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From Tinder to Venmo: These 25 apps changed everything


Angela Lang / CNET

Over the last decade, apps (and by association smartphones) have become an essential part of our lives. Since the iOS App Store and Google Play were launched in 1

945 with what seemed like mostly news, they have grown to millions of apps that help us communicate, meet new people listen to music and kill pigs with birds . Okay, sometimes we still use our phones to make calls, but apps are so popular that there are now apps that tell you how much time you spend using apps on your phone.

As part of the CNET peer reviewed decade
here are our photos for the impressive 2010 apps. I overflowed this list with every CNET editor and then curated it from there. The result is the list below in no particular order.

Note that in the case of many similar applications, I combined the most popular in this category instead of having separate entries. And there are certainly hundreds of impressive and important applications that are not on this list. If you think we haven't included one of your favorite apps, post it in the comments and I'll make sure too.


What is it? Instagram allows you to share photos and videos.
Why it's on the list: Instagram changed the way we think about photos and for many of us changed our eating habits (for a while, I couldn't start eating my dinner until I perfectly captured her image). It has also become an incredibly effective marketing tool over the years and continues to grow as it reaches 1 billion users per month. I think the reason it's still popular is that it continues to evolve in meaningful ways. Adding things like Stories and Boomerang over the past few years has kept you feeling fresh, and embracing these features is a great way to continue expanding your customer base. While influential influencers continue to make us believe that they are actually living an extravagant life in order to sell us products. and many people are still acting completely irresponsible to capture this "perfect photo", Instagram is still one of the simplest and fun social platforms out there.



What is it? A social media platform for posting text, photos and videos.
Why it's on the list : Thirteen years after its debut, no one will argue that Twitter has completely changed the way the world communicates. From the Arab Spring where protesters used Twitter to not only coordinate but also announce their message to the world, to world leaders like President Donald Trump who can now send a message right away it is clear to every connected person on the planet that communication will never be the same. Although Twitter has not been successful in curbing hate speech, it is still one of the best and most informative social networks.


The Facebook app on the iPhone.

Fabian Sommer / dpa / Getty Images


What is it? Social media and networking platform
Why it's listed: Like Twitter, Facebook's debut came a decade ago, but it is the world's premier social media platform with nearly 2.5 billion active users. This allows you to reconnect with old friends and family members around the world, and you have been laced with memes, cat videos, Farmville requests and news, real and less. Following the brief boom on MySpace, Facebook has been promoting social media to the mainstream. However, against the backdrop of its consumer privacy scandals and the influx of fake news, the platform has come under scrutiny since the 2016 election

  decade in review-bug records19659021 freeddecade-in-review-bug records19659022 SAMSTinder / Grindr / Bumble

What They Are Dating applications promoted by their simple filtering mechanics.
Why they're on the list: Never before has the act of finding someone, regardless of your needs and desires, been so easy (in the case of Tinder and Bumble, swipe right on the photo of a potential mate if you If you don't, swipe left.) People use apps for everything from quick connections to casual dating to finding long-term relationships. Grindr, a dating app targeting the LGBTQ community, was the first to make its debut, but Tinder has radically changed the dating scene. Suddenly, you can filter your choices almost immediately to get exactly what you are looking for. LOL! If only humans were such simplistic beings! BWAHAHAHAA !!

Google Maps / Apple Maps

What are they? The two most popular map / guide apps in the world.
Why they're on the list: Honestly I don't travel without using one of them. I have a terrible sense of direction, I didn't start driving until I was in my 30s, and I still don't know most streets by name. Seriously, I'm terrible and I need these. But I digress. These applications took Mapquest to its logical evolutionary end. Now you can travel anywhere in the world without ever having to know exactly where the place is. Just follow the instructions, such as playing GTA or something, and even see what your destination looks like from the outside. Although I personally prefer Google Maps, Apple Maps has improved significantly since its disastrous launch a few years ago.

  Google Maps Photo

The latest Google Maps update brings the number of traffic delay options to seven.

