People named Michael B. Jordan the sexiest man in 2020.

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Sorry, Lori Harvey claims Michael B. Jordan.

Especially the shirtless photos.

Jordan posted impressive photos of a tropical swim in Instagram on Sunday with the caption “Spf 1000 pls”. The Creed star had many fans in the comments of the post. Including his recently announced girlfriend.

“My” Harvey wrote in the comments next to a playful emoji.

Jordan’s 33-year-old sexiest man in Jordan’s life, the 33-year-old, and model Harvey, 24, officially announced their first relationship earlier with separate Instagram posts. Since then, the posts have raised steam.

As friend and basketball player Dwayne Wade wrote in Jordan’s Sunday Instagram post, “There’s no way you can put your whole bottle of butter on yourself, bro.”

It is official: Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey come out with double romantic posts

Jordan posted a romantic snow scene with Harvey a week ago, celebrating his 24th birthday. In the comments, Harvey wrote, “My baby.”

TV presenter Steve Harvey, who is Lori Harvey’s stepfather, shared his thoughts on Friday’s episode of Steve Harvey’s Morning Show when one of his co-hosts asked about the relationship.

“I like this one,” Harvey said. “I’m still looking at him. I mean, I like him, but as I tell them all, ‘I may like you, I may approve of you, but I have a thumb-sized part of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred of yours (with explicit). Just in case I need them. “

Harvey said he had no problems with Jordan and thought he was a “nice person,” but that could easily change.

“Because you’re not the sexiest man in the world for me! Let’s be aware of that,” Harvey said.

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