Believe it or not, you can purchase high quality noise cancellation headphones for more than $ 350. Just because Bluetooth has some quality limitations does not mean you can hit it with great hardware and nuance software. Dolby seems to have a good mix with the Dolby Dimension headphones, and you can only get $ 200 for today.

With nearly 12 ounces these boxes are massive. Beneath the significant headband and behind each plush hearing are 40mm drives powered by Qualcomm chipset waves with support for Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX and Cirrus Logic DSP that optimizes this sound and can output spatial effects every time you move the head yours. All this should bring you "Cinematic Sound", as the company boasts if it is not close to it. In – Dolby marks this feature as LifeMix – taken through five versatile microphones. It has a capacity of up to 10 hours with regular functions included, 15 hours in low power mode and can be charged for 2 hours in an attractive way to enjoy a nice Power Base.

The Dolby Dimension Headphones are priced at $ 599. Amazon has had a few dollars before sales, but at midnight PDT tonight you can get double savings – paying the historically low price of just $ 399. You can also take advantage of this transaction by purchasing directly from Dolby up to 8:59. on July 21, but you will not benefit from the main delivery.