In many ways, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are the first two NBA couples to support each other for most of the decade. Wherever he goes, he goes back, which has made them one of the most recognizable known couples out there. The Union has been working on America has a talent of late and Wade is there every step of the way to support it.

During the recent enrollment of the Talent of America received the Union took its love of D-Wade to the next level by wearing a dress on which his face was smeared everywhere. The dress is black and white, and the image looks like an old photo of a year-old, from the time Wade was much younger. The Union glowed as he wore the dress and looked quite pleased with himself. She even went to Instagram to show off the dress, captioning: "The future should be so bright Wades."

You really need to love your partner if you plan to wear clothes with our face is everywhere, so we pass it on to Union for being so bold. Not everyone can take that look away, but it does it pretty well.

We are sure that Wade has appreciated the style, though it is difficult to say whether he will ever return the favor and wear a Union face everywhere. [19659003]

Gregg DeGuire / WireImage