Photo by Dale Smith / CNET


What is it? Music streaming service
Why it's on the list: I remember when Spotify debuted in 2011. It looks like it's coming out of nowhere and is changing (you'll see that word a lot in this list, if you are not already) an ever-evolving music industry. I felt a lot like the original version of Napster, just legal but still free. Too free for some, as some artists like Taylor Swift have downloaded all their music from the service in the past. In the end, Swift returned to the current giant.

At its launch, Spotify enjoyed a huge 50 million song library that downplayed those of its competitors at the time. Spotify eventually led Apple to create its own music service called Apple Music in 2015, which now also has access to over 50 million songs.


What is it? Instant Messaging platform
Why is it on the list: What makes Slack different from a billion other IM clients in the last 25 years? This is mostly about integrating it with other applications and how you can start to feel like a kernel for everything that happens in your work. Today, this is the roll over which I open first in the morning: Slack or email. The award is like an email, part 2.

But it is not only useful for work. As family life gets busier, families use Slack to communicate, which is strange but also strangely attractive when my own family begins to grow. But like any tool comes down to how you use it – the debate over whether Slack improves or impairs productivity continues.


Can Uber reach super app status?

Denis Charlet / AFP via Getty Images

Uber / Lyft

What are they? Order shared phone sharing to your exact location and pay automatically with your credit card.
Why they're on the list: I remember four years ago when my 16-year-old boy visited me in San Francisco from Minneapolis. She had never heard of Uber, and she pulled it all off. Now, I don't think she can imagine traveling the other way. Of course, convenience did not come without cost. Both Uber and Lyft the great are facing lawsuits for alleged sexual assaults by drivers, cities around the world have tried to regulate them

and the drivers were fighting. for better pay . And while all these extra cars on the street can stifle traffic in cities there is no negative effect of these applications on the road we travel.


What is it? Allows you to make digital payments to others.
Why it's on the list: As a person who rarely brings in money, I could never easily pay my share when I'm having dinner with a group of friends. That's why Venmo and other apps like it have been a treasure trove – I don't always feel like a dead beat. You can pay for things for friends like movie tickets, and now they have zero excuse for not paying you back, even before the movie starts! We are already dead battles!

  109-angry-birds-vr-iphone evid19199090501010-angry-birds-vr-iphone done19659015 secondsAngry Birds in AR – Comes to iOS.

Sarah Teu / CNET

Angry Birds

What is it? A game where you put birds on structures in an attempt to kill pigs.
Why it's on the list: In its early days, Angry Birds was so popular, I'm convinced I should like it. After all, when I played it, I didn't, but its impact on expectations of how popular a mobile game can be is unprecedented. Two films and multiple versions of the game later, Angry Birds is still a very popular franchise and continues to evolve over time, most recently with Angry Birds AR. Again, not my cup of tea, but many still enjoy a sip.

Candy Crush Saga

What is it? Match three puzzle game
Why it's on the list: I knew it was something special when my wife, who is not a gamer, not only couldn't put it down but also spent money to play. It took her six years to finally get to Two Points. I've never played Candy Crush Saga and probably not – the visuals are a little too sugary for me – but it's one of the most popular tile-matching games of all time. You can pick it up quickly, he's a satisfied gameplay mechanic and is something you could do while listening to books (to paraphrase my wife). Despite its decline, the overall popularity of the game shows no signs of dying.



Pokemon Go

What is it? The first major AR game based in the Pokemon universe
Why it's listed: It was a phenomenon when it was released in 2016. I tried playing from my house, but there was nothing to find in my small suburban neighborhood so I gave up quickly because I was too conscious to play in the city. The game eventually lost most of its player base, but it's still incredibly popular, having gone through 1 billion downloads earlier this year. His formula for success was simple: Combine a successful franchise with new technology with heavy social connections. It works pretty well.


