows from the dominant position.

Apparently down on the cards, Macias came out, firing hard, but de Paula managed to clinch and direct the action to the fence, pressing his head firmly in the center. With the situation a little at a standstill, de Paula stepped back and grabbed a large elbow as she released. Macias kept looking for downloads that were set aside, and de Paula punished her with blows to all levels while he was on his feet. Macias faded late, but she refused to give up and de Paula had to settle for an impressive victory with a decision, 30-26 on all three cards.

However, the victory was enough to get de Paula a UFC contract.

In a lightweight race between fighters returning to Dana White’s Contender Series, Tucker Lutz (11-1) won his 11th straight victory, scoring a dominant victory in the decision over the undefeated Sherard Blackledge (5-1).

After a brief process of experience that had to begin, the duel moved to the clinch and Blackledge finally scored a short take after a little grinding. Lutz quickly got to his feet, but Blackledge also took every opportunity to work with short punches and elbows. As his knees traded inside, Blackledge landed in the groin and Lutz took a short break. When restarting, Blackledge also kicked his groin and a new timeout followed.

Later in the frame, Lutz had some success with big kicks to the legs before shooting inside and landing the desired retreat. Blackledge briefly irritated the guillotine, but he had to release it and tried to get to his feet, allowing Lutz to retreat before the bell.

They both exchanged sharp blows to open the second, but after Blackledge moved forward and pressed down, Lutz managed to take advantage of the clinch and get out from behind as an action on the canvas. Blackledge turned alert inside and stood, but he failed to make room, and Lutz grabbed a guillotine and fell to the floor. Despite the bad spot, Blackledge was able to get through it and pull free to reset.

Later in the frame, Blackledge managed to drag the action to the canvas. However, Lutz did not stay there long, he got to his feet, where the battle for a grinding clinch lasted until just before the bell, when the two flickering blows closed.

Blackledge had to go through a hard knee to clinch at the start of the third, but once the action moved to the lane, it was Lutz who brought the dominant spot by landing in side control. Blackledge managed to step on the cage and try to free himself, but Lutz was very heavy on top and kept tight control. It wasn’t the most action-packed sequence, but it was tight control, and Lutz used it to win a decision, 30-27 for the three cards, and a contract with the UFC.

In the first battle of the night, the fly Victoria Leonardo (8-2) caused some damage on its way, but eventually scored a second technical knockout tournament over the previously undefeated Chelsea Hackett (3-1-1).

Hackett opened the race with a few impressive front kicks and a few snapping kicks. Eventually, Leonardo managed to get past the stern strikes to clinch and deflect the action to the lane, where he immediately began to strike from the highest position. Hackett crawled back to his feet late in the frame, where the two exchanged blows to the end.

The strong blows flowed freely to open the second, as Hackett favored his slippery kicking game, and Leonardo showed strong blows in close and distance. Hackett responded with his own blows and landed cleanly, apparently shaking his opponent. However, Leonardo wisely closed the distance to slow things down and eventually managed to take action to the lane, where she took full advantage of the momentum by moving to mount and strike. Hackett did his best to break down, but eventually succumbed to a non-stop barrage of blows. Referee Mark Goddard canceled it at 4:41 from the second frame.

The performance was enough to win Leonardo a deal with the UFC.

Dana White’s results in Contender Series 36:


  • JP buys def. Jacob Silva through technical submission (guillotine throttle) – 1st round, 4:54
  • Nick Maximov defeated Oscar Kota by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-28)
  • Gloria de Paula defeated Pauline Macias by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)
  • Tucker Lutz defeats Sherrard Blackledge by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Victoria Leonardo defeated Chelsea Hackett by TKO (strikes) – round 2, 4:41

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