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Fox Business host Stuart Varney rolls over when Trump says election nonsense

Fox Business Network presenter Stuart Varney offered absolutely no resistance when former President Donald Trump used his interview on Monday morning to spread an unfounded and total conspiracy theory, claiming that Facebook had filled out “fake” ballots during the presidential election. 2020

In recent days, the twice-implicated former president has told relatives that he expects to be reinstated in the White House by August, apparently embracing the latest election fan fiction from MAGA Mortals and Deadlocks like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Since then, Trump’s allies have begged him not to expose the insanely impossible theory, instead urging him to focus his energy on supporting CSOs in the coming 2022 interim.

But Trump is Trump, but on Monday he just couldn̵

7;t help himself.

Asked about Facebook’s recent decision to extend its suspension until early 2023, the former TV presenter said he was punished because “his voice is very strong” and “very powerful”. And then he went straight down the conspiracy rabbit hole.

“I won the election,” he said falsely. “But they also cheated on Facebook and [CEO Mark] Zuckerberg, with his fake boxes for $ 500 million, some of them had 96 percent of Biden’s votes – 96 percent! “

Trump added: “They were like throwing out ballots, it was a fake deal and let’s see how it all turns out, but there are a lot of lawsuits ahead and what they did is a disgrace.”

The former president was then angry with Facebook and Twitter, which banned him from platforming, claiming that they were “destroying our country and do not want to hear a reasonable voice”, while complaining that he had lost “nearly 200 million” followers on his social network. media accounts.

“We no longer have freedom of speech,” Trump cried. “And who are they to tell us what ideology we should talk about, what policy we should talk about. They are a disgrace. ”

Verni, a loyal supporter of Trump who once said with disbelief that the former president had never lied in his life, turned to Trump’s pointless claims about Facebook’s “fake lockers” and instead wondered aloud what Trump could do. for his return to social media.

As for Trump’s baseless allegations of throwing out Biden’s ballots during the election, he appears to be quoting the Facebook founder’s $ 350 million investment in the Center for Technical and Civic Life, a nonprofit that helped the limited from the budget local election services to deal with the influx of postal ballots and release boxes against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NPR said after the election that local CTCL grant requests were largely focused on “increasing respondents’ pay, expanding early voting space and additional equipment to speed up the processing of millions of ballots by mail”. While Trump and his allies have long included this funding as part of their conspiracy to defraud voters, the analysis “shows that the grant did not have a clear impact on who turned out to vote.”

Meanwhile, Fox and a number of its celebrities are facing billions of dollars in lawsuits from Smartmatic and Dominion for voting, claiming that the cable network has fueled false allegations that companies rigged the 2020 election. Since then, Fox has filed motions to dismiss claims, invoking the protection of the First Amendment, while defending its coverage of the elections.

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