What is it? Video platform that lets you make videos up to six seconds long and share them.
Why it's on the list: After an exciting start in 2012, Vine was discontinued by its owner, Twitter, in 2016 amid growing competition, especially from Instagram. But throughout his life, Vine has been rapidly promoting the short-form video application. It gave you the ability to make six second videos and publish them immediately, which (at the time) was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in an app. I dive right in, experiment with some weird techniques, pick others, and try to develop storytelling skills. As with most things, I was done and ready to go in a few months, but Vine continued to be a hit, which led to the birth of her evolutionary cousin TikTok.


flappy bird

What is it? Super difficult mobile game this no longer exists in its original form.
Why it's on the list: Remember when this game was the most downloaded app in the app store? She held the place for about a month in 2014, before suddenly its developer He said it was so addictive that he lost sleep when so many people hooked up. He was crazy-hard and something I could stomach for no more than a few minutes. And his proverbs continued, even after his removal – people were trying (unsuccessfully) to sell phones that were still playing on Ebay for $ 100,000.

Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp

What are they? Two extremely popular chat platforms
Why they're on the list: Both are Facebook products and basically do the same thing, but in a different way. Facebook downloaded Messenger from the Facebook app in 2011 and did something about it. This is an incredibly popular and preferred way of communication for many people, especially if you're on Facebook but don't have someone's number or want to opt out of texting.

WhatsApp is a lighter version that uses less data and encrypts its end-to-end (user-to-user) messages, which is more secure than Messenger's decision to send messages to a server before being sent to the recipient. It is also incredibly popular, especially in Asian countries.




What is it : A video streaming application focused on original content.
Why it's on the list : Netflix is ​​the leading video streaming application. It gives you access to the ever-growing number of Netflix original movies and series like Stranger Things and Narcos. The iOS and Android apps let you download most shows or movies to your phone. Despite its intense and growing competition, Netflix is ​​still the streaming app that measures everyone else. At least for now.


What is it? A social media and messaging application in which videos and messages disappear over time.
Why it's on this list: Snapchat launched in 2011, but its popularity hit the stratosphere between 2013 and 2015 after adding video sharing, Snapchat Stories, ephemeral text messaging and (most importantly) the rainbow vomiting function. This allows people to post short videos that will expire and be "gone forever" after a certain period of time. I have to admit, as a chronically old fake guy, I didn't see the urge to make videos or write texts that disappear after a while, but that's just me. I guess I'm a backup in my heart and I want everything I do to be accessible for access forever.

  youtube-music-app-no-gfx0 evid1919909087: 2yyu-music-app-no-gfx0 records19659070ziraYouTube

What is this Video app that allows anyone to post videos and watch them .
Why it's on this list: YouTube changed the way we consume media, from posting viral videos to cleverly produced original videos by "YouTubers." There is no longer any excuse for not being a director, if you've ever dreamed of being like that (speak to you, I do!).

I use it constantly and with YouTube's monthly subscription service that removes ads and allows me to play videos in the background, I can listen to YouTube audio in the background. For that reason alone, it's worth including here, and I'm surprised that more video apps haven't added this feature. However, over the past few years, as the number of videos of misinformation and racism has increased, the platform has come under criticism. However, the number of its users has grown to over 1 billion and shows no signs of slowing down.

Google Pay / Apple Pay

What are they? Mobile payment applications that allow you to pay retail or online using only your phone, tablet or smart watch.
Why they are on this list: Being able to pay for things with your phone seems like such a new concept from a few years back, but now it's my preferred payment method and usually works seamlessly. It seems like such a small thing, but I'm always looking for that Apple Pay logo. It's just an extra level of comfort that I really appreciate.


Angela Lang / CNET

Google Assistant / Siri / Alexa

What are they? Best voice assistants on the market.
Why they're on this list: Siri was the first great voice assistant when he debuted in 2011, but other options that followed have outpaced him. (Google Assistant in particular is smarter and more intuitive.) I use Apple HomePod with Siri and am constantly disappointed that Siri is no smarter. I hope it changes soon. Трябва да се каже „Ей, Сири“ за всяка команда просто остарява бързо.

