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God "does not play dice with the universe," writes Einstein by letter to auction

Letters by the famous physicist Albert Einstein have recently become hot properties for auction houses. The last batch auctioned by Christie's gives a deeper insight into Einstein's thoughts on quantum physics, including his criticism of other scientists for lack of understanding of the subject.

Written by Einstein in 1945, 10 years before his death, Letters were addressed to Paul Epstein, the theoretical physicist of the California Institute of Technology, where Einstein offered a "personal opinion" on the boundaries of quantum theory. In one of the letters handwritten in German, Einstein says, "God does not play dice with the universe," gives an idea of ​​his thoughts about the quantum mechanics coincidence. "In response to Epstein's own EPR book [Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen] Problem in the June issue of the American Journal of Physics, Einstein writes to clarify why he sees quantum mechanics as" incomplete "theory," Christie wrote in the description . "Einstein and others argue in EPR's paradox that objective physical reality can be clarified more precisely than is permitted by Heisenberg unless the information is transmitted from one particle to another faster than the speed of light ̵

1; Einstein would later describe it as a "ghostly action at a distance"

Principle the quantum computations use the quantum-mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to create conditions that grow in large numbers by the number of cubes or quantum bits, as well as more efficient devices and financial strategies for retirement

Letters give extraordinary details to Einstein's thoughts on the subject, with a total of 8 pages with several hand-drawn diagrams by the recognized physicist. According to LiveScience, Einstein repeatedly faced Nils Bohr's physics on the subject.

Einstein believed that "physics should try to describe objective facts," according to the letters, adding that the alternative is not useful. the distinction between sleep and reality is based on nothing but a metaphysical prejudice, he writes.

THE EXECUTION OF AINSTEIN "GOD" SOLD TO RESERVATION AMOUNT theories in the letters, Einstein eventually offered some praise for him, writes: "My personal opinion is this: quantum theory in its present form is extremely successful an experiment undertaken with inadequate means (concepts). "

Letters can bring North of $ 200,000 at auction, according to a preliminary estimate from Christie's.

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