Важно е да запомните, че колкото и вълнуваща да е тази технология, простият факт е, че гласовите ви асистенти ви записват и в резултат на това Google, Apple и Amazon (с Alexa) вече или са поставили спирайте хората да ви слушат в „поверителността“ на собствения ви дом или да ви позволят да се откажете от този запис. Все още е смущаващо.


Какво е това? Приложението за най-големия онлайн търговец на дребно в света.
Защо е в този списък: Ако сте отгледали малко дете без помощта на приложението Amazon, вие сте бог в моята книга. Използвам Amazon, тъй като закупих първото си DVD известно време през 2000 г. Матрицата или може би X-Men? Евентуално превъртане на Ninja? Не съм сигурен, но оттогава не съм спирал да пазарувам и вероятно скоро няма да го направя. Сега с приложението е още по-лесно и по-бързо – толкова бързо, че дори не е необходимо да добавям задача в моя списък със задачи. Когато жонглирам несъдействащо дете с 1-годишен, който прави всичко възможно да скочи с глава първо от диван, възможността да отнеме 15 секунди от хващането на гмуркащи деца, за да им поръчам нови витамини е огромна – това прави живота ми че много по-лесно.

Skype / Facetime / Zoom

Какво представляват те? Телефони за видео базирани в реално време
Защо те са в този списък: Това е онова научно-фантастично бъдеще за видео-телефон това е дори по-добре от това, което всеки научнофантастичен филм би могъл да предвиди, очевидно защото никой от тях не е предвидил възхода на смартфона. Не го използвам много, но моментите, в които правя, са специални, като ако съм далеч от децата си и искам да видя лицата им. Не е така, както виждате в The Jetsons, но фактът, че мога да видя синовете си, когато съм далеч по работа или дори колега на хиляди мили, е невероятен.

 ios-13-facetime-attention-fixing evidence19659107geryios-13-facetime-attention-correcting evidence19659015 freedFaceTime новият трик го прави да изглеждате като

Джейсън Циприани / CNET


Какво е това? Играта, която отне живота на вашето дете / племенник / братовчед
Защо е в този списък: Fortnite имаше вида културно въздействие, което няколко игри, ако има такива, някога постигат. От целия танцов дебют на Fortnite до факта, че победителят в Световната купа на Fortnite 2019 беше награден с 3 милиона долара, Fortnite е огромен, неудържим джунджинат за поп култура, който не показва никакви признаци за забавяне.

Докато разработчиците поддържат играта свежа, като правят неща като прекратяването й, нейната популярност трябва да продължи известно време.

Uber яде / пощенски служители / Grubhub / DoorDash

Какво представляват те? Поръчайте храна за доставка, дори ако въпросният ресторант сам по себе си не доставя.
Защо те са в списъка: Спомням си разочарованието да искам храна от един от любимите ми ресторанти и да го видя „ Няма доставки “. Това сега се чувства като нещо от далечното минало. Разбира се, храненето навън не е евтино или винаги е здравословно, но обичам да имам такава възможност. Ако искам обяд за барбекю, но нямам 20 минути да го взема, успокояващо е да знам, че има хора, които нямат нищо против да го направят за мен … за цена.


Сара Теу / CNET

Google Photos

Какво е това? Приложение за съхранение на снимки както за Android, така и за iOS.
Защо е в списъка: Предполагам, че големият ви въпрос е, защо Google Photos направи списъка, а не приложението Photos и iCloud в iOS? Е, толкова добро, колкото приложението Photos е на iOS – и то е (19459012] определено подобрено напоследък – приложението не е съвместимо с Android. Google Photos обаче работи на Android и iOS. Освен това има повече облачно съхранение от iCloud, а функцията му за търсене е по-здрава и полезна. Можете да търсите дума, която се появява на снимка или дори чрез местоимения – само в случай, че искате да намерите снимките на бебето на вашия приятел, но не можете да си спомняте кога сте ги взели.

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